Hot Cases

Ok, this is not a diary at all. Just a compilation of adventures that I’ve been living in other universes. I have met the most amazing people in crossovers that you could ever imagine. I’ve met people from Thundercats, Sailor Moon, DC Comics, Marvel…yeah, it’s been quite crazy. But my adventures have been so numerous that they really deserve to be known and enjoyed in the same way I have enjoyed living them.

Where did this all start? Well truth be known, it all started in the Facebook Universe. One day I was tired of exclusively living my life in the Denubian Galaxy so I decided to do something new. This has to do with my adventurous nature. I can’t stay still in just one place. There’s a whole universe out there waiting to be explored and to be conquered… Oh and I’m so glad I did. My life couldn’t be more riskier or fun.

Why did I named it “Hot Cases”? Because these stories are not fit for children. These stories have violence, cursing and yeah…lots of sex. But that’s something that I’m used to being a part of. I hope this little introduction makes up for a more detailed explanation of the origin of “Hot Cases”. I hope readers can enjoy these compilation of adventures the same way I’ve been having a blast living them.

Just remember that this is not an exclusive Voltron story. There are lots of crossovers from original characters, and other cartoons from anime and comic books. Open your mind and enjoy!


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