The Prince’s Diary – 10th Entry

Something that is true life based: I have many followers. Don’t misunderstand me, I like having the power of influencing people. I like giving orders and having people obey me in a heartbeat. Well, it’s part of my job: I’m a boss…I can’t help it. Responsibilities is a part of it, but I assume them without regrets, fears or remorse. But lately, I have been creating some trends. At least, that’s the way I’m seeing it. I never thought people would just copy my style of what I write or do. I’ve never been into fashion or what’s in the latest style…hell, I grab the same uniform day by day from my closet and put it on without thinking. But this entry has nothing to do with my clothing. It has to do with what I’m writing about.

I took from my valuable time to start writing some thoughts and some illustrations from my life and the life of my people, or the life of others. I like writing parodies and humorous stuff…and then I post them. Before I post, I noticed that there were no other parodies and humorous stories or illustrations at least for a good while. But, I noticed that after posting my parodies, then suddenly, there are parodies and humorous stuff everywhere…hmmm. Well, everybody can write a parody and that’s ok by me….but why publish just after I published mine? Was it just coincidence or a timeframe thing? I could swear I didn’t copy anyone’s idea…

So then, I decided to do something different, I wrote an illustration, dedicating it to a good friend of mine. And just when I posted my gift to my friend….another gift story gets published. OK….everybody has a right to publish a gift story. And I believe that the receiver of the story very well deserved some homage for all her troubles, I don’t want any misunderstandings about this….but my question remains, why the author of this gift story decided to publish it when I just published my gift story? It just makes me wonder…

I’m about to write another short illustrative story…which has a theme that has never been illustrated before but I’m not sharing it right now, until it’s finished, of course. If this publishing-after-I-published-my-original-story happens again…then I’m just a trend starter. I should feel proud of myself. How should I call it? A copy Lotor tendency? I should have some kind of celebration with my buddies…and I keep wondering.  If I go to the bar and decide to moon the bartender, would there be an exhibition of blue asses everywhere? There’s only one way to find out!


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