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Dreamworks’ Voltron in Netflix

Posted in Uncategorized on June 13, 2016 by Prince Lotor Sincline

I know….I know….it’s been a long time, my evil friends. More than a year but, how you’ve been?  I’ve been great but now I’m feeling better.  It’s thanks to the new series of Voltron.  After “Voltron Force” I felt like dying and disappearing from this universe.

For those of you who are still wondering what I’m talking about:  WEP is sharing “Voltron” with DreamWorks.  I could kiss them silly for doing that.  Best business deal ever!!!

Yesterday I finished watching DreamWorks’ rendition of Voltron.  And OMG!!! What a reboot!!  I just wished that this new version would’ve been the first version ever written.  These guys sure did their research.  I could clearly see that the writers of this new version took their time to watch the original Japanese version “GoLion”.  They made the impossible possible:  they actually made ME LIKE the Voltron Force hahaha!!  Or should I say “paladins”?!

In the old version, I always rooted for the bad guys; but in this version….Shiro kicks ass.  I like how they called him “Champion”. Yes, I liked Shiro more than Keith and I hope they keep it that way.  In this version, it is so clear that Keith is hot headed and should never be the leader of the team.  He even rides the “Red Lion” which says a lot about his character.

I loved how they made the lions more sentient.  This idea was tried previously on the older versions but with much less emphasis which ultimately resulted on having little success displaying that concept.  The lions were portrayed more about their individual personalities instead of the elements that they represented in the older version.  I liked that.

I lost count on how many times I laughed out loud at the comedy relief with Lance & Hunk.  The comedy wasn’t silly or childish; it was witty and perfectly balanced.  Oh yes! The question if Pidge was a boy or a girl was answered at last.  Some people may have not liked what happened here; but Voltron fans like myself who kept their minds open, will have no problem accepting the plot about Pidge’s background and family history.

And Allura….Allura….Allura.  What can I say??!!  I SURE loved that make over they did to her!!  Allura is an alien….can I say that again?  ALLURA IS AN ALIEN!!!  They portrayed her like it should’ve been: pointy eared, dark-colored skin, white hair, singular characteristics of her race and the accent….what an accent!  Is it Neo Zelandish or Australian?  I don’t care….I just loved it!!  No more human-blonde-blue-eyed-bomb shell….(well, she still has blue eyes…but she ain’t looking like a Victoria Secret model no more, hahahaha!!)

Why the hell would they portray her like a blonde blue eyed model in the first place?!?  She was always an alien!!  It makes more sense to illustrate her looking different than humans!

Even though the story was kinda fast paced; I liked how they developed it.  It kept me wanting to know more.  There is so much more to know about Zarkon, (spoiler alert) how is it that he is the first Black Lion Paladin?  Yeah….he drove the Black Lion.  I really wanna know more about that!  Even though I don’t see the relevance on having a Crown Prince to an Emperor who obviously can’t die: Zarkon is more than 10,000 years old.  I would really like to know if I will make an appearance.  Probably not, but still….the story is really good.

So if you have access to Netflix through the internet….go stream DreamWorks’ “Voltron: Legendary Defender”.  I really recommend it.  You are gonna like what you see and hear.  Just keep your mind open; forget what you remember and embrace the new memories.  Share your comments below.  I really wanna know your impressions.


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