A matter of choice – 6

Chapter 6

Commander Yurak entered King Zarkon’s throne room. He felt a little apprehensive about why was he being summoned by the king. He knew he hadn’t been performing well his duties in front of the kingdom’s armies. The succession of failures against Voltron were rather disappointing for his previous outstanding military career and performance record. But he kept as calm as he could under the circumstances. When he was in front of the throne, he respectfully bowed on front of his king.

“Yurak, I summoned you because Haggar has informed me that there have been movements on Arus. Do you know something about that?”

Yurak felt a little bit of relief before answering: “Yes, Sire. Our spies have informed us that Arus has asked for help from Galaxy Garrison. And the ships that arrived to Arus were transporting additional resources to help the Voltron Force”.

“And do you have any idea of what resources might those be, Yurak?” asked Zarkon with his husky voice.

“We are almost sure that there were no weapons, just personnel”.

“Almost sure…? Is there any accuracy to your updated information, Yurak?” the king sounded mortified.

“My spies just want to make sure that they give the information complete, Sire.”

“Well, what are you all waiting for…you inept turds?” King Zarkon replied with loathe in his voice.

“My next report will have the information complete and confirmed, Sire”.

“See that you do, commander. You know that I don’t like failure. And you are in probation, as of your last mission!”

Yurak shivered at the thought of being executed by the king. He couldn’t….wouldn’t fail anymore. He would find out what was Arus planning, one way or the other. But the king wasn’t over in ordering him around.

“Go with Haggar, Yurak. She has some new prospects that she wants to show you…”

“Yes, Sire.” After a deep bow, Yurak left the throne room heading directly to Haggar’s lair.

Yurak entered Witch Haggar’s lab and found her sitting on front of her crystal ball. Her claws were touching the glassy surface of the orb. She seemed to be in some sort of trance while the ball was dimly glowing. Her pupiless eyes were completely fixated on the glowing crystal ball.

Yurak sneered watching that scene. He never did like Witch Haggar’s involvement on forces that he didn’t comprehend. So he kept as silent as he could, and started to withdraw from the lab the same way he had previously came in. He planned to come back as soon as Witch Haggar was available to tend to him instead of witnessing her weird witchcraft ceremonies. But just a few steps before reaching the exit, he heard Haggar’s voice coming from behind him.

“Commander Yurak!”

Yurak gasped and quickly turned around at the sound of Haggar’s voice. He started to shiver when he noticed that the witch was just a few steps from where he stood. He could only assume that Witch Haggar used her teleportation powers to get close to him. He tried to speak but no words would come out of his mouth. Just the sound of his breathing and the loud beatings of his heart were pounding in his ears.

“You’re not thinking about leaving so soon…are you, Commander?” Haggar’s face remained vacuous while she spoke.

Yurak’s head started quivering to the sides in short and fast motions. That witch could certainly put a number on him.

“Good. Follow me Commander. There’s something you need to know…” Haggar’s dark contour silently moved back to the table where the crystal ball still glowed but in less intensity. Slowly Haggar made herself comfortable on the seat she was previously seated and with her claw she gestured Yurak to seat on the other chair that was available in front of the small table.

Reluctantly, Yurak sat there without taking his eyes off any of the witch’s movements. But she seemed calm…too chilly calm for his liking. Her face kept dull all the time, only giving her full attention to the glowing orb in front of her. Yurak just wanted to run from that eerie situation. He wondered why weren’t they just watching some new prospects for robeasts instead of wasting precious time in front of that hocus pocus shit he loathed so much.

Witch Haggar’s voice interrupted his musings. He couldn’t decipher what she was saying. Her murmurs got a little bit louder, but they were still indecipherable. Her claws motioned surrounding the crystal ball and somehow Yurak could distinguish some movements inside the globe. He narrowed a bit his eye and tried to clean up a bit the spectacle that covered the other one. It was no mistake…something WAS moving inside the globe.

Witch Haggar could only hear numerous whispers surrounding her but she kept her mind blank in a mind bogging trance. Then her undecipherable words became completely translated into perfect drule.

“The time has come…the past comes back to Doom…a great danger has arrived….the kingdom will tremble…choices will be made…”

Haggar’s ramblings made Yurak confused and mad; he didn’t understand what she was saying…he didn’t believe in all that crap and he simply didn’t care. He was about to stand up from his chair and get the hell out of there. But when he put his hand on the table suddenly Haggar’s claw fell on his hand. He gasped while she said:

“Yurak, beware of the white haired drule’s fury…” Yurak immediately jerked away his hand from under Haggar’s claw. If her words were meant to scare him…she was mistaken, he was just freaked out with her behavior. He wouldn’t believe on that mumbo jumbo crap she called witchcraft. The old witch was nuts…her words would be lapsed, at least from his mind. What did she mean by a “white haired drule’s fury” anyway? That made no sense at all!

Suddenly, the witch started to contort her body while she was seated on her chair. That was Yurak’s cue to get the hell out of there as soon as he could. He immediately rose from where he was seated and rushed out to the exit. He didn’t even look back and kept running as fast as he could.

To be continued


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