The Stalker – Chapter 6

All Voltron characters belong to WEP and Toei Animation. This story was written for entertainment purposes only. No profit is being made by posting it.

Thanks to all who have read and reviewed this story. Your comments are very much appreciated. And now the conclusion of The Stalker… Enjoy!

I woke up more afflicted than the day before when my indiscretion by going to Arus was well accepted by my father. Not even being with the guys and my girls could ease my growing depression. It was starting to look so confusing to me. I had concluded that my father was an idiot and that princess Allura was completely mental and delusional. WTF?

Why were all my reactions being so misinterpreted by everybody surrounding me? Was this marriage fated to be celebrated even if I didn’t want it to happen? Wasn’t I clear enough?

Unfortunately, my communicator was working. And believe me or not, there were four more voice messages stored in there. The worst part was when I started receiving text messages filled with: “Hun, I miss you”. “Hun, I love you.” “Hun, I’m thinking about you, etc., etc., etc.” During that ordeal, I still had to pack up my belongings for the trip. My father made sure I didn’t back out from my commitment.

Everything was ready for the journey. My father was in a great mood. His voice tuning “I’m walking on sunshine” resounded on the hallways of the castle. But it got really annoying, specially during breakfast when he suddenly grabbed Haggar and started dancing and twirling with her.

I thought about running away, but I couldn’t spend the rest of my life hiding, could I? I had to confront my destiny and make that princess sorry for laying her eyes on me, even if it was going to be the last thing that I ever did…


During all the journey back to Arus, the princess kept sending those damned text messages. At first, they were very romantic, but then they turned more daring. And by that, I mean more sexually explicit: “Hun, I’m horny.” “Hun, I’m so hot and wet.” “Babe, I want cock!”

I didn’t mind her being so expressive, but I was starting to freak out… Besides, was she planning on raping me? I could still recall that leer of hers…

There was a lot of fanfare when my ship arrived in Arus…again. The moment I saw the princess, I had a sense of despair. Her beautiful figure stood out from all the people present at the welcoming committee. She looked simply astonishing, I could see every detail of her impeccable presence. Then I gasped…was that a measuring tape on her hand?


Looking back at that day, I still remember the meetings and celebrations. I was like an automaton reacting only by external stimulation. While everybody celebrated, I mourned my existence. The freaky princess kept well her promise on giving me a night that I never forgot. It was pretty much violent. That’s the night I realized that I was about to unite my life to a royal nymphomaniac. Days after that night, the servitude were still finding pieces of my clothing from all over the room. That wild cat could never get enough. And yeah, she did use the measuring tape to ensure that she was getting the whole package…

Now we’ve been married for 16 years. It was during our 10th anniversary when her “gift” to me was her confession that she always knew I tried to escape during my first visit to Arus. She just forged that misinterpretation because she just wanted me bad. I really got mad… but after four kids, treaties and two kingdoms, there was nothing I could really do about it. Her confession just came in too late…That bitch planned everything!

Now I’m trying to figure out my mid-life crisis while our five kids get educated with ill-tempered and insolent nannies. (Imagine that Nanny of Allura cloned five times). And those hellish spawns of ours think I don’t know about their plans on dividing the kingdom once I croak. Those damn bad genes are at work as I write…

And talking about rotten genes, my father kept dancing until he tripped and fell five years ago. I put him in a nursing home trying to punish him. But even that plan backfired. Now everyday he makes a mess with his food trying to get the sexy nurses to bathe him twice a day. He’s living “la vida loca”. Dirty old bastard!

All my bachelor ways are now a part of the past, no more drinking with the guys, my clothes, my harem, my hair…everything gone! Except…the frantic sex, with the same woman over and over again. I can’t say that being married to Allura has been a walk in the park. She keeps a keen eye on me, 24 hours a day; 365 days a year. I stopped fighting her antics gradually whenever she brought a new toy for our intimate sessions: three times a day! I married a sick dominatrix. I guess our sex addiction has kept our marriage together. She was always creative whenever we were alone, but she used to be more flexible 50 pounds ago. Don’t get me wrong, she’s still beautiful and sexy. But huge and heavy…and she still likes to be on top! Ugh…I’ve had a bad back for years now.

Then she hits on my nerves with the: “Does my butt look bigger with this?” I try to ignore her, but then a pillow always hits my head and I have to repeat the same answer: “No my dear, you look lovelier everyday.” But once she mistook that pillow with one of my metal sole boots. She said it was a mistake, but I always suspected otherwise…

My lifelong dream was to be known for being the fearful ruler of the Denubian Galaxy, but instead I ended up marrying the person who boasts that title… Isn’t that ironic? No! It’s just pathetic! Damn, fucking pathetic!



4 Responses to “The Stalker – Chapter 6”

  1. This is a complete laughing fest. Well written. I enjoyed everything XD! The fic is such fun.

    The Measuting Tape™ rofl XD!

  2. The Measuring Tape™ XDXDXDXD!

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