The First Entry

This is my first entry as king. I’ve been lacking on writing lines, partly because life is running on the fast lane lately. So there is so much to tell; not necessarily on the hilarious side though. Life as king wasn’t as I imagined at all. Everything is upside down, my life is not as it was supposed to be.

I always dreamt that I would be ruler of the Denubian Galaxy and that Princess Allura of Arus would be queen at my side. The doomite nobles, military personnel, soldiers and even slaves from everywhere would acclaim to my name and cheer all around me. I would reign with an iron hand, stronger than my father’s could’ve ever been. It was the perfect dream, but it would never be…

First of all, I was cowardly murdered by Voltron when my reign was just starting. Who can start a kingdom like that? The memories of that day are still clear to me like water. I was standing on my balcony watching the destruction caused by that wretched robot. Centuries old of doomite historic buildings were turned into rubble in just minutes. How dare they call themselves heroes when they can cause so much destruction? Are they better than me? Certainly not!

Then the damned robot raised up before me. I could only despise what they had done to my kingdom. I would not run from Voltron. I’m not a coward, never have been. I stood there unsheathing my sword in clear challenge to my hated foe. I knew that my small frame in comparison to Voltron could never win. But I didn’t care anymore. I would go down fighting for my kingdom. What else could I lose? My hatred knew no more boundaries. Then the light of the blazing sword came down crashing and blinding me on the spot. I couldn’t feel my body anymore. The last thing I remember was hearing the thunderous roar of all my surroundings come crashing down. I was loosing consciousness of the world around me, of my thoughts, of the screams and every other sound. The noises were getting lower. Then everything went silent…forever.

Does forever exist? I certainly don’t know. Because the next thing that I remember is opening my eyes to a strange purple light. Not quite like the bright blazing sword I had previously seen. This light was dimmer and I felt surrounded by gel-like liquid. Everything was blurry until I could focus on two moving silhouettes that were watching me. Where was I? Who were those creatures? Why was I here? So many questions…then the memories started flashing back one by one. My brain started rewinding the last minutes I could remember. The firing blazing light coming down at me… the crash!

After a while I felt my body being carried away from the place I was submerged in. Then the strange creatures started talking to me. One was male and the other one was female. Their voices were rather soothing in comparison to the last noises I remembered hearing. The male calls himself Maahox. And the female calls herself Commander Kala. I could hardly speak to them for awhile. Because I felt so weak and I could barely stand. Even my armor felt heavy. What happened to me?

Then Maahox explained to me that he had brought me back from death. Was he serious? I would’ve never thought to be given a second chance to take my revenge on Voltron. Maybe there is still justice in the universe after all. But how was I brought back?

The strange Maahox explained that he used Witch Haggar’s essence to revive me. Her existence became a space quasar the moment she ceased to breathe in her physical form. He calls it: “haggarium”. Who would’ve thought that she could still be useful even after she was gone… I can feel her evil presence inside me, flowing through my veins. The haggarium is real. It is like pure energy sustaining me and pulsating every beat of my heart. But now… what have I become? What can I do? *faints* Why do I feel so weak?

There are still so many things to understand. The first shock was to find out that I had been gone for seven whole years. Years lost in just a moment! My kingdom was nothing but a memory. Too many things have changed. But one remained: my hatred for Voltron. I still had so many things to catch up with. Maahox has proved useful in keeping me updated about what went on after I was gone.

All of his information just fueled the feelings that were still dormant within me. Everything came back: the years of humiliation fighting Voltron and failing every time. I became the laughing stock of my father, the nobles and everyone else in Doom. I remembered when I was incarcerated for incompetence by my father and then how I was liberated and went berserk on a killing spree. I had nothing to lose and a kingdom to gain.

But now everything has changed. I have to start from scratch. We have no allies anymore. The planets my father and I had conquered had all been freed from our dominion. The Doom Empire is no more. I’m a king of a dark and lonely planet that has no hope for a future. Unless I control the haggarium that gives life to my body. But I still ignore the things that I can really do.

And Maahox… why did he really bring me back? What will he gain from all this? I would be a fool to think that he just wants to be an advisor or anything less than that. I still don’t completely trust him even if he brought me back. He could be dangerous, he’s too knowledgeable and he could turn traitor on any given chance.

There are still so many questions torturing my mind. But then I will give it some more thought. I’m tired now. Maahox and Commander Kala are right….I need to rest.


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