A matter of choice – 2

Grant and Arianna had a simple but beautiful wedding. They had no choice but to live in Garrison’s bases, because Arianna didn’t want to be far away from Grant who had to move constantly in order to comply with his military duties as he was stationed in different countries around the planet and sometimes off. It was better that way, because they could have a somewhat normal family life and Grant was very overprotective with Arianna and Lotor. Arianna would often observe on her son, the ill temper of a drule whenever he wanted something. She had to be strong sometimes with Lotor because he had quite the tantrums that were sometimes overwhelming for her. There she could observe the hereditary traits of the demon king. But Grant would inspire Lotor the discipline and respect that he often needed. Even though Grant would observe in Lotor a very uncommon character for a child, because of his love for Arianna, he took care of Lotor and tried to educate him like a normal human child as much as possible. But the differences in Lotor were undeniable.

After three years had passed Arianna had another child, a girl whom she named Iris. When the baby girl was brought home for the first time, Lotor couldn’t help be overprotective of his little sister. But also it was the first time that he had felt a little jealous over the attention that was given to Iris. He also made a comment about the child’s pale coloring in contrast of the blue/gray skin that covered him. Grant and Arianna would change the subject so that Lotor’s fixation with his different color would not become an obsesive theme that would make him feel like an outcast in his own family.

Lotor’s growth had been the normal one for a drule boy. Even though he was three years old he seemed like a six year old in height. In the Garrison base where Grant had been stationed, he had found interracial couples that had half-breed children with whom Lotor could relate to. The couples often would stare at Grant and Arianna because they were both human and Lotor obviously was not. They wouldn’t dare ask, but Grant was always smart regarding the matter with a polite comment that would make people understand that it was no one else’s business.

Lotor grew affectionate and respectful towards his human father, but the time came when he asked the question that Grant and Arianna feared most. Why was he physically different than both his parents? Grant and Arianna had hoped that Lotor would overlook this mishap but they did also prepare to answer that question. They just told Lotor that Grant was his adoptive father and that he loved him very much. That his real father had died a long time ago before he was born. That answer made him sad for a while but soon he was comforted by the love and tending care that his human parents and sister were giving him. All that nurturing, made him grow into a fine young adolescence with a bad temper. His first years of school were quite challenging for him. There were very little half breeds and not necessarily drule ones. So he was often an outcast while in company of his peers. It wasn’t an alien experience for his parents to be called to the principal’s office because of Lotor’s behavior problems. He was often accused of bullying and intimidating his schoolmates. It was all part of Lotor’s survival reaction to all the hostility discharged at him, just because he was physically different. Arianna was very worried about this, often crying herself to sleep just lamenting the bad blood that went through her son’s veins. Grant was a great support for her during this time, like he’d always been. But still they had to solve their son’s lack of connection to his environment.

After a couple of years in school, his other schoolmates wouldn’t dare to mess with him. He was awfully bigger in size and often smarter too; but not in a good way. Lotor had created quite a reputation of trouble maker. But he was often categorized by the school’s faculty as a hyperactive student with a very high IQ who would just get bored with the simple tasks that he was expected to dominate. The teacher’s were always giving him advanced themes and subjects because he would excel in everything that he was assigned. But he still got bored and looked for ways of getting in mischief, so his parents decided to look for an exclusive school that would make him feel more comfortable and give him more discipline. Normal human schools were not enough for Lotor. He was too hyperactive and was always learning. Grant enrolled him in an exclusive school for interracial drule children. There were mostly drules and drule half-breeds students in this school. Classes were not so big in size so the learning could develop in a more intimate atmosphere. It was good for Lotor. He got to have friends with other half-breeds like him. But soon he felt curious about his drule heritage. The constant comparison of his schoolmates made him feel uneasy. So his father, much to his mother’s dismay encouraged him to learn about the drules lifestyle and customs.

In that school is where he met Korzak, who would soon be like a mentor to Lotor. Korzak was an old drule that saw Lotor’s potential to be a great leader someday. He saw that the adolescent had charisma and presence that could influence his other schoolmates into following him and obeying his orders. He decided to take Lotor under his wing and teach him how to be drule, to fight like a drule, to believe like a drule and to know everything he had to know to survive in the drule world. Lotor’s mind was like a sponge absorbing all the knowledge and wisdom that Korzak taught him.

The most important lessons that Lotor learned from Korzak were the fighting skills. Grant had noticed changes in Lotor’s attitude towards everything in his house. He seemed more silent, refrained and even tidier that he had always been. So he approved of Lotor’s spending time with his mentor Korzak beside regular classes. As a responsible parent, he even invited Korzak to his home…so he could know who was Lotor’s latest influence. Arianna and him made sure that Korzak spent time with them in some big festivities like holidays and dinners. It made Lotor more compliant and gave Lotor the assurance that his parents loved him and cared about his heritage. Soon the rebellious adolescence would outgrow his immaturity and learn to embrace his dual race. His family and friends helped him achieve that.


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