The Stalker – Chapter 5

I wrote this Chapter a long time ago, but I’m a lazy prince who’s not fond of typing that much. Thanks for the kind reviews to those who enjoy a good laugh at Voltron’s expense. Enjoy this next chapter…

Chapter 5

I went back to my quarters irrevocably depressed. I let my body dump on my bed just thinking that in a couple of hours, I was going to share my last night drinking with the guys. I should even go to my harem and lift my spirit up because that was about to become a part of my past too… A past that I refused to withdraw from. But it was going to be taken away from me.

This princess was going to ruin my life. Now she had my father on her team to help make ashes of what is left of me. What was with her? Was she some sort of witch? For the first time in my life, I had my father saying that he was proud of me of something that I had mixed feelings about. During all this ordeal, maybe I could convince the princess to at least not make me cut off my hair. Even if I lose the way I dress, my hobbies, my friends, my harem, my…whole damned life!

Who was I kidding? I couldn’t marry such a bossy lady!

I got out of my bed and went straight to the door. I was going to tell my father, implore him if necessary (most probably) that there was no way I was going to marry that bitch. Suddenly I heard a beep sounding from my com-link. It was an incoming message.

When I opened the screen, there was a post on the center of my monitor that said:

“Hello hun, I thought I’d leave a message for you. I miss you baby. I’m looking forward to seeing you again. Luv ya hun! XOXOXO”

I was astonished that she left that message on my computer…was she hacking my system? I would have to get to the bottom of this… But then, my personal communicator (I believe humans call it cell phone) started playing it’s distinguished AC/DC’s “Highway to Hell” song advising me that there was a voice message waiting to be listened.

I dialed the number when I heard the operator say that I had three messages in store. The first message said: “Hi, hun! Don’t get mad at your daddy by giving me your number. I guess my future father-in-law is as excited as us. (giggles) Anyway, I miss you… MWAAA, MWAAA (her imitation of what’s supposed to be a kiss).

I grimaced in annoyance and shook my head. I imagined myself having my revenge on my father for his indiscretion. But I deleted immediately that message so I could listen to the second one. I initially thought that it would be something important related to my royal duties. I was mortified when I heard:

“Oh hun! I forgot to tell you that you can call me too. Is this thing working? Cause I was expecting your call an hour ago. (giggles) Maybe it’s because our timeframe is a little different. Anyway, call me! Bye hun!”

I noticed that the message was indeed sent a while ago, but by some unknown reason it arrived late to me. And yes, I did have her number on screen. But I didn’t feel like calling her back. I deleted that message to listen to the third. Maybe this one would be an official one…

“Hun! (Aaarrrggghhhh! I was about to crush my communicator with my bare claws) I’m waiting for your call! (Will she ever stop?) I have something to tell you…Call me!”

OK! Now I was beginning to freak out with this creepy princess… Was she going to keep doing this all night long? Because I damn didn’t want to keep hearing and deleting messages until kingdom’s come…

So before taking the drastic step of smashing the communicator to the floor, which I thought was completely useless in spite that she had already hacked my com-link; I decided to call her back. I shivered when I heard her voice:

“Hun! You called me at last!” she sounded so excited.

“You have caller ID?” I wondered.

“Yeah, doesn’t everybody?”

“I guess so…” I rolled my eyes. (What a stupid question!)

“I was thinking that you didn’t want to call me at all” (Was that a dumb blond conclusion?)

“Why would you say that, my dear?” my eyes were crossed.

“Well, I’ve left like seven messages.” (WTF?)

“Seven? Are you serious? I just got three.” I couldn’t believe it…

“Well, interplanetary satellites are not like they used to be.” (Another dumb blond conclusion?)

“I guess not…” (I was starting to get a headache).

“Well, hun I just wanted to hear your voice before I see you tomorrow night.” she added with certainty.

“And what makes you so sure that you will see me again?” I was about to tell her what I thought about her.

