The Stalker – Chapter 3

I was taken to a neatly comfortable bedroom escorted by the princess’ guards. To make matters worse, the princess stared at me while she said: “Hand in your weapons to the guards hun, you won’t be needing them. You’re home now…”

 I wanted to jump at the sound of her words to avoid being disarmed of my weapon but I restrained myself thinking that I should use my cunning instead of brute force if I wanted to get out of this situation. I reminded myself that I was outnumbered, at their turf and my original plan was all but dust now, thanks to the princess’ capricious fixation with me.

 I feigned a smile at her and as a last resort to avoid being disarmed, I said while I shrugged: “Oh please your highness, there’s no need to disarm me…what do you think I will do? Try to escape?”

 Then the princess and I started to laugh aloud. Even the guards were poking each other with their elbows, winking and making small funny comments between them. While this was happening, I was thinking: “I am so out of here, you bitch. Disarmed or not…” Then I snorted.

 Suddenly she turned serious and said: “I just want you to be comfortable hun. Your sword will be taken to the weaponry chamber; that’s another one of our customs. Royal weapons are to be well guarded”.

 “Oh I understand, my dear” I said feigning a smile. “Shit!” I thought.

 So with reluctance I handed in my sword and resigned to get into my new prison, I mean my new room until I was to be summoned and allowed again to share with my jailer princess.

 As soon as my bedroom door slid shut I put my ear on it to find out if the entrance was to be guarded. I could hear many steps walking away from the door and other steps staying posted at the entrance.

 “Dammit!” I thought. But then I turned around and looked all around me to start planning my newest escape route. All I could point out as a potential exit was the window at the far end of the room. I approached it as silent as I could and checked it’s inner lock. I looked outside and noticed that I was pretty high from the ground. I couldn’t possibly jump out without breaking my legs. I noticed as far as I could see that there was the woods that circled the castle, but I couldn’t see the place where I landed my ship.

 Suddenly I heard someone at my door so I stepped away from the window to where there was a love seat. I took the first magazine I saw and simulated sitting and browsing intently on the magazine.

The door opened and a lady dressed with a strange bonnet and an apron came in with what seemed like clothes on her hands. She curtsied to me and proceeded to put her load on top of the bed. Then I asked her:

 “What’s that?”

 “I brought some clean towels and sheets. The princess also sent your highness a change of clothes for the evening.”

 I thought: “Damn! I’m not even here for a whole day and she’s already dressing me up. Are the scissors next for the hair cutting”. I frowned while I imagined myself picking up the strands of white long hair from the floor and staring at myself in the mirror with a military style haircut. I shook my head to dilute that horrible thought from my mind. I must’ve grimaced for the lady servant was looking at me and changed her eyes when I looked at her.

 Then the servant’s eyes posed in the magazine I had in my hands. That’s when I noticed that I had in my hands a catalog for buying female lingerie. I immediately closed the catalog and tossed it aside. Damn! Now I’ll be giving the servitude a good joke for the evening.

 The servant lady curtsied again and said: “If your highness does not require anything else, may I be excused?”

 I waved my hand and said: “Yeah, yeah”.

 I shook my head and stood up to approach the bed. I waited until the servant left the room. There I took hold of the towels and sheets and I measured them to see if they were long enough to make an improvised rope so I could climb down the window with it. The sheets and towels left me rather short, by a whole measure. And that really pissed me off.

 I had to do something, so I noticed the room’s curtains were long enough to help the improvised rope to be long enough. So I disposed the left wall of all of it’s curtains so I could add them to my improvised rope.

 I went to my private bathroom to start the task of tying the towels, sheets and curtains. I hoped to the gods that those cloths could support my weight because I really wouldn’t like to fall from such altitude. I waited until it was very late during the night to carry out my escape plan.

 While I was trying to open the window, I suddenly heard voices talking behind my bedroom door and steps moving from the entrance. Then I heard the key combination of the door being activated. Promptly I hid the sheets behind a nearby sofa and started to approach the door. I could only go as far as on front of the bed when the door slid open.

 There was the princess dressed in an sexy red and black nightgown, my sight slid from her face to her cleavage to her moving hips up to her cleavage again. But the sound of her voice had me looking at her hungry eyes staring intently at mine. She used her card key to close the door again. I dissimulated noticing that she put the key in the pocket of her nightgown.

