Feline Strut – Chapter 2

Coba woke up from her long day nap. She was ready to start enjoying her night round. But first, she had to visit the litter. Her long nails started scratching the sand beneath her, but there was a strange odor coming from the sand. That scent wasn’t hers! Who had dared to use her litter without her consent? Now that really pissed this kitty off! She immediately released from her body to leave her scent on top of the other and then tried to cover it. Those were her natural reflexes working…Meow!

She rapidly ran out of the litter, happy that she was liberated from her extra baggage but still bothered that some bold beast had dared to release in the same spot that was her favorite place to mark her scent. Hmmm! This time, she would have to find out who the culprit was. But she would have to get ready for an impending surprise attack. So she decided to prepare her weapons. Cautiously she went back to her mistress’ lair, and there it was: her favorite sharpening tool. Meow!

Silently, she approached the tool making sure that no one would interrupt her. Then she climbed to it’s hold. Coba really enjoyed the strong fabric that covered it. It really made her claws sharpier. So Coba started scratching the fabric feeling how her claws were getting the perfect shape and sharpness that she required to make her weapons more effective. For some reason, every time that Coba started to sharp her nails, the mistress started screaming and waiving her arms. She wondered why her mistress got so upset whenever she started sharpening her nails. Didn’t she have a right to prepare herself for any impending danger? Suddenly, she heard the mistress footsteps approach her. Meow?

Witch Haggar had heard the distinctive sound of fabric being torn apart and she just knew that Coba had started her to scratch her claws once again… on her favorite couch!!!

“No, Coba, No! Stop that, you insolent beast!”

Coba stared at the witch with her tail up high and her big yellow eyes open wide, but she didn’t let the witch get her. She ran as fast as she could to avoid a blow from her mistress. While she said the same word she always offered as an excuse: Meow!


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