The Stalker – Chapter 4

During the trip back to Doom, I had time to think of what excuse I would give to my father of my absence. I would have to swallow my pride and accept any help he could give me if I wanted to keep my word about resolving the Namedia business.

 How bad had everything turned out to be! When I landed my ship at the dock pier I immediately went to seek my father. He was about to start dinner. So I caught up with him at the dining room.

 “Where were you son?” he asked as soon as he laid his eyes on me.

 “Oh I was…planning a strategy for the Namedia mission and needed some time alone”, this was all the excuse I could think of.

 My father arched one brow seemingly distrusting and commented: “I hope you’re not thinking about going there to challenge a warrior”.

 I opened wide my eyes while I put my right hand on my chest and said: “Me father? I wouldn’t possibly do something so stupid!!”

 “Damn, I was stupid…” I thought. “I sure hope he never finds out”.

 “For your sake, you better not be stupid. Arus is not a place for you to go alone. That tactic may have worked for you before, but it won’t work for you in Arus,” my father kept talking while we seated at the table. “Son, you should consider accepting my help in this endeavor”.

 I kept silent while he continued: “Witch Haggar will help you with one of her robeasts. Voltron is too strong for just a fleet to confront it. It’s a suicide mission! Anyway, what are your plans for gaining Namedia?”

 “Well, I thought it over father. And you are absolutely right. I will accept Witch Haggar’s help. And if it’s ok with you, I would like to start working with her first time in the morning”.

 My father’s expression enlightened and said: “Hmmm, good. Haggar showed me a robeast that I think might be very useful for this mission.”

 In other circumstances, I wouldn’t have listened to any suggestion from my father. But after what I went through with that maniac princess from Arus I decided to listen to my father for a change.

 “Very well father, I will check that robeast out”, I answered while I kept moving my food with my fork.

Then I heard the sound of a metallic fork fall to the table, and when I looked at my father he was staring at me with his empty claws posed on the flat surface.

 “Are you feeling well, Lotor?” his head was slightly tilted in disbelief. “I can’t believe that you will actually listen to me. You never do as I say!” He shrugged, “You always do whatever you want in matters of war”.

 “Father you know I was trained to be my own warrior. But this time, I think you know this enemy more than I do and…” I stopped while I carefully chose my words next.

 “And what?” my father was curious.

 “You never told me that you were defeated by Voltron once,” I decided to let him know what I had discovered at the bar the night I was told about Arus and it’s princess.

 My father sighed. Then looked at his plate. I kept my eyes at his grimace. There was frustration reflected in his eyes. Then he suddenly said:

 “This is not something that I enjoy remembering. It was the most terrible defeat I have ever encountered in my fighting history. I had always been victorious (he opened his claws) I’ve never been defeated before. So I promised myself that I would gain more strength and forces to defeat Voltron next time I confronted Arus. I couldn’t let our soldiers lose faith in our power, son. I have had countless of victories, after fighting against Arus. People don’t even remember about that battle against Arus. That was just one battle Lotor. The war hasn’t been won yet. And I intend to win it.”

 His eyes looked straight at me. I shook my head and said: “ I knew you haven’t given up on Arus”

 “Not for a long shot boy!” he said gaining back his appetite and starting to eat again.

 Maybe my father just needed to let that out of his system. But I couldn’t let him know about what happened while I was in Arus. So after dinner, I met briefly with Haggar. We accorded to start our battle plans in the morning. I was actually looking forward to get this mission over with.

 Next morning just as agreed Haggar and I started early to make our plans. We were already watching the robeast when a message came through to the witch’s lab.

 It was my father. He wanted to see me in his office as soon as possible. Knowing the impatient nature of my father’s personality I was sure that he just wanted to know how our plans were doing. So I arrived at his office and was promptly let in by his guards.

 I approached his desk and bowed before him. When I straightened, he had a confusing grimace on his face.

 “What’s the meaning of this?” was all he asked.

 I couldn’t understand what he was talking about and when I was about to ask, that’s when I heard it:


 My terrified eyes opened as my whole body turned to my father’s opposite wall monitor. There reflected on the huge screen of my father’s office was the unmistakable form of Princess Allura from Arus.

 I started to pant while I felt my hands sweating under my gloves.

