The Prince’s Diary – 1st Entry

This is my first entry of what I will call: a brief explanation of the life that I have to live. An introduction would be rather appropriate at this time of who I am and what position I hold in where I live.

Well… my name is Lotor Sincline, yeah the americans call me Lotor and the japanese call me Sincline. That’s why I use them both together so it’s less confusing and everyone can distinguish my true identity. I am rather famous (or should I say infamous?) for reasons that I will not discuss at this time, but a lot of people (namely humans) write about me. I’ve appeared in television, on internet and on many other places in planet Earth.

 A lot of these writings make me a very bad guy (murderer, rapist, ruthless conqueror, dark prince, evil encarnate…you name it…I’ve probably done it) and very, very few make me a good guy. Either way, there may be people who hate me, people who love to hate me but others (the very quiet ones) truly adore me. I can inspire fascination, fear, hate, lust, loathe and even obsession… I represent the best of both worlds…literally.

My origins started in the mind of some japanese writer… *scratch that*… as I was saying, my origins started on planet Doom. From what I was told, my father, King Zarkon of Doom had been reigning for quite a few centuries on Doom (note that I’m using the american terms for this story; for japanese it would be called Galrea, and my father was named Daibazaal… but you can catch the drift). Some say that my father is not a Drule, that they have no idea of what race he actually is. But I do believe that he is a drule maybe with a little amphibian DNA from some other galaxy (I’d rather not research on that or else I’ll blow my head off) because really…have you seen those ears? You have got to be kidding me! It’s a miracle I didn’t inherit those scaly fins…and those warts….(puking) well, anyway continuing with my story…

My father’s kingdom grew fast and strong when Witch Haggar joined Doom. I’ve heard that once she was beautiful but for some reason she lost her beauty ages ago. I really don’t care what happened there, I just know that the old hag is as ugly as hell and smelly too. But her robeasts have been useful as arena entertaintment even if they’re very bad fighters. Haggar became my father’s faithful companion and may I add… sick main squeeze (somebody say yuck!), until something happened…

One day a ship from Arus was captured in one of many raids that my father used to have. He must have been younger and more active because he personally went inside the ship (the couch potato bastard doesn’t do that anymore). There, he met a beautiful human girl who dared to back talk at him so she hit the lotto: he took her as a concubine.

Yep, and that’s where my sister and I came to be. I only have a slight memory of my mother, I know that she was blond and blue eyed and was extremely gorgeous, but that’s about it. I often have nightmares that I’m in some dark wood where the tree branches are trying to grab my ass…then my mom is extending her arms to me. But when I try to reach her, spears come from nowhere trying to slash me like a codfish…then, I see my mom screaming while a black claw takes her away. It’s kinda disturbing…I always wake up moaning, sweaty and breathing fast (you could almost tell I was having a good time) *starting to smirk and remember something*

And where was I? Oh yeah…the dream thingy. So that’s a constant nightmare of mine. I wonder if my father had something to do with my mom leaving me… He never talks about it so I don’t ask.

So, as King Zarkon’s only son, I am the Crown Prince of Doom sole heir of the Doom Empire which belongs to the 7th Kingdom of the Drule Empire. Impressive, huh? That sure is a panty dropper wherever I go…But to me, life is not as easy as it seems.

Even though I’m half arusian, Arus has been an enemy of Doom for many centuries. These latest years we have been dealing with Voltron, the self proclaimed Defender of the Universe (what a load of crap!) yeah, Arus’ defense mecha system. I have forfeited victory many times because (to make my luck worse) I’ve fallen in love with the arusian princess Allura. She’s hot!

She’s a blond bombshell with big blue eyes and hard body that makes my mouth water whenever I see her. But I think she likes that cheezy poofy haired Capt. Keith Akira Kogane or whatever his name is… with his corny heroic lines…what the hell does she see in that lame corn ball? He has no character…his dick is not even as big as mine!!! Damn it! Haven’t I been known as the Golden Scepter of Doom?

Hence Voltron has become a nuisance to all of us in Doom. My father often humiliates me because of it, but I manage to move on to the next plan. That’s what’s great about me. I never give up and I’ll keep coming back until I reach my goal.

There are many things that are going on in Doom. I will try to describe them as I go along day by day. Damn, I need a place where to put my memoirs too, I’m a fucking prince…I need to tell MY side of the story. Not everything is about heroes and save-the-day stunts. Life is shitty too and I’m having a whole lot of it!


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