The Prince’s Diary – 8th Entry

I have important stuff to do with my life. I decided to write this down, since I have been told to stop whining. And I’m no writer at all. Me, the Royal Crown Prince of Doom, my life is fucked up as it is.

Yesterday, my father gave me an ultimatum: Deliver the goods or suffer the consequences. I’m so tired of listening to him. I was kneeled before him…isn’t that enough humiliation? His voice is so damn annoying and to make it worst he screams too much. Why doesn’t he ever get laringytis? Does he think that it’s easy for me to have a father like him? He sits his warted drule ass on that throne all day ordering around and making my life miserable. So after tolerating his bitching for 45 minutes I fucked off as fast as my legs could take me…

Then I decided to go to my harem for some serious distraction just to find out that my father had given the girls the night off. So, I was supposed to go without tonight…of all nights?! Then I told to myself: Great, I need a drink!

 At least a little bit of wine would help me deal with the recent humiliation plus the obliged celibacy. When I go to get one bottle of my favorite blood red wine, the cellar had ran out of it. DAMN IT! That was so fucking great. I thought: now, what the hell am I suppose to do? I know, I’ll get the fuck out of here!!!

So I go get my bat shaped fighter to take a flight around and when I turn the keys to start it up…battery’s dead. FUCK! What the hell’s going on? There’s a conspiracy against me!  I swear to the gods, that my father wants to ruin my life!!!

I was so enraged that I could’ve killed anyone that crossed my path…yeah…I thought about going to the arena and do just that…murder!!! So I’m walking as mad as hell straight to the arena that I didn’t see well where I was going. Damn it! I stepped on robeast poop!

Now I had to go to my room stinking like shit. Man, I just wanted to take off my clothes so I could take a bath. When I took off my pants I found out that it had a hole on them and if it weren’t for the stupid skirt I wear, everybody at court would’ve seen my ass. *Sigh*

I got into the shower and when I turned the water on… the heater was not working! The cold water hit me like a knife and I cursed like hell feeling my dick getting smaller by the second. But I had to get that stinking shit off my senses.

After the fridged bath, I got out naked just to find out there were no towels to dry myself off. So freezing wet and in all of my shrinked glory, I went to look for a towel…as I didn’t find one I ended up drying my body with a thin blanket. I stuffed everything down the hamper while I had goosebumps that reached up to my ass. I put some shorts on because all of my jockeys were still dirty.
I sat on my bed feeling as frustrated as a sober guy can be and decided to turn on my computer. I browsed on my web page and somebody had wished me to have a nice day….wasn’t that ironic?  I finished my day laughing like a madman.  I hope tomorrow gets to be a very bad day!


6 Responses to “The Prince’s Diary – 8th Entry”

  1. you are insane. you had the most terrible night or day depending… and suddenly hope for a much worse one the next day? You are a glutton for punishment, aren’t you? this one, made me laugh. Harrah! Encore!

  2. and it never will when the you tie the knot with a girl who will be the queen of Doom soon. you’re finding happiness. so at least something is looking up for you. right?

  3. Uh-oh… i just checked Facebook and the girl is starting to break away. i believe that someone’s gotten to her. you might want to do some damage control, if you want to keep her. if you love her true, you’ll do anything to keep her with you. and make it to where she can’t feel anything but love for you. do something, dude.

    • Oh that was an accident. We didn’t even know each other. She was confused when she put the relationship thing. I have my eyes set on many others, let’s see who will be the first to fall…hehehe

  4. Maybe not. she might have had a thing for Drules. just not Evil ones is all. however… you can always do her as you did Allura so many times in the past. abduct her. but that would be a bit over dramatic and just way too desperate. wouldn’t it?

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