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Angry Fans (Frustrated K/A’s??!) LOL

Posted in Uncategorized on July 10, 2016 by Prince Lotor Sincline

Voltron LD

Am I detecting angry K/A fans coming to my page to rant about their frustrations with the new series?  I couldn’t laugh louder!!!

Oh my dear gods!!  What have I done to deserve this?  All I have done is like the new series but some people can’t just accept new ideas and new concepts.

This series is based in “Go Lion” not in the Americanized “Voltron” story arc which was a huge mess.  That story was all over the place; horrible plot holes; contradictions that made no sense and changes that were done without regard of the original story.  It was a disproportionate mistake, just for the sake of selling toys, merchandising and making money .

But regardless of that….the original anime was a story for us the Otakus who have been so since the 70’s or even earlier.  Bloodshed, unrequited love, cannibalism, violence…only we can understand all of that.  While I watched the “Voltron: Legendary Defender” series; the original atmosphere of “GoLion” could be sensed as a background inspiration but with it’s own original story.  It was a nice refreshing feeling even with the fast paced story running along.

But “Go Lion” was more slow paced because each episode had basically the same formula: good guys having a good time, bad guys attack, robeast comes in, good guys assemble Voltron, robots fight and Voltron wins. Character development sucked….but well, the producers of the new series tried to change that.  In my opinion, they are doing pretty good. But like any good thing there is the other side of the ones who are never satisfied.

Major critics from the frustrated rants are:  Allura’s make over (of course); Keith’s lack of development (totally expected); Coran’s new personality (they lightened him up… come on! the guy was tighter than a flashlight up his ass); Hunk and Lance’s comedy relief (really?!!); Pidge’s new gender and the lack of the music theme when Voltron makes his appearance.

Neither one of the aforementioned changes lessen the quality of the story.  The story is still interesting, the vast majority of the critics I’ve been reading through Facebook and other online media have been good.  But, whatever happens in the next Season….which will hopefully be streamed soon….my hopes are that we see more of Shiro.  His character based on two Shiroganes were horribly treated in “GoLion”.  The 1st Shirogane was very miserable.  He got killed, so no more piloting the Blue Lion (they wanted to give it to Princess Allura, just to have a female on the team); his younger brother became a rebel, fell in love with Romelle who was disgraced by Mwah, (LOL!!) then when his brother was about to become a hero, he gets killed at the end by falling to his death.  Injustice?  Yeah….

Well, in this new series….Shiro is treated very differently.  He went through shit that he can’t even remember because of his PTSD.  He fought for others; sacrificed himself for Pidge’s brother; he’s more disciplined and while the other pilots were still fighting with their lions, he bonded well with Black.  He is mature, a good fighter, humble and he cares.  He deserves redemption….he deserves justice.  He deserves to be the Black Lion paladin and to have his happy ending.  I hope he does! (Note: I don’t see the point on him having a younger brother; this new series has shortened a lot of details maybe this will be one of those?).

Keith on the other hand…totally lacks leadership qualities.  He is Red Lion: hot headed, undisciplined, fiery, strong skilled but immature.  If he keeps it up; he could be a good second in command. Not more than that…if it changes; the story will lack continuity IMO.

Lance is the only one who seems to be interested romantically with Princess Allura.  But he is a womanizer; he even fell for an alien resembling an octopus.  He could even fall for a broom with a dress for all I can see…  The guy can’t take his head off his pants…damn! LOL

If the story keeps heading the way it’s going: it’s far to see Allura being one of the Paladins; and she doesn’t even like human’s ears.  She thinks that humans have disgusting ears…she said it!  There’s no way she will like humans unless something out of the extraordinary happens.

So now I have K/A fans theorizing on my page that Keith might be galran just to make him have pointy ears so that Allura and Keith could end up together.  Wow!!  So hear ye! Hear ye Voltron writers!!  Now you have to comply to the butt-hurt K/A fans who can’t even write fan fictions because they are all about to go on lovesick depressions because they NEED to have their stupid shipping!!  And I don’t even wanna imagine what other ideas they might be coming up with….

Damn!!  Just enjoy the series and stop trying to shove up your shipping down everybody’s throat.  Let the real writers do their thing and lighten up dudes and dudettes.  If you don’t like what you see….you always have the reruns of the old series and fan fiction, don’t ya?

Oh well, I’m just our of fumes again and no haggarium (thank the gods!)…. keep evil my friends!  Long live Galra!


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