A matter of choice

The group of slaves moved hurriedly through the dark tunnels trying to reach for the docking pier where many ships arrived and departed at all hours. Many slaves were helping the others escape; while others were on the lookout for possible guards pursuing them. But they had been lucky to reach as far as the ship hangars. Arianna had been one of those slaves. She had endured months of cruel treatment in King Zarkon’s court; mostly because her beauty had been a curse. Being extremely beautiful had caught the king’s eye so he had taken her to his harem to join other slaves obliged to satify his unending lust. But somehow, Arianna was different. She did not envision herself dying in such an inhospitable place. She would not continue being one of King Zarkon’s pretty little sex toys. She would escape or at least die trying.

He was most infatuated with her because she was not like the others. She wouldn’t scream or cry when he possessed her body. She would defy his lustful gaze by ignoring his caresses. That made the arrogant king insistent on his courtship of her. But she was a smart girl, observing everything, plotting in her mind a perfect plan to escape to her freedom. So the moment she found out about a possible break, she took the chance and never looked back.

Hours after the breakout, royal guards and soldiers were running everywhere searching for the escapees. The slaves were already taking hold of a ship and departing the dark planet for a route to anywhere far away from planet Doom. It hadn’t been easy, but the voyage to freedom would make it worth the risk.

Arianna looked through one of the ship’s belvederes at the black open space and tried to envision a new future for her; trying to obliviate the recent terrible events that had marked her young life. She dedicated her time to serve the other slaves so her mind could keep busy. But during the times when she would slumber on her uncomfortable bed, she would still tremble fearing that she would wake up inside that hellish harem waiting for the king’s nightly visits.

Soon the voyage would be over, when the ship docked in another planet that helped them take refuge until they could all travel to one of the Alliance’s planets. When she was asked to which planet she would want to go; she chose Earth. That was what she considered the farthest away from King Zarkon as she could go. During this voyage, she had made a discovery that would change her life altogether. She was with child. She had been given the choice to terminate her pregnancy knowing that the life within her was a spawn of that demon king. But she didn’t have the heart to kill an innocent being that had no fault of who it’s father was. She considered giving the child in adoption as soon as she would deliver it.

When she arrived on Earth, she had been given all the help she could get. She soon met a handsome young officer named Grant Sincline who helped her get accustomed to earthlings rituals and customs. Soon she found herself being part of an accepting society that was more than willing to help her rebuild her life again.

Grant had been a great support for Arianna; it was no surprise when he proposed to her while she was about to give birth. At first, she was reluctant to tell him the truth about the child’s father, but his constant love and attention made her break the barriers that she had constructed around her broken heart. He even convinced her not to give the child for adoption; and that he would raise the child like his own. After a great deal of tears and uncertainties she finally accepted his proposal.

Soon she gave birth to a boy. She cried intensely when she saw that the boy had more human features than drule ones. Just the coloring of his skin, his pointy ears and his eyes were the only hereditary trait of the demon king. Besides that he resembled Arianna. Grant was supportive through all of Arianna’s dilemma; and even if the child was obviously drule descendant, he would keep his word to the woman he loved and love her child like his own. Grant even suggested the name that she chose to give her son: Lotor.


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