The Prince’s Diary – 12th Entry

Wednesday. A day of a lot of work…making calls, filling in papers, looking for my commanders so the work keeps going…I have so many things to do. Well, today something happened that had never happened to me before. I had called one of my commanders to sign one paper that he had neglected to sign. That should’ve gain him at least a night in the dungeons but I was in a hurry to solve the damn problem.

Well, he arrived to the castle and by one miserable situation with his ID he had to stay in the lower floor, so from the third floor I had to go to where he was. I solved the problem of the signing and sent him on his way. Then I headed to the elevators to go back to the third floor.

I was accompanied by two soldiers…rookies should I add. Well, there was some workers and slaves that were going to take to the 12th floor some machinery parts and they were going to take the cargo elevator. For some reason, all of the buttons of the cargo elevator were pushed, some damned soldier had made his last joke after finishing his shift. Good that we have cameras, it’s straight to the Pit of Skulls with him.

Anyway, the guys with the machinery decided not to take the cargo elevator because they didn’t want to go stopping through all the floors before reaching theirs. So they stayed until the next ride. Well, three of us decided to take the ride, I was going to the 3rd floor so I would just stop in two floors before mine, I didn’t mind the little wait. So when the door of the elevator closed, suddenly all of the buttons shut off; we were suddenly relieved thinking that we could just then push the buttons for our respective floors.

But what a surprise… when we started pushing all the buttons and no button would turn on. The door of the elevator didn’t open either. The two soldiers rapidly started to panic, pushing buttons like crazy, panting, jumping in the elevator, praying to our gods for deliverance, making last confessions and wills. I just looked at them while they pushed the alarm button.

 They were almost on the verge of crying, while I shook my head in annoyance. I remembered that I had left the office door open, I just wanted to get there before my father had a chance to start peeping in my stuff. Then I heard a voice from the other side of the door:

“Hey, are you guys trapped in the elevator?” I thought while I rolled my eyes: “Oh this guy must be a genius!”

One of the panicked soldiers said: “Yeah, please call for help!” Then he started to jump up and down in the elevator, making it move as if to fall to the basement.

“Would you stop that?!” I screamed at him, this guy was driving me nuts. Then he kept pushing buttons and lamenting his sorrowful situation. I was the one feeling sorry for myself for being trapped with such incompetence and having them as company. What a tough luck! I wouldn’t have minded being trapped in an elevator with some of my harem girls at least we wouldn’t have rushed the rescuing effort. We would have not wasted any time in waiting…oh well…*sigh*

Then I heard different voices calling out from the lobby, promising to be the heroes of the trapped prince inside of the elevator, my eyes rolled many times while my patience was getting very thin by the minute. So many screams and words of encouragement with sounds of pity were giving me a headache, I just said: “Oh damn you all!”

I started to move the door with my right hand…and alas, in a matter of seconds the door was opening, then I saw a bunch of hands, helping me open the door all the way. I could still hear the voices of the whining soldiers and the disappointed would-be-heroes commenting about the damned elevator and the crown prince trapped in it. I headed to the stairs just to avail myself of a good exercise before heading back to the office.

And my father? Very well, thank you and nowhere to be found…but still, I have to check the cameras to see who was the asshole who pushed the elevator buttons in the first place and then check if my father did actually come into my office while I was so conveniently trapped in the damned elevator.  Oh, these conspiracies….what’s life without them?


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