A matter of choice – 3

Soon the time had come where Lotor would have to decide what path he would choose in the human world. His parents had mostly decided that his best chances would be in the military life where he could secure a future financially. In Earth, military services guaranteed a place in society and it was rare that a young man would not choose that path to secure his chances to make it into the galaxy. So he did follow the path of his adoptive father, who was proud of Lotor’s decision. Still, after some time had passed, Lotor felt a little uneasy mostly because of the racist comments that he had encountered during his first years in the military. It was all because of the human’s war against the drules…most soldier peers didn’t feel comfortable to have a drule half breed among them. Lotor would use all the previous lesson’s that he had been taught during his development years at his drule school. Even though he felt sometimes that those lessons would not be useful to him, soon he realized that those kinds of thoughts were all but misleading.

He still had contact with his old mentor Kortak who had been an drule priest in his younger days. Kortak had to flee from Planet Drule to Earth when he was accused of conspiracy and treason against the reigning government. Kortak was an expert swordsman and had excellent fighting techniques that had fascinated Lotor since the first time Kortak had showed them to him. That was mostly one of the reasons why Lotor had kept in contact with Kortak. The old drule had taught him well how to meditate, canalize, handle a sword and discipline his body with hard work and pain. But also he had taught him how to effectively kill a person.One of the most important lessons that he passed on to Lotor was the handling of a drule sword. Lotor hand made and adopted his own sword naming it “Fury”. Kortak had taught him to let the sword absorb all of his ire and bad temper and canalize it through his weapon. That way he could learn to handle his inner demon. And he could also learn to kill in an honorable way. It was part of the drule’s vision of honor and justice. A good kill for an honorable cause was the religion that Kortak had professed all his life and all that knowledge he had passed on to Lotor.

As drules age differently than humans, years went by when his family was aging and Lotor was still very much young. Even his younger sister looked older than him. That was a very difficult time for Lotor, because that made him more conscious of the difference between his human relatives and himself. It wasn’t easy to lose the people with whom he had grown up with, while he kept meeting different generations of his family. It was like having pets, that were born, lived and died in just a part of his lifetime. He had tried to establish romantic relationships with human girls, but the fear of losing them to old age and death had restrained him in engaging in such painful relations. So he just engaged himself in frivolous relationships that wouldn’t last long and he was not too attached to half-breed girls either. The fear of pain and loss had touched him too deeply specially when his parents and sister died of old age and sickness. He often thought that maybe if he would’ve been raised in the drule world, he would’ve been spared of such painful experiences.

Hence Lotor concentrated in his military career, where he traveled a lot, served in many wars and gained recognition as a general for he had served almost sixty human years in the Alliance. And he still resembled a 24 year old drule. It was during those wars that he had practiced his skills at killing. It was not hard to kill when he was in a battleship, but a man to man fight; that was another story. He did enjoy the engaging in those fights and the shredding of blood. But he constantly fought to not let anger dominate him. Battles were hard for him to win because of it; not because of his skills.

Only those who were drules or half-breeds that hadn’t been killed in the different battles that Garrison had engaged were the only ones of his lifetime to still know him. His defensive skills and general knowledge of the drule’s customs and technology had made him a respectable figure among the humans but still his bad temper would be the ghost that would always haunt him. He had also served successfully as an alliance spy for many years and his skills had helped train other half-breeds into engaging those extremely dangerous activities. But soon the training of half-breeds got him tired, he had lost too many young people in the engaging arms of war. That damn sense of loss and pain had overpowered him again.

It was of no surprise to him that soon he would be drafted for a special mission to the distant Denubian Galaxy. He had knowledge that five space explorers had been deployed to planet Arus two years ago to find the legendary robot Voltron. There was a battle engaged in that area between Arus and a space pirate called Zarkon. This old drule was supposed to be a conqueror and an enslaver of many innocent people around that galaxy. The reigning princess of planet Arus had requested more help from Garrison to keep fighting the drule forces that were gaining strenght against the arusian defenders.

The Alliance had chosen General Sincline because of his previous experience helping vehicle Voltron in many missions against the Drule Empire. It just seemed fitting that his experience and knowledge of drule technologies and customs would be a great asset for the arusian army. He accepted to be deployed to Arus; maybe a different galaxy would help him allieviate some of his old hurtful memories.


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