The Prince’s Diary – 4th Entry

Oh what a day I had! My lower body hurts…no, I was not having sex. I wish though. I was training soldiers for Doom’s army. Everything that could go wrong actually did. Soldiers that didn’t belong to my division were present while there were no shows from my division, probably they got killed in the latest raid. Oh those damn computers never have their information updated. Somebody’s not doing their job. That’s really annoying. I’ll have to investigate…somebody’s ending up in the dungeons for this.

My voice got tired of giving valuable information. I like training my own soldiers, so that they understand what I want, when I want it and how I want it done. I hate mistakes, and my father’s bitching reminds me why I hate them so much. Tomorrow’s another training day. I really hope it goes better than today. If I’m not that tired, maybe I’ll consider having some sex, then I won’t mind being tired at all. At least I had fun!

A soldier came to my door crying that he wanted to give up his training because he had too many problems to continue with the drill. I listened to him and convinced him not to give up and to continue his training. Now, what is wrong with this picture?

Damn! I’m supposed to be the fucking ruthless Crown Prince of Doom!!! I was supposed to kill the whiny bitch or at least send him to the dungeons until they whipped the crap out of him! My exhaustion got a hold on me and I behaved like a fucking weak human.

But I think I can rectify my straying ways…tonight I will get drunk, and tomorrow at training, I will make this soldier’s training so miserable, he will wish I would send him to the arena to be robeast leftovers. Whew! Now I feel much better… XD

Moving on…after the training sessions now it’s report time. It seems this never ends. But it doesn’t matter. I have to deal with some problems. You see, the whiny soldier…I have to get rid of him. He couldn’t do his job well. So I hope he said his good byes to his relatives cause he’s going straight to the arena. He will have to prove his worth with some robeast I chose for him to fight. That is the warrior way. Soldiers should die honorably or live in respect. He whined and cried but now he has to pay. Me, I have a lot of work to do…still.
I was commenting to my sis that I really need some pump juice with some kick in it. That would give me some energy. But I guess, I’ll have to deal with this tiredness. Hey, but this is not affecting my sexual drive, that is a OK. I just hate to work filing reports. That’s boring and tedious work. Let’s see how I get out of this shit, I got involved in…


2 Responses to “The Prince’s Diary – 4th Entry”

  1. Cross your fingers Lotor. if you are patient great things will happen. just take things a step at a time. it will prove out to be better in the long run. i guarantee it.

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