 The sight of her reminded me of a lioness staring to a lamb, reflecting a deep need in her eyes and the movement of her body seemed to walk just before pouncing on top of her prey.

 In other circumstances, this would’ve been a dream come true for me, but right now I felt like a victim from a “Nightmare on Doom Street”. Then “Princess Krueger” suddenly stopped as if noticing something and she asked:

 “Are you still not ready for bed?”

 I realized that I had been so busy preparing my escape that I forgot to take off my uniform and put on the clothes she sent to me. So I answered:

 “Oh, I’m used to go to bed at a later hour. I’m not sleepy yet”.

 “Odd…I’m not sleepy either. Isn’t that something hun?” Then she started leering again and getting closer while she added: “But don’t worry. I’ll help you prepare for bed, even if we’re not going to sleep. First, you need to take off those clothes.”

 I grinned at her suggestion and answered: “Of course my dear, four hands are better then two.”

 Then the lioness pounced on the lamb; she literally threw herself unto me. If I hadn’t been standing in front of the bed, we would’ve fallen to the floor. “Ooops!” was all I could reply while she was giggling at her spontaneity. The weight of her wiggling body was laying on top of me. I could perceive better the sweet scent of her recently washed skin and hair. She hardly weighted at all and my hands could feel her lean tight body under that silky nightgown that left so little of her curves to my imagination. Her hands stroked my chest downwards while she started to incorporate on top of my hips. She accommodated her curvy legs at my sides while she reached the front of my belt and started to unbuckle it.

 “We really have to get rid of this skull” she said between her giggles.

 “Well, that’s the emblem of my kingdom.”

 “Oh yeah…don’t worry now your emblem will be lions…” she said while she threw my belt away. My eyes followed my belt flying away and immediately I looked back at her. She was really enjoying this dominating role she was playing.

 “Are you sure it’s going to be lions or a lioness?” I asked astonished as how forward was behaving this princess.

 “Hmmm, do you think I’m a lioness?” she asked feigning an innocent look for just a moment.

 I just smirked and nodded.

 She smirked back and while she put her hands on her breasts asked: “Do you wanna meet the two girlfriends I brought here tonight?”

 I opened wide my eyes and answered: “Well…I’ll show you my buddy after you show me yours.”

 -A good peep show couldn’t hurt anybody, could it?-

 She started unbuttoning the top of her nightgown, I stared anticipating a great sight dinner and a show. But in one instant everything changed when she looked at her left and stared at the wall. Her smirk disappeared from her face and her hands paralyzed for some unknown reason. So I looked to where her eyes where staring. The next question she asked froze me down on my wits:

 “Where are the curtains of that wall?”

 I made the best performance of ignorance I had ever played in my whole life while I answered: “What are you talking about my dear?”

 She simply ignored my question, because she immediately lowered her hands so she could use them as support to get off my warm body (soon to be a corpse).

 “Oh shit!” I thought. “Now I have to change my escape plans!” I bit my lowered lip while she started walking towards the wall where the curtains should’ve been hanging.

 “I’m sure there were curtains on this side of the wall, I personally decorated this room.”

 I had to think and move fast, so I stood up from the bed and reached to the back of the sofa while she was still distracted figuring out where the curtains were. I grabbed my improvised rope and surprised my still shocked warden princess. Before she could start to scream I put my knowledge in pressure points to work. I pressed the point in her neck which made her unconscious. I laid her limp body on the bed and used the ropes to bind her. Then I took her key card from her pocket. I smiled while I held my freedom in my hand. I collected my belt from the floor and headed to the door.

 So well, my plans had changed abruptly, but hey, I had the royal key card in my hand and I bet I could open any door of that castle. I opened the door and noticed that there were no guards present. The princess seemed to have sent them away while she planned to have her fun during the night.

 That was so fortuitous but beneficial for me. Unfortunately, there was no time for me to look for my weapons. I had to get out of that castle and fast.

 I used my sense of directional memory while I was previously planning my escape to find my way out. There were very few people up at that time of the night because I had to hide just once while I was making my way out. The main entrance was closed, but beside it there was another door which was smaller. That card key surely was the best way to get out of there. Soon I was running out of the castle to where I had landed my fighter.

 While my ship was getting airborne I opened the compartment for an instant and looked at the castle one last time; I didn’t care if I was being watched at the moment. But in my excitement, I stuck out my middle finger, closed the compartment and got the fuck out of that planet…

To be continued-


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