Third Entry

This third entry will be based on the episode “Joyride to Doom”. It’s here where I’ll take some liberties changing some of the story plot. In the aired episode, the cadets (Daniel, Vince and Princess Larmina) stole three lions and went to planet Doom. In my very own personal opinion this would create a security issue on Planet Arus. So I will make them go on an adventurous field trip to another planet but ended up being sucked up by the hole on Doom’s weakened lightning field. That way the ship won’t disintegrate on Doom’s atmosphere and the planet’s gravitational force can hail up the ship to its surface. Vince’s powers will NOT include the Avatar: last Robot-bending crap (like repairing itself) just the head changing (like Transformers). Larmina will be Allura’s cousin not niece (A.K.A. daughter of Queen Orla) which will make her a bit older. Allura IS an only child. And Lotor WILL explore a transformation, although NOT the giant purple robeast one (the purple zits are a big fat NO!) Well, hope you enjoy this next installment.

Third Entry

Today I felt weirder than the previous days. Sometimes I sensed that instead of blood running through my veins, it felt like there was liquid fire burning all my insides. I went to Maahox’s laboratory and he was pacing around in a frantic manner. He seemed so distracted that he didn’t notice my arrival.

“What’s going on?” I asked.

Maahox gasped at my unexpected question. He seemed uneasy and extremely nervous. But still, he managed to smile and answer me:

“Nothing Sire, at least nothing that could cause concern for you. I have everything under control.” I could see right through him; he was bluntly lying to my face. How dare he?

“I don’t believe you. Tell me what’s happening in this instant!” I despised being lied to. Plus, the burning sensation in my arms was getting worse and my patience was very limited at the moment.

Maahox’ creepy eye floated out of his head and got near me. Then he deliberately changed the subject: “You don’t seem well Sire, I think you should rest some more…”

“No!” I yelled trying to wave that disgusting eye away from me. “Something is going on and I demand to know wh…..”. The burning sensation went from my arms to my hands making it intolerable for me to stand it. “Aaaarrrghhh, what’s happening to me?”

Maahox’s eye crept back into his head and he stood there gazing at me with interest.

Between my painful state I could hardly hear Maahox as he answered: “It seems that you are experiencing another side effect of the haggarium that runs through your body”.

I fell to my knees while I watched my hands starting to emit a purple glow from the inside out, then it formed an orb shaped light around my hands. When I extended my right hand, the glow bolted out a purple ray that traveled as fast as lightning and hit the wall at the other end of the room. The pure raw energy that stroked the wall made a scorched hole on it.

Maahox’s eye went out of his head to where the hole still steamed to observe the damage up and close while Maahox said: “Amazing! How did it feel, your eminence?”

My mouth was still opened wide in shock and amazement. All I could answer was: “It felt awesome… Tell me Maahox, what does this mean? What am I becoming?”

Maahox calmly answered while his eye entered his head again: “Well, I could conclude that it seems you are experiencing another transformation in your body. Witch Haggar’s essence must be reacting to your own DNA in a peculiar manner. Very interesting… Were you two somehow… related?”

I was suddenly mortified by his last question. “Why would you ask that and what does it have to do with this?” I was showing him my glowing hands.

Maahox answered calmly: “Well, Haggar was a witch and her essence carried powerful dark magic that molded perfectly with her own DNA. That’s why she was so powerful. But other organic beings that reacted to her magic were just transformed into robeasts. You certainly don’t look like a robeast to me. But the haggarium is mixing perfectly with your body…”

That last remark made me recall the last moments of Haggar’s life. I remember how she confessed to me that my father murdered my mother when she refused to marry him and how Haggar had complied with my father’s action because he was Haggar’s son. I was so enraged by Haggar’s confession that I stabbed her with my lazon sword multiple times watching how her body became a scorched dust that went upward mixing with the air.

“No, we weren’t…” I lied.

“Mmmmm, most interesting reaction then…” Maahox added narrowing one eye. Suddenly, the alarms started to sound all around us.

“What’s going on?” I asked.

Maahox’s previous nervousness resurfaced again. He walked to the commanding center and stared at the controls. There we both saw a ship hidden between two mountains of rock. The ship had the Alliance emblem printed on it.

“An alliance ship!” I yelled. I looked at Maahox. “Did you know about this?”

Maahox nodded and then answered: “Don’t worry Sire, I’ve been monitoring that ship for quite awhile. It seems to have lost control when it came near Doom. The residues of the lightning field have altered it’s course and it’s been hauled by our gravitational force. They had no alternative but to land here. I’ve been tracking the passengers of the ship. Their traces lead them very near these facilities.”

The stored hatred that I felt for so long, resurfaced at the moment I saw that distinctive alliance emblem on that ship.

“I’m going to destroy it!” was all I could say. But then the burning sensation overwhelmed me again. “I have to control this…arrrrggghhh,” my hands felt like fire. So I started to walk towards the exit of Maahox’s lab to seek that ship and destroy it with my own hands if need be.

“Wait Sire! You’re still not ready…” was Maahox’s reply to my outburst.

Without any hesitation I walked outside of the compound into the nearest building where I could see part of the construction site; there was a side of the castle that was being remodeled. There were some scattered guards walking by but the jobs in the construction were stalled for the moment.

I could hear Maahox’s voice coming from behind me. “Sire, it would be on your advance to acquire some prisoners from this vessel. Besides, you still can’t harness the haggarium completely.”

But I kept walking passed the construction site, my hands were still glowing with a burning sensation tingling my fingers. I stood on front of a half ruined stone wall and extended both my hands on it’s direction just to feel how the energy bolted out of my system. Only then the glow in my hands would subside. But besides that, the feeling was sensational. For the first time in my life, I felt I had something special to look forward too.

I spoke loudly, “You were wrong, father. I’m not weak, I’ll be even more powerful than you could have ever dreamed of…” I could see myself being a match to Voltron. I would learn to master the haggarium, nothing would stop me now. All of my failed dreams of power and conquest were about to come true.

I looked behind me and there was Maahox, just smirking at me. Then, five guards were approaching the place we were. Between them I could clearly see three human beings struggling to get free from their grasps. Maahox was the one who got nearer to where they were.

From a far I heard when the leader of the guards addressed to Maahox: “Sir, we found these trespassers roaming between the ruins. Do you wish for us to dispose of them?”

“No!” he said. “Take them to the castle, and there his royal highness will decide their fates.”

To be continued


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