Fourth Entry

Back in the lab Maahox and the guards brought the prisoners before me. The first one I saw was a squalid youngster, not older than a 15 year old boy. He seemed to be the most vocal of them three; struggling and threatening us.

“Let us go! Our ship accidentally landed here, we didn’t mean to…”

“Silence!” I yelled at him. “You will not speak here until addressed to, little boy.”

“The Voltron Force will rescue us!” he dared to say after giving me a killer gaze. I gestured with my hand to the guard beside that insolent fool. His outburst cost him a well deserved slap across the face. The hit almost dozed him off.

“Anybody else needs reminding of who’s in charge here?” I asked while I looked at the other dark colored kid who’s head began to shake nervously but didn’t dare to gaze upon me. He seemed to be the same age of the insolent one.

Then I gazed upon the other prisoner. She was looking at the floor biting her lower lip; she had long red hair held up on a tail and weared what seemed to be like a circlet on her brow. I couldn’t help notice that she was beautiful, very beautiful. Could she be arusian royalty? I rubbed my chin, narrowing my eyes and approached to where she was. I stood in front of her and held her chin to lift her face up where I could study her features. There was something strangely familiar about her. Her blue eyes looked at mine for a brief moment but then she moved her head to her left trying to avoid my scrutiny.

She had that same look of defiance and disgust that always characterized the princess of Arus.

“Who are you?” I was curious. She kept silent.

“Will you answer that simple question or do you need a reminder like your little friend over there?” I asked her.

She then looked briefly at her almost unconscious companion and decided to be brave. “I’m Larmina”

I arched a brow still unsatisfied with her answer. It was intriguing to me the reason why the insolent one had mentioned the Voltron Force in the first place.

“Where do you come from?” I inquired.

Larmina seemed undecided to answer that question but was bold enough to do so.

“We come from Arus, but we mean no harm.”

“Are you sure my dear?” interrupted Maahox. “Then what are these for?” He had in his hands what seemed like very huge arm bands. I frowned wondering myself what those devices were…

Larmina opened her eyes wide and didn’t dare to utter a sound. But I was too curious and asked Maahox:

“Where did you get those?”

“They were wearing them on their arms but please, Sire, look at this design…” Maahox showed me one of the arm bands. I noticed that his floating eye had somehow analyzed those devices. While I was looking at the bracelet, I noticed what seemed to be a lion’s features carved on them. “Can you see the lions?” Maahox asked.

“Yeah…” was all I could say.

“Sire, this is arusian technology. These kids are not common arusian tourists…but I believe, they could be part of the Voltron Force,” Maahox said with certainty.

I grimaced and asked: “What? Are you telling me that these… children could be spies for the Voltron Force?”

At the mention of the word “spies” I noticed the shudder on two of the prisoners. The girl seemed the most affected, which made me suspect more about her.

“Yes…” Maalox said while he put the strange arm bands on the analyzing system of his lab.

“Then I guess they might be valuable for the Voltron Force”. I concluded. “What do you think Arus will negotiate for the lives of these kids?” I narrowed my eyes.

But Maahox seemed too absorbed on his analyzer to answer my question. He was so imbibed with the damned devices that all I could hear was his nonsense mumbling.

“Maahox? I’m talking to you!” I was mortified by his disregard of my presence.

“Oh, I’m sorry Sire…I’m just quite intrigued to analyze these arm bands. I hope you understand.” he sounded sheepish, but so insincere. I narrowed my eyes at him.

“Do not ignore me ever again, Maahox.” my voice was menacingly low.

“My apologies, Sire.” he bowed his head. “And please, do not worry about these devices, your eminence. I will make sure that we can gather all the information that we can so we can assure the Voltron Force’s undoing.”

“I was not talking about the arm bands, you fool! I’m talking about the prisoners. If they belong to the Voltron Force, they must be valuable for the princess of Arus. She might be willing to negotiate for them.”

I was more than willing to see Allura again, pleading to me for the lives of her puny little friends.

“Yes, Sire… I don’t doubt that they will be valuable in negotiation terms. But I sincerely wish to study these organic specimens before we dismiss them.”

I grimaced wondering what were Maahox’s intentions with those children. “What are you talking about?” I was starting to feel the heat in my arms again.

“Oh it’s just that…I just wish to analyze that kid over there…” he said pointing to the dark colored kid.

“Why?” I asked while my hands were starting to glow again.

“It’s just that something has drawn my attention, but it’s nothing to matter for now,” he suddenly changed the subject. “Are you alright, Sire?”

I was looking at my hands, wanting to somehow control the temperature that was burning my hands.

“Is this heat…in my hands. I just wish I could somehow…make it cooler,” my temples were sweating.

Maahox slowly approached me. “Maybe you should rest for a while, Sire. The variations in your body seem to be…unsystematic, if I should say so….” I could almost see a smirk sketched on his ugly face.

“No.” I shook my head. “I want to negotiate the terms with the Voltron Force…I’ll even send them body parts if they don’t submit to my bidding. I have the upper hand and I intend to take full advantage of it.”

I left Maahox’s lab and went to the castle’s controlling center. There I ordered my commander to open a channel to Planet Arus. The communication would take a while to upload and I wasn’t too thrilled that Princess Allura would see how misshapen I’d become but at least I would get to see her once again. Even if I could only watch her and hear her voice on the screen.

I needed to do this. It was still hard to think that she had something to do with my disfigurement. I just refused to see her as responsible of my misbegotten shape. It was all his fault…it was that abhorred Kogane. He gave the order to destroy my life. How much I loath that Keith Kogane! I recalled all the times we fought and how he always prevailed. I could always picture his triumphant smile at the Castle of Lions and the way Allura would look up at him, embrace and kiss him.

I could feel the rage rising through my system and through my arms in the form of a bolt of purple rays that rushed out of my hands on to the wall at the far end of the room. Breathing heavily watching the scorched hole, I spoke loudly: “Not this time Kogane and never again. You just ran out of luck. I swear it!”


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