Case #1 – The Beginning of a journey

It all started one morning after breakfast. I’d been talking to my father or should I say discussing with him. It was hard to talk to him after my life was filled with so much failures. It’s hard when so many people hate you all at once. When your plans disintegrate after you have carefully created them, you can feel your life come crashing down. Well, when this adventure started…that’s the way I was feeling.

After that morning fight with my dad I went to my room. I turned on my computer and traced the map to my ultimate adventure. I wanted to escape and I needed to do it bad…

Then it all happened. I thought and surfed but ended up disappointed again. All of my father’s hurtful words came back all at once to me. I remember that night feeling frustrated and drinking like I’ve never drank before.

When I woke up the next morning, I was naked on a bed that wasn’t mine. I couldn’t recognize the room I was in…I had a terrible headache and I felt like shit. I asked aloud: “What the hell happened to me? Where are my clothes?” Then a voice came from the other side of the bed.

“There… on the floor of my room beside your lazon sword…”

I looked at the owner of such a seductive voice…and I recognized her as Lisa. So I asked her: “What the hell did you do to me girl?”

She moved slowly between the pillows with a carefree air smiling back at me. She was absolutely ravaging. Even with the headache and the dizziness I could clearly see why I would’ve chosen her to be my bed mate the previous night.

“Sire, I just took care of you last night…* she added smirking at me.

I face palmed smiling…trying to remember something about that previous night. But nothing came to mind. Then I heard the shuffling sound of the blankets while Lisa approached me.

“Do you need anything else my Lord?”

I sighed and answered: “A glass of water with an aspirin might come in handy right about now”.

Between my fingers covering my eyes I could see her perfect naked body moving away from the bed through the door. A while later she came back with my request…I was still sitting on the edge of the bed when she arrived. While I was drinking the water and pills, I could feel her warm hands massaging my back while she incorporated herself behind me. Her hands felt so soft against my skin..her delicate but firm fingers where moving in circular motions through my tense neck and back muscles.

I could feel the heat exuding from her body while she got closer to me. Then I felt her lips while she kissed the trail of my spine upwards to my shoulders. She massaged my arms before exploring my shoulders, my back and then going down to my waist to end squeezing my chest. How couldn’t I remember what we had that previous night?

I hated myself for drinking so much that night, but my body was starting to react to her touch. Even the scent of her perfume aroused every sense of my being. Then she started to lick my earlobes and nibble them playfully. That was it for me! I turned around to hold her into my arms and kiss her lips passionately.

What seemed to be a rude awakening turned out to be great romp of morning sex with a seductress vixen. Lisa has the most awesome laugh and when her legs wrapped my waist I just got lost inside of her. The way her body moved and wiggled while I thrust ed inside of her made me desire her with every fiber of my being.

Lisa has the peculiarity of making me feel that she is in possession of my body instead of the other way around. She is passionate, sexy and a load of fun to be with. After my heartbeat got slower…I felt completely relaxed but soon I had to go and find my way back to my responsibilities again. I went to take a bath while Lisa stayed on the bed.

Soon I was out bidding farewell to my lovely hostess. She was so kind of giving me an unforgettable time. After I went on my merry way little did I know about the incredible things that were about to happen to me that same day.

My father called me to a conference that day. I just thought it was gonna be more of his boring duties and plans to keep conquering planets. But it was actually a plan to ally with another kingdom. It was quite interesting because this place was outside the boundaries of the Denubian Galaxy. The king of that realm was called Ron and he was not a human. He was a dragon; a red dragon. He was feared by all of his enemies. I was astonished at the background story that my father had informed me about the red dragon Ron. But still…could I ever convince this new ally to fight along side with Doom?

I started to prepare for the journey to the planet where Dragon Mountain resided. But during that preparatory period of time, we received an interesting visit from a royal family called the Rhapsodies. My father was quite resilient to their presence in Planet Doom. But somehow he was tolerant until he noticed that their intentions were too noble to hold his interest.

I was amused by the Rhapsodies’ presence specially when I met one of their members. She was called Princess Aquamarine. One day at court I noticed her eyeing me insistently. She did stood out among her family members; she had blond hair, beautiful eyes and her skin was fair. She was just a pretty girl who reminded me a lot of Princess Allura.

Once court was over I approached her…she was obviously flirting with me. But just how much would that flirting go? I didn’t know at the time, but the subsequent problems that came after my meeting with the Rhapsodies would make me see life differently soon enough…


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  1. two words that’s hott

  2. OH yes I wants this time a spanking chapter

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