A matter of choice – 4

In Planet Arus there was the preparation of a welcoming celebration in Castle of Lions. The Galaxy Alliance had responded Princess Allura’s petition to send more help to fight the constant threat of Planet Doom upon arusian soil. The battles hadn’t been easy lately and the Voltron Force needed all the help they could get. Space Marshall Graham had been reporting to Coran the exact time of the arrival of the Alliance space cruiser transporting the officials to planet Arus.
The Voltron Force was in a meeting with Coran in Castle Control. The environment inside the castle was of high hopes and positive energy. Captain Keith Kogane approached Coran and asked:

“Well Coran, did Graham tell you who are they sending to help us?”

Without lifting his gaze from the floor in a pensive gesture, Coran answered: “Space Marshall Graham informed me that they will be arriving this afternoon at 13:43 hours with a General called Sincline. He is supposedly an expert in drule intelligence and technology. But that was all the information he could share.”

“Well, I sure hope that this general can help us…you said 13:43? That’s just less than two hours from now,” Keith answered.

“Yes, it is…the princess and I will be leading the welcoming committee which of course, all of you will be a part of..” added Coran.

“Oh you can count on us to give assistance in anything you need…specially for the princess.” said Hunk.

“Thank you Hunk” the princess smiled at Hunk who had always been an admirer of Allura’s beauty and personality. In fact, all of the Voltron Force admired Allura’s beauty, only a fool wouldn’t do so. She was a charming and sweet girl that was always polite and kind to all of them. It was only natural for any male to feel attracted by her.

“The welcoming ball for the general’s arrival is all coordinated for tonight” said Allura.

“I wonder how this general got to be so knowledgeable in drule technology..” added Pidge.

“If Space Marshal Graham didn’t share much information of this general, he must have good reasons to do so,” answered Sven.

“Yeah, maybe the guy was a spy or something…” said Lance shrugging. “It has happened before…”

“Then what kind of spy he could’ve been…a slave spy?” asked Pidge.

“Come on guys, let’s stop the speculations…we’ll know this afternoon when we meet this new general…Sincline or whatever his name is..” finally said Keith.

Lotor had been updating his knowledge about a lot of information while he had been traveling to Arus. The journey had been very educational. He had been studying about Arus’ history, geography and the latest battles against Doom. He still hadn’t deepen his knowledge about Doom because he planned to use the latest information gathered by Castle of Lions. The castle’s data would be more updated than the Alliance’s database. Space Marshall Graham was very useful during the journey, he had handled Lotor the files of each Voltron pilot and all of the classified information about Arus’s latest missions. Lotor memorized everything he could about his newly appointed assignment. But still, he felt some uneasiness about going to a completely new environment and meeting a new culture where people didn’t trust drules like him, not even half-breeds.

Graham had warned Lotor about Arus’ lack of drules among the people. Arus’ population was almost 98.7% human in the last census recorded less than two years ago when the first galaxy alliance ships arrived after the Voltron force reactivated the giant robot. Lotor would have to face possibly a lot of resistance from the arusians and would have to gain their trust and respect.

Less than two hours went by really fast and soon the Voltron Force were at the arrival hangar expecting the Alliance cruiser to open it’s doors. When the doors were opened, some cadets came out first saluting at Space Marshall Graham who came out first. The Voltron Force saluted him respectfully. But their respect turned to awe when they saw a tall half-drule with white hair, blue-gray skin and pointy ears coming out just after the Space Marshall. The impressive drule was dressed in a general’s uniform, with a sword attached to his belt. His lean and tall figure stood out amidst all of the human present. But what most impressed them were the singularity of the drule’s golden cat-like eyes that seemed to study everything and everyone on sight. Princess Allura was equally impressed just like all of her Voltron friends and the rest of the castle staff that was allowed to be present.

Coran was the first one to talk and greet the Space Marshall Graham and his drule companion.

“Welcome to Arus, Marshall Graham” Coran said and immediately turned to look at the general, expecting Graham’s introduction.

“Thank you, prime minister Coran. May I introduce you to General Lotor Sincline from the 75th Infantry Alliance Batallion.”

General Sincline lowered his head in respect to the prime minister Coran.

“Welcome to Arus, General Sincline.” then Coran turned to Allura and said, “this is our royal highness Princess Allura of Arus”

The princess was dressed in a beautiful pink gown and had her hair down, giving her a lovely look which accentuated her fairness and her beautiful big blue eyes. She courteously offered her hand to both the Space Marshall and the General.

General Sincline was very impressed with her beauty but wisely kept his grimace emotionless and polite. He had traveled to many galaxies during his long life and he could’ve sworn right then and there, that he had never seen such a beautiful girl ever in his life or in any other planet or universe.

Then the next introductions were made towards the Voltron Force. Space Marshall introduced each one of the pilots to the general.

Lotor was impressed on how young they all were, specially because they had such a big responsibility of protecting a planet from alien invaders with just one robot that got divided in five lions. He couldn’t help but make mental comparisons with the Vehicle Voltron which he had seen first even if the lion Voltron was the first to be built.

From the Voltron Force, Keith respectfully greeted the newcomer general, he had no reason why to not like his new superior even if he was obviously a drule. He had shared moments with other half drules while he was at the Alliance academy. And he had worked well with them. The other pilots were more curious about their new general, but wisely didn’t make any comments or expressions that could denounce any disappointment or excitement of this new arrival.

Princess Allura seemed happy to count with a new resource for the fight against the drule invaders from Planet Doom. Her hopes were high that with knowledge of drule strategies and intelligence their defense would improve.

Before Voltron came into action, the arusian armies were almost nonexistent, but because of the resurge of the giant robot, the people of Arus had been getting animated about defending their home planet. Voltron had been defending Arus against the robeasts that were sent by Doom. But Castle of Lions’s concern was not only that. The doomite armies had gathered new forces changing their strategies into a more structured attack.

The latest battles against the doomite aliens had been difficult to win lately because their strategies had become more complicated. Arus’ defenses had been relying only on Voltron’ attacks on robeasts. But there had been attacks to the villages where doomite soldiers had been kidnapping people to make them slaves. The arusian armies needed training to defend the villages and places where the people could live more in peace. The arusian cities were being reconstructed and the young men and women were being recruited by the Castle of Lions to join the recent established arusian armed forces along with new guards and soldiers.

The Voltron Force was not enough for all the work that involved and the old guarding system of the planet was outdated and needed renewing. That was why Princess Allura had recurred to the Galaxy Alliance and that was why General Sincline was chosen to join the arusian armies. General Sincline’s job was to ensure that these new armed forces were organized and well established to complement the Voltron Force’s defense system.

Lotor had a vast knowledge in the organization of armed forces, but it would be his first experience establishing one that had been almost annihilated by continuous wars. He looked at it as a very educational experience and a chance to do something different from all he had done previously.

The welcoming party leaded the new arrivals from the hangars to the castle were the rest of the staff awaited excitedly for the alliance officers that would help them keep fighting the alien intruders. So it was with great astonishment their reaction when they first realized that a drule would be among them. They would look at each other, and whisper among themselves wondering if they could trust that a drule, even one that boasted an alliance rank, could ever work among them and lead them to victory against his own people.

General Sincline could hear their whispers, and it was all expected by him. They seemed to ignore that drule’s hearing is more acute than human’s hearing. He observed their many different grimaces: awe, disappointment, distrust, relief, curiosity…nothing escaped his analyzing sight. And then and there, he knew that this journey that he had made would be maybe the most challenging mission of all of his life…


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