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Summon Prince Lotor

Posted in Uncategorized on January 22, 2017 by Prince Lotor Sincline

Oh wow! I just finished watching Season 2 of Voltron Legendary Defender.  And the title of this post are the last words ever mentioned from Season 2.  So I guess that….Season 3: here I come!  If you don’t like spoilers; please stop reading this post NOW!!

Ok, so in this Season 2 we see an increasingly heroic Shiro bonding more deeply with Black Lion.  He had to fight mentally against King Zarkon; who was the first Black Lion paladin and had a sickening obsession of regaining control of the Black Lion during almost the whole 13 episodes.  (Really liked!!)  Shiro’s character developed into a more mature, strong and extraordinaire leader for the Voltron paladins.

Lance was still the comic relief; I found myself laughing out loud in almost all episodes thanks to his charisma and wacky personality.  Keith discovers more about his background: his mother is galran which makes Allura despise him at a certain point but later on she accepts who he is and even gives him a hug for good luck.  IMHO I still don’t see them as a romantic possibility even though they shared a moment talking in a ship when they both believed that Zarkon was tracking them.   It’s like they don’t match; and it feels forced and weird.  If they eventually end up together; it would have to be better worked by the writers.  I think they made Keith galran to give him some advantage so he could eventually be a more believable rival for Lotor (yeah, me!) LOL!  I always thought that Keith being able to fight against a doomite in the old series was just not believable because of the frailty of the human race against an alien race.

Pidge and Hunk’s characters were also developed in this season as they found more secrets in their lions and also discovered more things about themselves.

It was a pleasant surprise to see Allura in action literally kicking ass when she fought Haggar and discovered that the witch was arusian.  In the old series, Witch Haggar was galran because she was Zarkon’s mother.  So I guess that also changed here. That was a really interesting outcome.  The last fight between Shiro and Zarkon proved decisive and I wonder what is next following Shiro’s disappearance, Zarkon’s decomission and ultimately the summoning of mua’h.

I just hope the next season doesn’t become cliché and that we can see  much more storyline developments in each side of the fence.  I hope more secrets get unfold; that the writer’s get out of the “good vs. bad mold” and venture to show more diversity and variety in the story.  I want to see the bad’s good side and the good’s bad side.  That makes a better story, at least for me.

So yeah, I think this season 2 was a good watch and I strongly recommend it.  I can’t wait to see how I’m gonna look for Season 3.  I don’t think I may be a pretty boy anymore (even though that was a very interesting development of the original GoLion) but hopefully I won’t be filled with purple zits all over my body.  But by the looks of this Zarkon, my hopes for a pretty face are not too high, hahaha!!  But hey, Allura isn’t that hot anymore hahaha!

Well….stay evil my friends!  Until next time!!

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