The Prince’s Diary – 13th Entry

So many things have been going on. I don’t know where to start. Well, first of all…I’ve been quite lazy on the entry writing. Being in command of all of my father’s war forces is hard on me sometimes. It’s a lot of pressure, besides I keep forfeiting my victory because of Princess Allura. She still doesn’t accept my advances. I don’t know how else I can tell her that I’m the best choice for her. Then, the other night I went to my computer and to make things worse I found out that the Vehicle Voltron was sending me messages from all across the galaxy. It’s not possible!! Now I have to fight two Voltrons instead of one! How much more ass whooping am I gonna keep getting? Those creeps are making fun of me and even with Cossack the Terrible’s help, that’s not enough to ease the pressure.

So last Saturday night, I decided to get distracted and invited Cossack to Doom’s Bar to get some drinks and watch some strippers dancing and entertaining all of the clients. It sounded like a plan, we both needed some serious fun. During the past week we had been doing reports to my father plus being the main course in the Vehicle Voltron mockery menu. Well, to get to the bar we took one of the bigger ships and I parked on the only-royalty-others-will-be-crushed parking zone. We arrived two hours before midnight, happy hour had just started and the place was getting roudy with laughs, screams and murder. After crossing two dead bodies that laid on front of the entrance, we were quite looking forward that this night we would have the time of our lives. Yep, the ambient was smoky, dark and violent. Just our kind of place, hehehe. The heavy metal music was playing and two topless girls were dancing on stage, they had that gothic make up on, with colorful wigs and black leather g-strings that were about to drop off by the way they were twisting their bodies and teasing the guys who just kept whistling and harassing them.

I wanted to get some drinks before seeing the show so I told Cossack to go get us a table as close to the stage as we could be. I had to repeat these instructions twice to the twit because he kept his pupiless eyes on the girls boobs while I was talking to him and whenever he sees naked girls he gets as twice as an idiot as he already is…

When I approached the bar, the bartender was way nice to me, I was startled cause bartenders tend to be a little rough after dealing with a lot of drunks during the night. And there were a lot of wasted idiots lurking around the bar. I ordered one of my favorite drinks of cranberry juice with vodka and a bottle of Heineken for Cossack. He likes cheap alcohol, which doesn’t amaze me at all…I took a handful of peanuts and put them in my pocket on my way to our table and there he was, letting himself being harassed by some big boobed girls.

Yes, just like that. Cossack doesn’t harass girls, it’s always the other way around. I don’t know if it’s the horned helmet, maybe that’s a subliminal message that he’s horny…I don’t know, but somehow it works for him. All I can say is that chics also dig the long white hair, I mean my hair is shinier than Cossack’s ashier looking hair, but those girls just couldn’t stop playing with his hair and touching the horns. The funny thing was the way they grabbed the horns and started stroking them up and down, side to side. I kept sipping my drink while I watched the show of the girls and the horns. Then they took off Cossack’s helmet and each one of them grabbed a horn and kept stroking it before putting the horns in their mouths. Cossack was just laughing while all of this was going on with his helmet.

Then the girls started licking the tip of the horns making round movements with the tip of their tongues and then they licked through all the length of the horns. Then they started sucking those horns like they were milking them. I just stared watching this spectacle with my mouth opened wide, my drink forgotten while I was weirdly aroused. I mean, were these girls expecting those horns to cum? Cause they were sure working hard to accomplish that!

Cossack’s laugh and applause interrupted my thoughts while I sat there like an idiot eating peanuts and drinking while the girls finished giving the horn show to Cossack. Then he stood up obliged by the girls who pulled his arms taking him away to whatever available room there was. He waved the bottle of beer to me while he shrugged and left the table being dragged by the two horny ladies.

I kept sipping my drink while the horned helmet was left behind on the table mocking me for not being choosed to have a horny good ole time. *sigh* I should change my helmet for a horny one! Damn!


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