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Whooooaaa!!! What a Season 3!!

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Last Lotor

Where should I start?  The plot of “Voltron – Legendary Defender” has me in shock.  The easiest way to make my criticism would be doing it by characters.  I will start with the Voltron Paladins.

If you don’t want spoilers; please read no further!

Let’s start by Shiro; he disappeared in Season 2 but fortunately came back during the Season 3.  Of course, by now he’s not the Black Lion Paladin anymore but still a very valuable leader for the team.   Keith, now the Black Lion Paladin, is still wreckless but at least he is humble enough to acknowledge his mistakes when Shiro talks to him.

Allura joins the team when Blue Lion refuses to accept Lance as it’s pilot anymore.  It was predictable but it was done tastefully.  And Lance becomes the pilot of the Red Lion.  That’s the most interesting thing that I found from the Voltron Force.   The characters are still enjoyable, specially Lance and Hunk.  Pidge is still looking for her brother Matt and I guess that there will be further stories coming from there.  I’m really, really happy that they brought back Shiro, I still feel that his contribution to the paladins is much too important for the development of the team.  His whole story has to be told.

What can I say about “mu’a” Prince Lotor and company?  Yeah, now he has also a team and a different agenda than King Zarkon.  I really liked the way they made his appearance, by fighting in the arena.  Prince Lotor’s generals have very weird names: Acxa, Ezor, Narti and Zethrid.   They were very strange but they could really kick some serious ass and does my eyes see well?  Were they all girls?? O.O  I think I did see a guy somewhere….

I really enjoyed the alternate universe episode where we get to see Sven: Shiro’s alternate self; accent and all!  Loved it!

Oh!!! And I cannot forget to mention the last part where we are transported to the past of Voltron.   We saw how he was formed, why he was created by Alfor & who were the first paladins.  We got to see why Zarkon ended up being a bad guy and it was all because of Honerva (his wife!!) “Haggar”  LOL!!  Does that mean that Haggar is my mother???!!!  If my math doesn’t fail me…..that would make me half-Altean! Ooooh nice development, should I say bwahahaha!

Oh wow! In the original Japanese series Honerva was Zarkon’s mother but I do like what they did here with the story.  I’m really enjoying that all characters are having a backstory.  It’s no more black and white; good and bad characters.  There are lots of grays and it’s looking really good.  By this point, the shipping’s are not important anymore.  It’s all about a very interesting and enjoyable adventure.

I honestly can’t wait to see Season 4 on October 13!!




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