Feline Strut

This short illustration is dedicated to my 15 year old cat who is just a great companion to me. She gives me happiness, comfort and helps me relax when I’m stressed. She seriously behaves like she is the Queen of Doom.


It was dawn and the time had come to go looking for her mistress. Coba had been wandering and lurking around the castle. The darkness of the halls had been a great place for hiding and watching bystanders as they went hurrying along doing their chores or as they just ran away from some impending danger. The moving shadows were entertaining enough to follow and try to grab even if for some reason, Coba’s claws seemed uncapable of grabbing any dark sillouette that crossed her path. The horror screams just made her curious so she followed the voices imagining that there would be some fresh raw meat scattered around from the recent kill of a slave or a beast. Coba knew that it was about time for her to go bother her mistress by now.

Just like every morning Coba knew that there would be fresh food in her bowl. But before that, it was time to wake the mistress up. It was always the same route to the mistress lair, bottles and hanging stuff would make Coba stop and sniff around trying to grab the dangling distractions. And when she finally reached the place where her mistress rested; Coba jumped on her bed with a loud: Meow! The mistress jumped up from her bed grabbing her chest with a surprised mock on her face. Soon the startled expression was substituted by an affectionate and warm gaze. Coba kept asking for food repeating the same word over and over again: Meow!

“Yes, yes. yes I hear you my dear” The old mistress said while she petted her cat.

Coba let her mistress stroke her back while she arched it with extreme pleasure continually purring at her.

“Hee, hee, hee oh my precious Coba…” the mistress stood up slowly from her bed and went to her cubbard to fetch a bag full of cat treats freshly dissected for Coba.

Coba expressed her mistress her gratitude by repeating the same word she only knew: Meow! Coba ravished that meal, she honestly didn’t know what it was, but it smelled appetizing and tasted delicious.
Haggar knew Coba had her fettish for fresh raw meat, but she used magic to make Coba’s treats taste like it. It was still meat, only that it wasn’t fresh at all. Coba kept eating while Haggar went to her little kitchen to heat water for her morning tea and cook her morning meal. While the ham was frying in the pan, the scent of it reached Coba’s powerful smell sense. So Coba went beside her mistress begging for some of that smelly ham the only way she knew how: Meow! Haggar just looked at Coba and told her:

” Oh no, dear Coba…I gave you your breakfast. This one is mine, hee, hee, hee”

Coba didn’t care, she wanted some of that ham. So she kept stroking her body against her mistress legs and begging for some of that ham: Meow!

When Haggar finally sat down to eat her breakfast, she started slowly to savour her freshly boiled eggs, ham and toast. But she forgot the sugar for her tea. So she went to the other side of the lab where she had left the sugar cubes while she was drinking her sweet night tea.

When she was heading back to her table, there she saw Coba…grabbing the ham from Haggar’s plate.

“Coba No!” Haggar’s slow movements were no match to Coba’s lightning reflexes. With the ham dangling from her mouth, Coba ran as fast as her four paws could take her. While Haggar was cursing and shaking her head all her way back to her table.

“Ungrateful beast!”

Coba ate the ham and licked her mouth and paws, while she saw from a distance how her mistress paced distressed. Then Coba mocked her mistress the only way she could: Meow!


2 Responses to “Feline Strut”

  1. Merow? TRANSLATION: Master of my Master, may I sleep on your extremely handsome feet tonight and keep your princely toes warm?

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