The Stalker

Disclaimer: All Voltron characters and names belong to World Event Productions and Toei Animation. This story is written only for entertainment purposes and no profit is being made by its publication.

I dedicate this short story to my harem girls: Lisa Re (lotorsgurl), Sara Hime, Paula Delirio, Misty Gargoyle, Christine (my dark rose maiden) Susan (LostinNY), Lady Megumi, Nichole and Erin (my FB princess). You girls really rock my cyber world!

I’ll always remember the first time I heard about the princess of Arus. It was one night when I was drinking with the guys. We were celebrating the recent acquisition of a new conquered planet for the Doom Empire. It just started as a joke; someone commented about a robeast’s fury and how it would never compare to the crown princess of planet Arus. The guys started laughing but I didn’t get the joke. When I asked who was the princess of Arus, Commander Cossack answered:

“Are you kidding sire? You must’ve heard about Allura the princess of Arus…”

“Actually, I never have…you know I’ve been conquering planets outside of this galaxy and this is just my first mission in this side of the universe…is there something I should know about her?” I finally asked him.

The other commanders and officers looked at each other and held their chuckles as if I was the stupidest idiot in the whole universe. Then Cossack answered shaking his head:

“Well sire, it is better then that you never know about her at all…”

“Why do you say that, Cossack?”

“Because the princess of Arus is the greatest bitch in the whole Denubian Galaxy and maybe other galaxies; not even Queen Merla can compare to her…”

I couldn’t believe my ears so I told Cossack: “You’ve got to be kidding me…there’s no greater bitch than Queen Merla; not even my father dares to mess up with that wench”.

To this comment all the guys started to laugh, but I was still watching them and wondering how bad could a princess be, so I continued to interrogate Cossack.

“And how do you know about this princess of Arus?” Cossack was drinking his beer and after a good swallow he answered:

“Sire, everybody knows about that princess…her planet is one of the richest planets in the Denubian Galaxy and she has the ultimate defense weapon.”

Now I was more than curious: “What defense weapon does she have?”


“Voltron? What the hell is that?”

“It’s like a super robot, that nobody can defeat. She has a lot of planets aligned in her side, planet Arus’technology is beyond our knowledge, at least that’s what the comments are…”

“I can’t believe that…and how come my father is not trying to conquer that planet?”

“Your highness, he tried once when you were at the Academy…King Alfor was the ruling regent at the time. That was the most humiliating defeat that King Zarkon’s forces have ever gone through. He never talks about it, maybe that’s why he keeps conquering planets, to gain strength and finally have his revenge. But now it’s King Alfor’s daughter who is ruling and unfortunately she’s gain a lot of power by aligning with other planets. She’s stronger than her father.”

“Wow, I didn’t know that, but it’s weird that my father would desist on conquering that planet. He’s not the type to give up so easily”.

“I don’t think he has given up, your highness. He’s just waiting for the right time to strike. At least that’s what we think…” Cossack answered before swallowing the last contents of his beer.

And that was the first time I heard about the princess of Arus. Even if we kept enjoying our conversation, I could never forget Cossack’s last comment. It really bothered me that my father would not continue a fighting campaign against that planet Arus. It didn’t sound like him at all. How bad was that defeat against Arus anyway? How advanced was their technology? How terrible was that super robot Voltron?

All of these questions kept resonating in my mind for a long time. But I didn’t want to ask my father yet, even when we were seated at the table having our meals. I just kept observing him; he never mentioned Arus or that defeat. He kept making plans for the acquisition of new planets, new technology and more slaves. He was including me in all of his plans; I trained my men and kept making my royal duties so the kingdom could keep getting large and stronger than ever. Maybe Cossack was right after all…my father must be gathering forces to finally have his revenge on that planet Arus.

But one day when I least expected it, the name of Arus was mentioned in my father’s throne room. Planet Arus’ defender robot had frustrated the acquisition of a small planet called Namedia that we desperately needed for our weapons: lazon. It was a small planet, but it was very rich on the desired mineral. Morgor had been on charge of that mission; his fighting team never knew what hit them. Only the commander survived in a very ill treated star cutter.

I observed my father’s reaction to the news: his eyes had a strange glow and his nose flared while his mouth twisted and his jaw tensed. I have seen my father angry many times…but I can assure that this was the most furious and irate grimace I have ever seen on him ever.

He started to scream, pant, and curse hitting the holds of his throne like wanting to break it with his bare claws. All of the officers and nobles gathered in the throne room were absolutely terrified of my father’s display of raw anger.

I was speechless for a while; but when I gathered the strength to talk to him, I tried to calm him by saying:

“Father, let me be in charge of this mission. I will defeat this robot and bring back all the lazon that we need…”

My father looked at me with a confusing gaze…I couldn’t interpret his reaction. Suddenly he responded:

“I’m not sure if you’re capable of defeating that robot…I won’t risk it”.

I felt disappointed and humiliated by my father’s lack of confidence on my skills. So I insisted:

“Father, you know I’m not scared of fighting any damn robot. Just let me go and I’ll bring all the lazon we need.” I must’ve reflected how sure I felt of my own capabilities because my father stared at me for a while; then he frowned and answered:

“Very well, I will tell Witch Haggar to help you in this endeavor…” But I interrupted him:

“Father, let me do this on my own…”

“Don’t get cocky Lotor…Arus is a dangerous foe, you’ll need all the help you can get, believe me”.

“Why should I believe you? Have you ever faced this planet before?” I asked feigning my knowledge about his previous defeat.

“I won’t give any details, just that I know Arus too well…it’s just too dangerous for you to handle alone”.

