The Prince’s Diary – 3rd Entry

I’ve been working around the clock like crazy. This is a typical day at Doom. I wake up at dawn, after my cleansing ritual (which I previously described) I check my emails, then I prepare myself to go to my office. Yes, dark prince’s have offices too.

On my desk I find the yesterday block of papers that I should’ve worked on, while there are so many more papers splattered all around. A lot of them to do also, but honestly, I had not too many time to do it. While I organize the paperwork job for the day, my communicator starts humming. It’s my father wanting me to join him for breakfast. I agree for at least a cup of hot coffee so my adrenaline could start to kick in. After 20 minutes of listening to my father’s ranting of his want to do list while I drink the hot-coffee-and-eat-the-toast breakfast that leaves me still hungry; I rush to do his want to do lists so then I can start working on mine.

When I’m about to begin with my block of papers, the communicator starts humming again, it’s a reminder that I have a meeting in 15 minutes. So I gather up what I can to get ready for the meeting and when I notice the time, two hours have gone by, where we have presented a lot of problems with no solutions to solve them. Frustrated, I head back to my office to try to low down the block of papers, but there are some officers expecting me to attend them. It takes me one hour and a half to do so. After they’re gone, and I’m about to start the to do list of papers, the communicator starts humming again, with the reminder that I have to make an errand for my father.

After I head like a mad prince to do it, my watch says it’s time for lunch. I go get something to eat while my communicator hums again with my father’s voice telling me to join him at the arena’s stables. So I’m running and almost choking with my food and drink, trying to get there. Only to cross paths on my way there with Witch Haggar who tells me that she has a new robeast that she urgently wants to show me. So I join her to check that out and when Im giving her my opinion, the communicators starts to hum again.

My father’s now bitching of why the hell have I not arrived to the stables. I apologize and run to where my father has summoned me; just to find out that he had already gave the job to Cossack.

So I go back to where Haggar was, just to find out that she left to a witch’s meeting of some sort. So I decide to go back to my office and start dealing with that damned block of papers and fuck! my damn communicator starts humming again. Now, Im getting really pissed off and just wanna get the damn humming thing and smash it against the wall! But it was the reminder that I had to deal with some soldiers who needed to be executed for deserting. * I sigh* Oh well, I go and solve the damn problem. Fuck! people can’t do even a simple execution around here…

After two hours have gone by solving the execution problem, I look at my watch and say: “Well, I better go and start doing something about that block of papers”. So I head back to my office only to find on my way that there’s a dead body that was left bleeding and rotting in the middle of the hall. I call the guards, who just stood there like idiots wondering what to do, and I have to start a whole damn investigation which I leave to the commander in charge. I can’t believe I even have to think for them!!!

Besides, I bet nobody will ever know who or what killed the guy! Probably they’ll conspire so someone they hate ends up at the Pit of Skulls for it. *I shrugged* Whatever…I go back to my office and when I finally sit down to start working with my block of what to do list, my communicator hums again. I scream at it: WHAT NOW?! My commander’s calling me that it’s time for dinner and that we are expecting company from one of our joined planets. I sigh looking at my block of papers, shaking my head in disbelief. I slowly stand up and head back to the door. I got to get ready, but before I leave the office, my assistant runs in with another block of papers of the what to do lists for tomorrow. Oh damn it, you have got to be fucking kidding me!! Then I start to get a headache…And tomorrow the shit will start all over again…


4 Responses to “The Prince’s Diary – 3rd Entry”

  1. Lotor, you need a vacation from all that. that type of aggravation is going to be the very end of you yet. i’d be the same way if i had that issue. seriously. not getting a moments peace. unable to do your work because of being called non-stop. pity. maybe if luck serves you well it will get better. wouldn’t you think?

  2. Although you know that you so deserve a vacation. right?

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