Second Entry

To all my Facebook readers: Ron Riding (my dragon pal!), KAK, Christine Marie, Angie (my advisor), Amanda (R U Cmdr Kala?)…you guys ROCK! Thanks for reading. It means a lot to this evil humble king. Michelle (my goddess) I will miss writing the Prince’s Diary too; specially my father’s nagging and bitching and the damned block of papers! Sue, thanks for the cute remark. I haven’t forgot about your story, I’ll get cracking on the reading. Thanks for taking time to read all this blunt group of orthographic mistakes. I hope it gets better. Enjoy the second entry.

This story keeps rolling thanks to “Voltron Force” on NickToons. Maahox, Commander Kala and all Voltron characters are the sole property of World Events Productions.

Second Entry

Today I still feel tired and sometimes dizzy. During the morning after a long rest, I walked slowly to my bathroom or should I say, what is left of it. There are so many repairs to be done to my castle. *sigh* But I managed to fix what I could so I could clean myself. But how big was my surprise when I saw myself reflected on a broken mirror. I gasped at my face and chest.

There are two terrible scars that cross my front from the left side to the right. A visible reminiscence of what I went through and what I have now become…an undead king without a kingdom. Could it have been possible that Voltron’s blazing sword cut my skull and body on half? I couldn’t remember. I could only recall seeing the light striking and blinding me on the spot. I stared at my face for a while following the trail of the scar with my fingers. My skin had no longer that blue azure tone that I had grown accustomed to see in my reflection. My natural tone was replaced by a more blueish-purple coloring. I don’t doubt it is a consequence of the now too present haggarium running through my system.

I remembered how years earlier I was the most admired drule prince of the galaxy. My looks were praised by royalty, nobles and plebeian’s alike; everyone admired my fair face. I was lusted and envied by so many people. I was once handsome, very unlike my father. My exotic looks were an asset that I knew how to use well for my own personal gain. Now I am marred for life with a symbol of my own incompetence to retain my kingdom, my life…my love. Then I thought of her…

“Allura”. I whispered her name.

My memories of Princess Allura are still present in my heart like another driven force fueling me with life besides the haggarium. She was the cause of all my previous failures, she was my most desired prize. She still is… I wondered how she would look after seven years. I bet her beauty hasn’t been altered by the pace of time. I still remember the fear on her eyes every time she looked upon me even in my most favorable presence… But now, how will she even consider being with me? Looking like this… I could see the marred anguished grimace looking back at me in my reflection.

“I hate it. I hate you Voltron! I curse you to die a thousand times! Damn you Voltron! You took everything from me!” I yelled.

With raw anger in display, I destroyed what was left of the mirror with my own bare fists, cutting my skin in the process. The blood flowed freely from my wounds, but I didn’t even care of the pain I felt.

But then, something completely unexpected happened….the pain of the bruises started to alleviate almost immediately. I gazed upon the cuts of my hands and saw how they healed almost instantly. Only a faint scar would show in the place where the flesh was previously opened. The first evidence of the restoring powers of the haggarium almost made me forget what I was upset about before. The hurt was taken aback by the amazement that now overwhelmed me.

“What am I?” I could only ask. “What have I become?”

There was only one way to find out. I went to look for Maahox. Only he could answer my questions.

The vial where the purple haggarium liquid was so eagerly guarded by Maahox was hidden.

“Something as powerful and unpredictable as the haggarium can never fall into the wrong hands. Or should I say…into the good hands,” he chuckled.

“But what can it do to me besides healing?” I asked.

“Only time will tell, Sire. I theorize that the more you are exposed to it, the more it will become part of who you are,” was his elusive answer.

“Only time will tell,” I repeated pensive.

I sat on my designated throne while I kept remembering what happened earlier when Maahox unleashed more haggarium to reanimate an new version of a old robeast that once attacked Arus many years before. It was sent to planet Arus to break havoc upon the habitants and let them know that they were not safe anymore. The message we sent was that the Galaxy Alliance could not protect them from the superior force of Doom. We let them know that we are still alive and we’ll keep fighting them eternally if need be.

But when the fight was on, the Black lion came out of nowhere and crashed against the robeast’s head making it roll through the green surface like a bowling ball. *sigh* I was so disappointed. Maahox made of my resurrection a mocking experience. Was I brought back from death just to see my efforts fail once again? I was still so weak and I felt defenseless. I wanted to do so much more.

Then something happened that made me flag Maahox as a potential threat to me. He betrayed Commander Kala. I still wince when I remember Commander Kala’s face as her body was being transformed into a spider. Maahox converted her into another failure against the Voltron Force. Voltron had it’s holiday dispensing of Commander Kala’s new spider form. The fight gave us a full demonstration that the haggarium is powerful, but not powerful enough to destroy Voltron at least for now. That realization was discomforting for me to accept.

I want to have my revenge, I need it. It’s like a driving force that fuels every fiber of my being. I am determined to find ways to improve the haggarium, explore it and learn to control it. Until then, it seems the failing attempts will continue even in this new life. But hopefully, we will get to keep it at it’s minimum range.

But something still bothers me, I hardly had time to meet Commander Kala and now her fate is uncertain. My first impression of her is that she seemed more trusting than Maahox. It’s curious how fast he turned against her, but it’s not completely unexpected. How much time will it take for him to turn against me?

“Only time will tell,” I whispered again.


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