The Prince’s Diary – 17th Entry

I was kneeling on front of my father’s desk.  He had been scolding me for about 15 minutes.  All I heard was: “Blah, blah, blah, it was all your fault, blah, blah, blah!”  I just stared at the recently shampooed carpets, like I’ve done so many times before.   My occasional: “Yes, father,” were the only words heard besides his outburst of profanities, accusations and illogic deductions.  Suddenly he said something that made my ears decipher the blahs, into comprensible words.

“I’m sending you to a camping trip,” my father suddenly said.

“What?”  I asked as if his drule language was not clear enough.

“You heard me!  You are going to a camping trip.  I have decided where you are going to stay, what are you taking with you and even what you are going to eat.” my father sounded proud of himself.

“Father, why are you doing this? I’m not a child anymore…” I started protesting.

“Silence!  Enough of your bickering!  You will do as I say, and I will hear no protests about this!” then he handed me my notepad. “Here, this is the list of what you’re taking with you. And don’t try to outsmart me by smuggling additional stuff, because I’ll know if you do.  Now, get out of my presence! You’re making me waste more precious time punishing you, while I have more important things to do.  Out, out!”

I stood up from where I was and the soldiers pointed me the way out of my father’s office.  I was raging mad.  What was my father’s idea of sending me on a camping trip while I had more important things to do?  I was supposed to be planning the next attack on Arus, and now, father had changed all these plans for one capricious idea of sending me to a wild adventure with apparently no purpose but to punish me.  This was so lame.  The prince of the Doom Empire having to stay in a place with no other ceiling than a thin layer of cloth to cover him from the late cold night…

I read my notepad.  The planet my father chose for this camping trip was Groen; it was located at the Linas cuadrant.  That planet wasn’t so bad, only that it was only inhabited by primitive lifeforms.  It was a wild place, with rivers, lakes, oceans and lots of animals. No humans, no drules, no other races…it was one of those easy conquests for our empire.  No opposition from the animals and we get to use the natural resources of Groen.  I would have to endure a weekend in Groen. Alone. 

As per my father’s instructions in the notepad, I started packing for my trip:  a tent, a sleeping bag, one change of clothes, just one pot, a lighter, a knife, a roll of strong string and a bottle of water.  I could only travel in my fighter, no big luxurious flag ship, no insect repellent, no ice maker, no tech gadgets, no wine, no girls (no sex!!! Noooo!!!) but at least he let me take my sword as my defense, besides the ones on my fighter.  But even if I was sure I would have no need for weapons, precaution is never unnecessary. 

I had everything ready in a very short time (what the heck? I hardly had any stuff to take at all!).  Then I was ready to go.  I was going to spend a whole three day weekend in Groen.  For my liking, that was too long to endure without my known pleasures.  I hate to go cold turkey!

Haggar was with me, observing like a warden every move I made.  I knew she was my father’s spy.  So even if I wanted to smuggle a tiny bottle of wine under my pilot seat, I couldn’t.  That was a bummer.  There had to be a way of making Haggar pay, but that would have to wait until I came back.

Next entry:  Camping at Groen…


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