Case #2 – Dating a love girl…and her family

During the time I started talking with Princess Aquamarine sometimes I had my doubts about yielding to her enchantments.  She seemed too attached to the other members of her family. But she was so eager to comply to my bidding’s that I ended up being amused by her company and without knowing it, we ended up in a sort of childish relationship.  This was a very strange and new experience for me. All we did was kiss and hold hands.  Her family were the perfect chaperons, always by our sides hence leaving me sometimes in a frustrated state of mind.  But I hardly had time to give too much thought on our starting relationship.  Things were about to get a little bit complicated.  The Rhapsodies insisted on accompanying my convoy to Dragon Mountain.

Then the problems started.  The communications system of my flagship began receiving messages from a far away planet.  The ruler of that planet was called King Bob.  His menacing messages were surely annoying and at many times I was seriously tempted to deviate from my original mission.  I really wanted to teach that King Bob a lesson about how to respect the crown prince of Doom. Who the hell did he think he was?

King Bob had a very bad sense of humor; he often made fun of me. But the worst comment he made was that he wouldn’t fail at kidnapping Princess Allura. Big mistake! That really hit my buttons; I immediately started plotting to attack him as soon as the Dragon Mountain mission was over.

I had to keep my plans to myself; somehow the Rhapsodies had sensed how uncomfortable the King Bob’s messages were making me.  I would have a foul mood that would last me days and Princess Aquamarine would always try to cheer me up with her soft voice and her bubbly personality.  She did remind me of Princess Allura physically, but just that.  They were so different.  Aquamarine was always trying to please me singing and talking…and talking.  Wow…she could really talk a lot.  I had to make any silly excuse just to go to my cabin to be alone and drink any alcohol I could get my hands on.

After a while I would get out visibly intoxicated and then start confusing the names of Rikku Rhapsody with Princess Rikku Rhapsody.  When I was sober I could hardly understand what was the difference between one and the other; and well, the confusion got worst when I was drunk.  Then I could sense the anger coming towards me, not that I would mind much about that, but sometimes my head was just not in the game.

Soon we were approaching to that Draco planet where Dragon Mountain set proudly upright among every high mountain range.  It was a formidable sight to see from the atmosphere.  It was just a place too beautiful to withhold a terrible dragon who boasted the title of being one of the most destructible creatures in the galaxy.  I couldn’t imagine that such a peaceful place in the outside was the home of a fire breathing dragon. I just had to check. The navigational system was working perfectly and the coordinates were pointing at the right place.  There was no mistake about it.  We had just arrived to Dragon Mountain, the home of the red dragon Ron.


17 Responses to “Case #2 – Dating a love girl…and her family”

  1. Captain Rhapsody: Oh my god. that is really beautiful. i had no idea that you took all that to heart and let it out so expressively. I am by far… so touched. My Grand daughters must have really struck a chord with you. Lotor. you sure can be such a softie when you want to. this is a nice tale. i loved what i read in it. great work. AMAZING!

  2. QueenAllura Sincline Says:

    Love it.

  3. Long time since i read a hot case from you… Are there gonna be more? I am certain that there will be. You are not the type to just ice that. You always got things going and spinning. I hope to read more of those hot cases. I just know that what you got to put out there… are something to take a gazing peek into.

    • I hope my inspiration comes back again. It hasn’t been lurking in a long time.

      • It will… You just got to dig a bit deeper. But you’ll find that spark once more. Just don’t back down from that.

      • I hope inspiration comes before I get too old, LOL

      • Don’t doubt yourself. Ever. Remember the encouragement you passed along to me when we first began and were unsure of what to do? Same goes for you. Don’t give up. If something knocks you down… take some time and rethink of what you want and how you want it to go… Then dive in and get back into the game. Besides in all modes of creativity… it ain’t over till the creative mind says: “It’s over.” You haven’t said it yet… So… don’t back away. keep at it.

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