My last two FB pages have been deleted.  The first one which I had since 2009 and had more than 3000 friends was gone one day.  It was probably reported by the many enemies that I have but before that page was deleted; I had made a spare account with very few friends.  It hardly reached 100 friends.  Even so I had that page and didn’t roleplay with anyone; it was still reported and also deleted.

I decided to leave FB and just stay here but I was contacted by an old roleplayer here on my blog.  She emailed me offering me her old account; at first I refused but then I changed my mind and ultimately accepted.  Many roleplayers have quit FB for many reasons.  There are a lot of inactive RP accounts that are dated from as far as 10 years ago.  Well, she decided to donate me her old account because she wasn’t interested in it anymore.  The account was opened in 2007 and had been inactive for more than 4 years.  I was amazed!

There was a lot of history there.  She said she deleted all she could but FB accounts leave footprints and I honestly don’t know where that account has been, LOL!  Anyway, I made changes on it but I’ll try to keep a low profile of people.  No groups or stuff like that.  That account is sure a relic.  But I can keep active posting and reposting my announcements of this blog.

Well, until next post.  Keep evil my friends!


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