The Prince’s Diary – 5th Entry

My father is so fucking lazy!! He has left me to deal with a lot of difficult castle affairs. He’s such a throne potato. Always sitting on his fat ass and doing nothing but giving orders while I have to deal with his damn business. He should just abdicate and give ME the throne. Why the hell is he still the king if I’m ruling for him?

I have a lot of computer and paperwork but I’ll try to be online as much as I can but if I’m not, well you know where I’m at….yeah, I know that I sound like an old record, but what else can I say? The Crown Prince has a lot of work to do while the King sits and bosses him around. Tis good to be the king, yeah right!

And I bet you wanna know how a meeting with my lazy father goes…No? Well, I’m gonna tell you anyway. I had to awake early because he required my presence and all of those who work close to him. We were 15 people in total including me. First, we had to meet in a very cold room, I mean…it didn’t need air conditioner just an air filter because there were literally spores that lodges in our lungs coming down from the ceiling.

In the middle of the gods forbidden fridged room, there was just a small square table which didn’t have enough chairs, (like 6 at most) most of them had been taken away and used as firewood…at least that was the excuse I was given. Then why the hell it was still so cold in there?

Well, anyway…we gathered around the small squared table waiting for my father to make his grand appearance…and guess what? Suddenly, Witch Haggar enters with an Iphone on her claw. While we’re reacting like idiots looking at each other she puts the Iphone in the center of the table.

 Suddenly, we hear my father’s annoying voice coming from the Iphone scolding us for all the wrong things that we have been doing. After 20 minutes of hearing all his rampage and threats, he ends his call meeting by saying two words: Excellent job! and hangs up…
We’re like…WTF was that?!


2 Responses to “The Prince’s Diary – 5th Entry”

  1. Dude, Zarkon is really trippin. he needs to whacked a few thousand times with a golf club.

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