The Prince’s Diary – 14th Entry

Beware of the Storm

Wow! Tropical storms are really a force to be reckoned with.  I was staying with my sister in Palooza and I left for a tropical island to get a little distraction. I had to put my thoughts in order.  Little did I know that it was the peak of the hurricane season there.  Fearful September, the islanders call it… I heard in the news that there was a really powerful hurricane very near the island. I wanted to go out to meet the islanders to get their impressions about being threatened by a Category 4 hurricane. 

During the morning, I went out to my balcony and  noticed a very refreshing breeze that was quite cold but had some rough sudden drafts.  I put on the news and the weather channel said that it was not gonna rain and the storm would not hit the island.  So I got quite relaxed, I ordered some coffee with toast for breakfast while I read the newspaper.  When I looked outside again, it was quite cloudy and the wind was getting quite rowdy and rough outside.

 The trees were bending a lot and the balcony door was shaking quite constantly because of the wind.

I checked again on the news and the weather people said that the storm was heading north and that everything was going to be ok.  They even told people that it was going to be a normal working day and that the kids had to go to school.  But strangely, I kept looking outside and it was very cloudy and the wind was getting worse by the minute.  I still had plans to go out so I could go to the store and talk to some people.

While I was getting dressed, it started to rain.  It was not like any other rain that I had ever seen.  This rain had very powerful wind drafts.  Then I noticed that there was water pouring inside the room I was staying at.  It was getting in through the wall!  I was like: WTF?  I went to the bathroom and took all the towels I found so that I could make them absorb the water that was flooding the floor.
The balcony door was moving constantly and seemed to shake out of its base. What the hell was going on?  I looked at the weather channel and the guy dressed in a nice suit was talking about some animals that needed refuge.  I was thinking: “If this keeps up, I’m the one who’s gonna need some refuge and soon…”

I went out to the balcony again and the windy rain had started to move violently the plants that were decorating it.  I took them inside cause the earth in the vases were starting to make a mess.  As far as my eyes could see everything was grayish white.  The rain and the wind was all the scenery I could appreciate of the island.  The drafts would even make small tornadoes of water and wind…in no time the parking lot of the hotel was completely flooded.

The weather channel then changed their statements saying that all people should stay at their homes, take refuge and those who were at their jobs had to go home at noon, so they could start to make preparations for the storm.

  I was thinking: “If they start to make preparations now, they are way too late for that!”  That storm was already here!  I felt trapped in that hotel room.  I secured the windows and doors the best that I could. But the wind was so strong it nearly knocked me out of balance a couple of times.

And when I thought that things couldn’t get worse…the power went out. Damn! Even if it was daylight, the hotel room was dark so I used my small flashlight to at least get out of the room.  I went to the lobby where all the guest seemed to be surprised of everything that was going on.  This old man was telling me that he was supposed to go to a doctor’s appointment.  I told him: “I guess that’s out of the question…”
And he answered: “I guess so… And where are you going?”

I answered: “I was planning on going out to explore a little but this hurricane just changed my plans”

He asked: “Hurricane? What hurricane?”

I shook my head and answered: “Never mind…”


3 Responses to “The Prince’s Diary – 14th Entry”

  1. Whoa, confusion much.. one minute the storm comes… then the next. BAM! it vanishes. i liked the way it sounded. and the weather man was saying one thing and the weather outside said another story. but that is how things are. Meteorology is not an exact science. one can only make an educated guess. predictions of what is to come seldom ever do come to pass. it’s more like 50/50. Loved it though. good reading. 🙂

    • I know, meteorology can be tricky. But still, if a storm is so near, they should’ve given better updates. Don’t you think?

      • Oh hell yeah… they sure as hell should have given better warnings. like when they give Amber alerts for missing kids and do it almost instantly. getting the word out. they should do the same for storms. although then again, we also have to understand that it’s not so predictable. we can say one thing and see something else occur. like in the movie twister… the storm chasers try relentlessly to create an advanced warning system. like up to 15 minutes before the twister would strike. it might be a movie analogy… but the logic is the same. the weather people need to provide a better warning system.

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