The Prince’s Diary – 6th Entry

I was at court today. My father presided. HA! Was there any justice? Certainly not for me…My father wanted me to take care of some business deal that to my eyes was just not wise. But he never listens to me. Oh well, I had my papers and my statements ready. It was all part of the royalty business. What a load of crap!

Sometimes I just wanna go to a beach, where I can see topless girls passing me by. I would just put some sunglasses on feigning a nap while my eyes get indulged with the sights. Oh yeah, now that’s the royal life for me! Listening to the waves, while the hot sand molds to my weight and looking at the girls’ bouncing boobs while they play beach volleyball. That is paradise!

Gosh, how much I hate my doomed life and the reality of court, responsibility and lack of fun. I feel like murdering someone. I better go to the arena after I write this entry. There may be some stupid robeast waiting to be slaughtered by me…

But I did feel good about myself today. I won the case against my father. He was not pleased but I also noticed that he was impressed. That is something I seldom see in him. He’s always disappointed at me. When he’s not nagging at me he likes to bitch me about another thing. So it’s good to finally beat him at something, even if it’s insignificant. But to me, it’s fucking big!

Sometimes I wonder how my life would have been if I hadn’t been raised by my father. What if my mother ran away from him immediately after conceiving me? What if I would’ve been born in the human world…with no knowledge of my royal drule heritage?  Would I have chosen a decent life or would I have been evil nevertheless? I often wonder: What if? There is only one way of knowing…maybe writing about an alternate universe…I have considered it. I’ve never done it before…but yet, I can get bold when I put my mind to it. Just a thought for fun… (Well it’s on the works) Let’s see how it goes…


2 Responses to “The Prince’s Diary – 6th Entry”

  1. yeah… do it. create an alternate universe. let’s see what a drule can do as one of the humans and on the good side. besides that, it’s something to consider. you might make a big wave with it. and if nothing else imagine the enjoyment you’ll have from seeing Zarkon go apeshit over it all. you turning to the good side. he’d be flipping his lid. i know that you happen to enjoy that immensely. Right?

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