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Thank you Bitstrips! Planet Doom finally wins!!

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , , on April 23, 2014 by Prince Lotor Sincline


This is the image I’ve been picturing in my mind for 30 years.  Thanks to Bitstrips from Facebook, my dream has come true.  It is possible for me to win the eternal war against Voltron.  The bad guys can win!  Oooh, now don’t cry silly vanilla do-ers.  This happens in real life all the time; I’m just following life’s canon. BWAHAHAHA!!

Take that, Voltron Force!  Your “Day of Reckoning” has come.  Now the Princess is mine, as it should’ve been all along.  Eat your heart out Keith Kogane!  Now to celebrate with a huge glass of blood wine.  And with the Princess of Arus at my feet; massaging them.  BWAAAHAHAHAHA!!!

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