“Well hun…” she started slowly. But I cut her off…

“And stop calling me hun! It’s annoying!” I yelled.

“Are you mad sweetie?” her voice was sweetly clueless.

“No, just annoyed!” I tried to sound as mad as a rabid dog.

“So sorry baby, do you need a massage? I have a special surprise for you when you come back home.”

“I am home! Right here on Doom.” I said with attitude.

“Oh, so do you prefer that I join you there?” (Was she kidding me?)

“No, I don’t think so…” It seemed to me that she wasn’t getting my message.

“But that will be no problem. Besides, that will also be my home. That’s my future husband’s home planet. It keis ni keis (giggles)” (Was she speaking drule?)

“I don’t think this is a good idea” I concluded.

“Of course not sweetie, you’re coming to Arus tomorrow. Your father will be pleased and so will I”, she concluded.

“And what about me?” I wondered if they even cared of what I thought and felt.

“You and I will be sleeping together tomorrow night, check your email. I sent something special for you.” Her voice had a sweet arrogant tone now.

“And how did you get…? Oh, never mind!” (That hacker bitch!)

“Oh yes, hun. I expect to see you tomorrow, be sure to wear something easy to take off.” (Plus… a nympho!)

I just had to know what was going on inside that twisted mind of hers so I asked:

“Wait princess! Why do you still want me after what I did to you while I was on Arus?”

“Oh sweety, you haven’t done anything wrong. I fainted and you covered me with the curtains and sheets so I wouldn’t hurt myself. (WTF?) It was nice of you laying me down on the bed. I’m sorry I ruined our first night together. It’s that low sugar that sometimes gets to me. But I promise you that tomorrow night I’ll be in ship shape and we’ll finish what we started. Well hun, I gotta go now. Royal duties, you know. *giggles* See you tomorrow, luv ya!”

“Yeah, bye!” I said slowly. I was in shock. How could she misinterpret all that happened before? She never noticed that I escaped! The scene of my attack upon her played again and again in my mind. I recalled all the wrong things I did to leave. And I still couldn’t believe that she thought that I tried to protect her during all that ordeal. That must be another dumb blond conclusion! (I concluded).

After we hung up, I slowly went to my computer and turned it on. There was the email she sent. When I opened it, I had to sit down or else I would fall from my feet. There was a photo of the most beautiful and perfect pair of breasts that I have ever seen. They were round and perky, those pink areolas were tempting and asking to be touched and fondled and sucked…. I shook my head. WHAT THE HELL? What was wrong with me? I almost lost it there!

I sighed, she was using all her charms with me. Why did this annoying little bitch have to be so stunningly sexy and beautiful? It would be easier for me to just reject a woman that I didn’t feel so attracted to. But princess Allura was physically just enchanting and she knew how to use that bewitching beauty against me. Her body was like the perfect drug to my sex addiction.

So I shut down my computer and decided to go to the bar where the commander’s were awaiting already on their second round of drinks. Their grimaces were filled with expectation. Commander Cossack was the first one to break the ice when he ordered Butch the bartender:

“Bring a double for the crown prince! He really needs it.”

I couldn’t even look at Cossack. The memories of our conversation about the princess of Arus were still too fresh in my memories. When the hard liquor started melting the walls of shyness and fear, they started begging me to tell them all the juicy details of how I ended up being the consort of “the terror of the Denubian Galaxy”.

At first, I was reluctant, but a couple of vodkas with cranberries later, I was even mimicking the whole office scene starring the creepy princess, my father and me. After some laughs, they all offered me their condolences for my untimely fate. For me and for them it would be our last time enjoying a night out drinking and having fun.

I knew that I wouldn’t make it easy on Princess Allura, but honestly, I wasn’t sure who would have it easier: her or me. That night I would have to sleep on it; after visiting my harem, of course…

To be concluded


It keis ni keis = Your house is my house.


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  1. Another great chapter! XD!

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