Feline Strut – Chapter 3

Feline Strut – Chapter 3

Claws sharpened and energies renewed, Coba felt ready to face the world and it’s consequences. Specially finding out about who had dared to release on her litter. She was furious. Such insolence could not be tolerated. Meow!

Coba carefully went to the highest window of the lab. There the mistress couldn’t get a hold on her even if she wanted. The old witch was so mad at Coba about the sharpening tool thing, that she even used her staff to try and hurt Coba. That was a close call! Meow!

When Coba reached the window, she could perceive the scent of the insolent beast that had dared to mark her territory. The trail of the scent was very strong thorough a hole on the window frame. Coba followed the trail, walking carefully with graceful steps on the tubes that lead from the window to the wall down to the alley beside the building. The place was dark, but not gloomy enough for Coba’s perfect night vision. With a steady pace, she got deeper into the alley. The trail was so clear and the scent was getting stronger. Meow!

Coba reached a garbage can, but hid behind it when she heard some murmurs coming from the other side of it. She kept silent listening to two voices speaking, one low pitched while the other had a higher pitch:

“No, no, no…I won’t let you go there again” said the low pitch voice.

“You have to Hiro…you have no other choice” responded the higher pitch voice.

“You are crazy Lola! I’m tired of your antics!” Hiro responded.

“I don’t care. You will do as I say or I’ll scratch you again!” Lola’s voice sounded menacing.

“Ok Lola…take it nice and easy. (pause) I’m just concerned about your safety..” Hiro hadn’t stop talking when he was interrupted.

“Save it Hiro, you creep! You would be the first to stomp me between your paws if you had the chance,” retorted Lola.

Coba noticed how Hiro’s voice sounded much more louder than the high pitch voice of Lola.

“Why do you think the worst of me Lola?” Hiro sounded sad.

“Because you are a predator…but I’m smarter than you. I will do as I please. I’m going back to the other beast’s lair, and you can’t stop me.” Lola sounded determined to do whatever she was planning to do…

“That blue one is not like me…” Hiro answered.

“All of you beasts are idiots. I will scratch the blue one too after I leave my scent again.” Lola responded.

Coba had heard enough. Now she knew who the culprit was…it was that creep Lola! Meow!

Coba showed herself from her hiding place and intervened into the conversation. She was startled when she saw a black and white cat speaking with a small gray rodent.

Coba looked at the rodent and told her: “I assume you are Lola.”

Lola’s defying black eyes looked back at Coba’s yellow ones. “Yes, I am! And who the hell are you?” Lola spat back.

“My scent is telling me that you’re the one I’ve been looking for. I’m gonna kill you for using my personal box!” Coba was mad now.

“Yeah…? And what you’re gonna do about it, you big blue bully?” Lola stood on her back paws and wiggled her nose.

“That’s it! You’re dead! Meooow!” Coba said.

Hiro covered his eyes with his paws…he knew exactly what was gonna happen.

Coba went straight to where Lola was waiting for the impending attack from Coba. But just before Coba could reach Lola; the rodent flew from where it was, straight to Coba’s nose and scratched it sooo hard that Coba stopped in it’s tracks and screamed.

“Meeeooooowwww! WTF?” Coba started sneezing uncontrollably.

Hiro opened his eyes and told Coba: “I would’ve warned you before, about Lola…but you came in too fast.”

“What do (aaachhoooo) you mean? (aaaachoooo)” Coba’s nose was still achy.

“Lola is the boss of this alley. You don’t mess with her without getting a scratch. She’s not scared of us cats,” Hiro answered without keeping his eyes off from where Lola still stood defiantly sneering at them both.

“Aaaachhoooo! Someone ought to teach (aaachhoooo) that Lola a lesson (aaachhoooo)” Coba said with eyes watery and nose twitching.

“And who’s the one that’s gonna do that?” Hiro asked.

Both cats gazed at Lola while she lifted up her paws showing her sharpened claws to them.

“Not me!” Coba and Hiro said at the same time. Then both cats left Lola there, still reigning as “queen of the alley”…

To Lola (2009-2011) Thank you for awarding me your two wonderful years of life. I will never forget you ❤


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  1. Meow!? TRANSLATION: Master, may I sleep on your feet and toes?

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