The Prince’s Diary – 7th Entry

Today I was more relaxed through all of the royalty duties that I have, I actually managed to have fun. All thanks to one of my harems flowers. She is funny, insaciable and desperate. I never thought I would enjoy chatting so much. Sex chat is the safest sex I have ever had. No condoms needed. No need to make my girls take pills or use foams, or any other stupid contraceptive methods. There are no risks of health problems or unwanted pregnancies, it’s really fun. I may be a newbie in the sex chat thing, but I’m learning fast and enjoying myself with it. Nevertheless I always enjoy my escapades, but that’s another story. It’s all part of being a single, young and handsome prince. Don’t blame me for it…

Besides, sometimes I like to get distracted. Not everything is fighting, working and living as a prince. I like to live as a commoner too. The common activities that I really enjoy are mooning bystanders, shoplifting at a mall, drunk driving out of a strip club or simply go to a movie. So today, I chose one of the previous activities; yeah, mooning the bystanders was tempting but I actually went to see a movie.

I’m not the kind of person that watches any movie…it has to have a dark vision with a sense of humor. So I went to see a movie from a human director that has an interesting vision of stories. His name is Tim Burton. I like his movies. His work is different, not conventional, not accepted by many but very creative. The movie I saw is called “Alice in Wonderland”. I have read that book and I have seen other versions, more children oriented. This was an entertaining movie, I would’ve expected more violence or gore, but it was ok. I guess I’m still looking for another version of his “Sleepy Hollow” where there were deaths and beheadings. I still enjoy that movie a lot.

If I wanted more gore and violence, I should’ve seen “The Wolfman” maybe I’ll see that one tomorrow or just wait till it comes out on DVD or Blue Ray. I love watching movies where there are monsters eating humans. They help us drules eliminate that darn race and the goody two shoes vision that there should be peace in the galaxy. Werewolves and vampires should fuck them all!!! For tonight, I’ll get entertained going to some stripclub or drinking anywhere. Let’s see what happens…


2 Responses to “The Prince’s Diary – 7th Entry”

  1. the simple common life Vs. the life of royalty. it’s so hard to choose, isn’t it. power over all or living like a commoner and praying that good fortunes will land upon you. quite vexing, isn’t it? nice entry. it’s with alot of thought.

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