“Father, I’ve been handling dangerous missions alone since forever…I’m not scared of Arus or any puny robot”.

“This is not any puny robot we’re talking about; Voltron is one the most powerful weapons in the Denubian Galaxy…”

I frowned at my father and asked: “Are you scared of that weapon?”

My father almost jumped from his throne and screamed: “Of course not! I’m not scared of anything!”

“Then you will let me deal with this Arus business then…” My father stared straight at me and waved his claw while he told me:

“Very well, deal with the Arus problem…but just…don’t do anything stupid”.

I pressed my lips in annoyance but answered:

“Don’t worry father… I won’t”.

Then I stood up and went to my one fighter ship. I knew exactly what I had to do. I had done it before. I was going to make a bargain with that princess of Arus. I would challenge Arus’ most daring fighter on a duel. If I win, Arus would have to leave the doomites affairs alone including planet Namedia; if I loose…well, I know I couldn’t possibly loose. I’m the best swordsman in the whole galaxy, I’m sure I can win any idiot that dares to challenge me.


By the computer’s database I found out that the planet was reined from the castle of Lions. I programmed the right coordinates in my ship’s navigational system and after a good travel by hyper speed I was soon orbiting planet Arus. When I arrived at Arus, it was broad daylight on the main continent were the capital of the planet was located.

From space the planet’s image was amazingly stunning. The planet seemed to be rich in natural resources; no wonder my father had wanted to conquer it.

Soon I found where the castle of Lions was so impressively erected. I was ready to encounter any possible resistance to my ship’s presence in Arusian airspace. And just as I suspected, my ship was being hailed by the castle’s control.

“This is castle control to unidentified aircraft, please identify yourself …”

“This is Lotor, the crown prince of planet Doom and I request an urgent audience with the reigning sovereign of this planet”.

There was silence at the other end of the line for a while but then the coordinates for the landing were sent to my aircraft. At least they didn’t get hostile while they knew that the relationship between our two planets were very fragile as they were.

I landed in front of the castle’s entrance, I knew I was risking too much by coming to their turf, but they did not intimidate me. I knew that if they dared to harm me; it would create a war between our worlds; after all, I’m the sole heir of the Doom Empire.

I got close to the entrance of the castle where there were many humans waiting for me. There were some kids dressed in white tight uniforms and circular shaped helmets. There was an older man with a huge mustache covering his mouth and there was the most astonishing girl I have ever seen. She had a tiara on her brow and was dressed in a very elegant dress. My eyes couldn’t help but stare at her beautiful face. But she was eyeing me from head to toe and after she did that, she put her hands on her hips while she lifted one brow.

The man with the huge mustache was the first to speak.

“Greetings, your highness. I am Prime Minister Coran. To what do we owe your presence in our planet?”

“I wish to make a bargain to the sovereign of this planet.” I tried to evade mentioning that I knew there was a princess in charge just to see how would they react.

“What kind of bargain?” the prime minister asked.

“Are you the sovereign of this planet?” The prime minister seemed startled by my question. And suddenly the girl answered:

“No he’s not. I am Allura, the crown princess of Arus. And you… Lotor, prince of Doom, are trespassing in our planet. Just give me a good reason why I shouldn’t take you into custody.” The prime minister looked at her with an imploring reaction and seemed a little nervous.

“I came to make a bargain with you. Your planet has interfered in my planet’s affairs by helping the planet Namedia while we were dealing with it. So I…”

She interrupted me before I could go on. “Your planet was invading planet Namedia…”

I was quite annoyed by her interruption. So I firmly said: “We in planet Doom deal with our problems in our own way, you have no right to interfere…”

“Planet Namedia is not part of the Doom Empire.” She coldly stated.

“It was going to be part of the Empire until you stuck your damn noses in our business…”

Then she crossed her arms in front of her chest and said: “Oh really? Well, that’s not what the King of Namedia said when they were asking for our help!”

Now I was raging mad. So I verbalized my challenge: “I challenge one of your champions to a man to man duel. If your champion wins, my planet will leave Namedia alone, but if I win, you will never interfere in Doom’s affairs again.”

Suddenly her grimace change to an amused smile and said: “Oh wow, you must be a very brave prince or a very foolish one in coming here alone to make a challenge like that…”

Suddenly my father’s voice resounded in my mind: “Don’t do anything stupid.” But I feigned my insecurity the best that I could.

She seemed so sure of what she was saying. So I answered while putting my right hand on my belt: “I live by a code of honor because I’m a warrior prince…and I don’t scare easily”.

Then she smiled and said: “Well, you really amuse me Lotor, prince of Doom. I must admit that you have big balls by coming here alone and making your challenge. None of my men would ever do anything like that.” (Then she looked deceptively at the boys with the tight uniforms) “But there’s one thing that I’m going to tell you…I will accept your challenge if…you accept to have dinner with me…”

“What?!” All of the people present reacted at the same time with the same question. Was this princess out of her marbles? She looked at her escort very seriously but then, she looked at me with an expecting expression in her grimace.

At first I was startled by her sudden invitation to dinner, and I could notice the same confusing grimace on her escorting companions. But she was a very attractive girl, and I would be the dumbest idiot in the galaxy if I wouldn’t accept her invitation. So I answered:

“I’m really flattered by your invitation so I will gladly accept.”

She immediately smiled and said: “Good”. Then she ordered her companions: “Escort prince Lotor to my private dining room and make sure that he’s comfortable. Don’t forget that he’s not a prisoner; he’s my guest.”

Then she looked at me and said: “I’ll join you in a while, your highness.” But before she turned to leave, I could’ve sworn that she winked at me.


To be continued


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  1. This is awesome XD!I I lije this take on the story!

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