Case #3 – Meeting Red Dragon Ron – An unusual alliance

I decided to meet the red dragon alone.  My orders to the crew were precise and clear.  Everybody was to stay put in the flagship until further notice.  I boarded my star cutter and landed very near to a road that lead to what seemed the entrance to the mountain. The road was filled with charred stones and even some trees seemed to have withstood some of the firing damage that would’ve caused them to abide in that condition.  With my prying eyes I followed the path from where that fire scarred the rocks and trees; undoubtedly no forest fire would’ve caused that damage.

Then what seemed like a strangely shaped huge charcoal stone caught my attention.  I got near it and that’s when the stench hit me. I gasped! That was no rock, it’s was a roasted corpse, literally.  It was so burnt, it was almost petrified.  What force on nature could have done that?  Slowly, I walked backwards and looked straight ahead back to the rocky road.  Where did my father send me to?  Was “Crispy Critter” there a refusal to make an alliance with the dragon?  I gulped hard and started to have second thoughts about this whole deal.  I didn’t want this to be my last mission ever.

But then I imagined how my father would mock me; and that was fuel enough for my intrepidity to surge back.  I’d rather be turned into a toast than withstand the jest of the doomite royal court.  With a firm but cautious pace I headed towards the rocky road again; I walked upwards where the path lead me to the biggest entrance I have ever encountered in my life.

The surrounding walls that held the door really matched the entrance in height.  Just two burning torches at each side of the door were evidence that the place was inhabited.  I wasn’t sure if I had to just knock the door or start yelling for someone to open up; but ultimately I opted for the first option. Maybe “Crispy Critter” was the yelling kind and the dragon didn’t like what he heard. Besides, I didn’t see any other way of getting inside the place, so I got near the door with my arm lifted ready to knock it when suddenly the sound of a lock opening startled me.

I put down my arm while the door opened slowly but steady.  I didn’t see anyone opening the door even though I searched with my eyes for an invisible host. A voice as soft as the wind said:


I wasn’t sure if I had heard right and I began searching again but found nobody in sight.  All I could see was a garden of exotic plants at both sides of the path I was on and farther away there was a tunnel enlighten by torches at each side of the funnel-shaped walls.  I breathed deep before entering the tunnel not knowing what to expect.  Was I making a big mistake for not unsheathing my sword to whatever danger I may encounter?  Somehow I thought that presenting myself unarmed was the best way to make my intends known to the dragon. The heat inside the tunnel was getting intense but I kept walking until I got out of the tunnel unto a wide stone bridge that was elevated high from molten lava that ran beneath it.  I seemed to be inside the mountain that turned out to be a volcano.  I could see that at the end of the bridge the was a huge room.  There was mountains of gold everywhere and the walls of the whole room were embellished with precious stones.  The place was simply breathtaking….

Once I passed the bridge and I entered the room, I felt the temperature lowering into a comfortable degree.  At the end of the farther wall there was a dark cave; which I did not feel compelled of entering.  Suddenly a fire blaze resembling a door appeared beside the cave and a stunning red haired lady came out of it.  Her eyes were flaming red like the hair and clothes she was wearing.  She resembled a goddess, all fearful and dangerous.  But then my speechlessness turned to awe when immediately a thunderous sound commenced from the cave.  I felt goosebumps when I saw two bright eyes shining from the cave.

-Welcome Prince Lotor of Doom.  We’ve been waiting for you-

It was her who started talking.  She had the same voice that had encouraged me to enter the mountain earlier.  Then I remembered that I had a voice and asked:

-Who are you?-

A thunderous voice sounded from the cave.

-I am the Red Dragon Ron.  And this is my mate Vermithrax.-  Vermithrax lifted one hand and wiggled her fingers at me.

– We’ve been expecting you Prince Lotor.- Ron added from the cave.  Then his huge tail peeked out of the cave and Vermithrax gently sat on it crossing her legs and caressing his scales.

-You have been waiting for me? How? Why?-  I was curious now.

-Yes, we’ve been watching you for quite a while.  And we really enjoy your work.- The dragon’s voice sounded amused.

My mind suddenly remembered all the times I had failed conquering Arus.  I didn’t really want to withhold that card of presentation to such a formidable ally prospect.  He would think I’m a failure just like my father…Bah!

-And what exactly have you been watching about me?- I was a little resilient to really know the truth.

-You really enjoy creating mayhem across the galaxy.  And we really want to help you out; just for the fun of it! HAHAHAHAHA! –

Ron’s laughter sounded like a thunderous roar, deep and loud, it echoed in every corner of the embellished room.  Vermithrax’s giggles consorted her mate’s chuckling more subtle but not less amused.  Their sense of humor was contagious, since I found myself smirking at their merriment.

-I would like that very much, oh powerful dragon.  Your assets will be most welcome to the kingdom of Doom.- I grinned at the huge eyes watching me from the cave.

-Then it’s settled.  Ask me anything now, Lotor Prince of Doom.-  Ron asked without any dilation.

“Disposition; I admire that in a new ally”, I thought.  This alliance was already promising to be a very interesting development.  At first, nothing could come up to my mind…Voltron, my father and then King Bob.  I must have grimaced or something because Ron asked me:

-Is something bothering you, Prince Lotor?- Ron’s voice denoted amusement, curiosity…concern?

-Well…it’s…- Then I had an idea.  And I added:

-Yes, oh powerful dragon.  Something is bothering me or should I say…someone.  His name is King Bob.  He’s been annoying me through all this journey to your kingdom.  He’s been challenging me and mocking all I stand for. I hate him and I want him to pay dearly.  Could you destroy his planet for me?  That would really make me a happy camper-

I was really determined to make King Bob pay for his mockery.  Maybe Dragon Ron could have a blast destroying that insignificant planet and it’s regent King Bob.

-It will be our pleasure, Prince Lotor.  Don’t worry we will take care of it. HAHAHAHAHAHA!! –

Ron and Vermithrax started laughing maniacally  resembling two intoxicated souls insatiated with the blood of innocent victims.  It was simply beautiful!  I started to feel so good about this alliance.  I could only anticipate what awaited for us next. I soon joined Ron and Vermi’s merriment because it felt good…yeah, it felt really good…


8 Responses to “Case #3 – Meeting Red Dragon Ron – An unusual alliance”

  1. That’s how you met with Ron and made the alliance with him. Oh my. that is like a backstory of how your union with them all began. it is interesting. Very interesting. i like how you got it out there. it brings better insight on how the whole partnership began and what got it going. how you and the Dragons met and the proposition got made or formed. this is what i call impressive.

  2. Well, it’s a little embellished in the details, but this is basically what happened. Thanks for reading and commenting! I appreciate it! ^^

  3. QueenAllura Sincline Says:

    Wow your story sounds like my favorite childhood story called “The prince with a hundred dragons.

  4. Ron Riding Says:

    Absolutely amazing work, my friend. You really captured the moments in detail. Keep up the brilliant work!

    • Thanks pal! That really means a lot to me. Vermi and you inspire me sooo much; that it is a real pleasure to write about you guys. I know you will enjoy next chapter. Those memories deserve to be documented, hahahahaha

  5. I read this again… it is very inspiring… if you desire to do a cold case about the Rhapsody Girls Z. do so… i want to see what your views are about that… And also still review and comment on my Tale. a promise is a promise. *Winks*

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