 “Shit! Shit! Shit!” was the only word that came to my mind. I looked back at my father, who’s grimace reflected shock. My mouth could only utter that image on my mind: “Shit!”

 The princess was dressed in what seemed to be her royal attire. She was smiling and seemed so calm unlike my father and me.

 Then my father started talking: “Princess Allura of Arus has been sharing a very interesting conversation with me. I had no idea…” he was shaking his head.

 “Shit!” I said.

 “What’s that love?” the princess asked me.

 “I, I…” I started to stutter then I looked at my father. “What exactly is going on here?” I wanted to know. I needed to know…

 “I’m in shock son!” my father was surprised. (Man, and so was I!!!)

 “Why?” I sounded pathetically pleading to him.

 “You’re getting married and you didn’t tell me?!!!” my father was excited now…

 “Shit!” that stinking image wouldn’t leave my mind or my mouth.

 I stared back at the screen when I heard her voice again. “Hun, you left in such a hurry! How come you didn’t tell your father about us?”

 My father was staring at me and said sarcastically, “Yes, ‘hun’, how come you didn’t inform me of your impending nuptials with the princess of Arus?”

 “There’s …uh…shit!” I didn’t know what to say. I was so confused now. How did this happen?

 My father‘s voice interrupted my thoughts: “Princess Allura of Arus…and how exactly did you meet my son?”

 “He just visited my planet with a peculiar proposal. Then it just happened. We fell in love!!! But I guess that he was so excited about announcing our engagement, he left in such a hurry. You know sire, it was love at first sight!!” she giggled.

 I couldn’t believe what she was saying. What game was she trying to play? My father was reacting from astonished to amused. It was like a conspiracy against me!

 “Did he?” my father said looking at me. “Love at first sight you say?” My father was following her game very well…

 I tried to smile, but I just couldn’t close my mouth.

 “I guess you wanted to surprise your father with the news, right hun?” the excitement wouldn’t leave her voice.

 “Oh forgive my son, your highness. He seems to be speechless with emotion.” I looked at my father again while the nausea was overtaking my stomach.

 “But I will speak for him, may I?” my father kept talking.

 “Yes, you may King Zarkon” she answered. My shock was now overwhelming me. Were these two acting like buddy buddies now? My head resembled watching a ping-pong game.

 My father smiled: “We will gladly accept the union of our kingdoms through marriage. We will send to Arus our consort dowry in a convoy that will immediately part from Doom. Plus some advisors will visit your counselors for the redaction of the treaty. This will be a joyous moment for both our kingdoms”.

 “I’m pleased to hear that, your majesty. I’m looking forward to reunite with my consort prince soon. We have some unfinished conversation pending.” She said looking at me and then she winked. I grimaced at her. I think my father noticed because he immediately answered:

 “Oh do you? Well don’t worry your highness. I’ll better the offer, my son will join our consort convoy, then you can both get reacquainted.”

 “What?!” I said looking at my father.

 “Excellent!” the princess clasped her hands together. “I’m looking forward to seeing you again hun. Everything will be ready for the arrival of my future king! Farewell my love, your majesty…”

 “Until then…your highness” King Zarkon answered before the princess’ image disappeared from view. I kept staring at the blank screen. I just heard my father’s voice from the other side of the room.

 “Ha, ha, ha you dog!! When were you expecting to surprise me like this?!” my father was laughing.

 “Never…” my voice was very low and I didn’t look at my father.

 Maybe he was too excited but he didn’t seem to hear my answer because he kept talking.

 “Well this is better than what we originally planned. We get to join our forces with Arus without fighting for it. You’re making your old man really proud and happy son!”

 My father stood up from his chair and approached me while my eyes were lowering and my back was hunching. Suddenly, he hit my shoulder saying:

 “Yup, I’m so proud of you my son. Tonight you go and drink with your friends because the journey back to Arus is going to be a long one”.

 My father was about to leave, but before that he said: “Oh, and the convoy leaves first thing in the morning.” I looked at him and he put his thumb up. I mimicked him with a false smile and then I followed him out the door…

 To be continued


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  1. It gets even bettee! XD! Allura AND Zarkon plotting Lotor’s marriage togwther….Oh boy.

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