The Prince’s Diary – 15th Entry

Tuesday. Once I heard someone complain about how slow was the process to get services in the kingdom’s public service office. I’m not sure if that someone is still alive but I remember laughing at his comment.

 Why wouldn’t I? It had never affected me before. I’ve never required citizen’s services from the kingdom’s office. The theme was brought up one of those nights when I invited the commander’s over whilst starting to make plans in the public service department.

 The public service auditor and I made a bet. He said the office’ service had to be improved. I said it didn’t, that it couldn’t be possibly that bad. Besides, my father had been the one to establish that office, he had always been a good administrator or had he?

 I was about to find out…

 The bet that we agreed upon took place on a Sunday night; I was going to apply for a service like every other commoner on Monday morning. I had to disguise myself, of course. We couldn’t let people recognize their crown prince, or else, it wouldn’t work.

So I woke up at 5 AM like most commoners, that way I could be on my way a half hour later. I put a hat on to cover my head and hair, geeky glasses, torn jeans and a “I’m with stupid” T-shirt. I arrived at the office at 6 AM and parked the scratched bent vehicle that I had borrowed for this mission. I was happy because the parking lot was almost empty. When I saw that, I imagined myself making fun of the auditor by arriving before breakfast to his office with proof that I had been properly attended early in the morning.

 So I entered the building with a smile on my face. When I arrived to the hallway where the entrance of the office was located, I froze. It was packed! The place resembled the entrance to a rock concert. The difference was the grim faced people that reflected anguish, deception and frustration.

 I just couldn’t believe that all those people were going to the same place I was going to. So I approached the guard that stood besides the entrance and asked him:

 “Which is the window for the service?”

 The guard, who seemed to have had a cup of sour lemon for breakfast instead of coffee, replied:

 “Go to the end of the line buddy, everybody has to get a number”.

 When I looked back and saw like two hundred people, I sighed and moved slowly to the end of the line. Damn! Now I’ll make a scheduled description of how I spent my day at the public service office:

 7:30 AM – The line moved enough for me to arrive at the entrance of the office.

 8:26 AM – I entered the office.

 9:14 AM – The first guy that attended me gave me a number: #176!!!

 9:45 AM – I got a seat!! Now the way the turns work is that once you are seated, you keep moving from seat to seat furthering from the back row to the front one. There were only 10 rows of seats. Each row had 20 seats.

 10:15 AM – I was just too hungry. I told #175 to keep an eye on my seat until I got something to eat. There was this little coffee shop with no seats and just one table where I drank a cup of coffee and ate some toast with cheddar cheese. This stupid client beside me just wouldn’t shut the fuck up! He was reaching to my last nerve.  I almost choke up my snack just to get the fuck out of there!

 11:02 AM – I noticed there were just two open windows to attend all the public. I was still 6 rows back from the front row. I was long finished reading the newspaper and half way done in my crossword puzzle.

 12:30 PM – Noon! Both employees that were attending the public went to lunch. We were all hysterical and hungry. Ten minutes later appeared ONE substitute for the lunching clerks. I was still in row #5.

 1:35 PM – The employees who were lunching appeared. I had to buy some Doritos and a Coke to fill my increasing hunger. I was at row #4.

 2:15 PM – I noticed that one of the windows had been attending a lady for 35 minutes!!! I haven’t reached row #3 yet. Client #174 was about to blow her head off with her gun; #169 convinced her not to do it. It would’ve been messy…

 3:04 PM – I went to the public sanitary for the fourth time just after reaching row #3.

 3:50 PM – I reached row #2 and there was a change of shift that took 16 minutes to complete. The first two employees were substituted by the overtime shift. By the way, I reached to row #2 and my legs had cramps.

 4:37 PM – I reached row #1 hungry, tired and pissed off.

 5:25 PM – I was next to be attended, and when it was my turn a guy walked in front of me to “ask a question” with papers in hand. I pushed the guy and said: “I waited my turn, you wait yours asshole!”. People started to cheer and applaud!!!

 5:31 PM – I was attended and the employee told me: “Sir, honestly I can’t help you”. I told the employee: “I’m the crown prince and after today, I will help myself out”.

 Amidst the confused grimace of my host, I stood up, took off my hat and walked out of that hell hole.

 7:34 PM – I was at Doom’s Bar with the auditor, paying his drinks and his whore for the night. And it all cost me 12 ½ hours of my life, one pitiful breakfast, Doritos and a Coke, four trips to the sanitary, 1001 credits and a whole lot of my sanity. Public service in Doom sucks!!!


3 Responses to “The Prince’s Diary – 15th Entry”

  1. It sucked that bad huh? Geez, i might know how that feels. waiting all day and going through all that bullshit… just to be told that you couldn’t be helped. Man… talk about being totally on the warpad. that had to just be a real kick in the proverbial ass. the story or entry here rocks. it kinda lost me in the beginning but reading the whole thing was really worth it. it was interesting. the talk about sometimes putting up with the bullshit just to get ahead in life, even if it got you to the point where you were a second away from losing your cool. that would not have been pretty. but all in all… the tale was wonderful. great promising insight concerning the inside of the office world. 🙂 even if it was on planet Doom. wonderful insight.

  2. i would bet. Office politics really is a sheer annoyance, but when going for an office job… it’s the thing that all people deal with. i am betting that you were going to wish that Drules were exempt from dealing with the office politic bullshit, huh? well i understand that. i am glad that i never had that issue, although i can’t lie about it. if i were in your shoes… well let’s just say that i’d be in a very temperamental mood. i’d be close to snapping.

    i liked it though. it is a real grabber.

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