The Prince’s Diary – 9th Entry

Saturday…it had been an exhausting week…tortures, executions, even a couple of planet conquering.  I really needed some diversion. What could be better than a night out with the commanders? Actually, it was still daytime…but in Doom day and night is almost the same.

Morgor and Cossack invited me to play golf. I had no idea of what the fuck they were talking about. But soon they told me it was a human game that only the rich and the infamous enjoyed. So that kinda intrigued me. Well, I didn’t have any idea about the rules of that game, but I was willing to learn.

My first impression of the game tokens were that they seemed insignificant. All the game needed was a very long bag with balls and some metal rods they called golf clubs.

They even assigned a slave to be my caddy. Or should I say a carrier? We started running around in some stupid little vehicle that was shaking more than a spaceship during turbulence. Soon I found myself frustrated pushing the little white ball around with my golf club. It was after a while when Morgor finally was brave enough to tell me that I was supposed to hit the ball with the club so it would reach a very distant hole. I couldn’t believe it!

What kind of game is that? They were assuming that I would hit a teeny weeny white ball with a very thin metal rod and send it flying to a hell hole? So when I tried to hit the ball the first time, needless to say the golf club ended flying farther than the ball which seemed to mock me from the floor in front of me.

I could hear some chuckling behind me, but when I looked at the guys they had tears as if they were crying. I asked them if they were ok, but all they said was that some dirt had invaded their eyes. So I was starting to get frustrated after a fourth try of hitting the damned ball and then I asked the caddy to hit the ball with the golf club.

With a perfect posture and professionalism he just hit the ball once and it went straight into the distant hole.  He was dancing and celebrating when suddenly my lazon sword sliced him in half. At least he died with a sense of accomplishment and after I killed him I felt the same way. That was the conclusion of the golf game for me. Shame that I had to wait until the last part of the game to really have fun playing it.

But nevertheless, it was a relaxing Saturday after all.


2 Responses to “The Prince’s Diary – 9th Entry”

  1. a slave dancing after you slice him in half… that is really odd. that’s something you don’t see every day. anywhere.

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