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Doom Universe for Roleplayers

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If you like roleplaying, I have created a forum just for that purpose.  It’s the Doom Universe Forum.  It’s not like Facebook so there are no restrictions, only the ones I make.  I like evil!  Make your own stories and have fun.  Visit the Doom Universe if you dare!!  Here is the link:


The Hazards Of Roleplaying In Facebook

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About five years ago, I started roleplaying in Facebook.  It started with a blast.  There were so many people willing to join in with the fun.  I “met” lots of people.  Roleplayers came and went.  Some stuck in there and stayed.  Others have gone and never came back.  Some of them, made other friends and roleplayed with them too.  But most of these who have stayed with the roleplaying, have gotten into trouble.


Roleplaying is about having fun.  Remember when you were a kid?  When we were kids, we would usually roleplay as our favorite hero with our siblings or friends.  Most of the times, we would end up fighting because we couldn’t tolerate how others would alter our “story”.  But other times, we would have fun just being who we wanted to be and trying to accept the rules of the game. There are always rules to every game.  Not having them; will cause chaos between the players because everybody wants to control the action at some point.  One of the most common reasons of people trying to take control is when their characters are being bashed.

Let’s be honest; nobody likes to be humiliated.  Nobody likes to lose; those who say they like it must have some serious self-esteem issues.  But I’m no psychiatrist; so, all I want to do is post about the hazards of roleplaying, specially in Facebook.  The purpose of this post is to familiarize the readers with what could happen if you ever decide to enter the roleplaying world of Facebook.  Let’s make this in a bulleted way.   So… let’s shoot out!

  • First, you would have to make an account on Facebook.  But, I have to warn you that Facebook is against false names, aliases and fake accounts; so know that if they find out that your account is false, it will most probably get deleted.  So, this is just a warning.
  • If you decide to make a roleplaying account, do not try to friend too many people in a short period of time.  The befriending feature will get suspended and you won’t be able to add friends only if the other roleplayers ask to befriend you.
  • When you have a group of friends, make the rules clear so that everyone understands them.
  • I strongly recommend to make a group page where you can roleplay.  Not doing that, will take the story to different accounts which could cause confusion between the roleplayers unless you tag their names.  But of course, all the roleplayers must agree in this one.
  • Explain to the roleplayers what is “godmodding”. Everybody HAS to understand it.  It is the most common reason why roleplaying stories end so abruptly and often in not good terms within the roleplayers.
  • Always add to your rules the “Don’t get personal; it’s all play”.  People who tend to get too serious about the roleplaying end up doing and saying things that they will regret quickly.
  • Do not report roleplaying accounts.  Remember, you can’t take things too seriously.  Reporting roleplaying accounts affects ALL other roleplaying accounts.
  • Use the blocking feature if you don’t want to interact with someone.  It’s the safest way to avoid confrontation.
  • Don’t use your account to bash or insult other characters.  That’s the reason why the problems start in the first place.  If you don’t like a villain or a hero, don’t insult the person who is roleplaying it.  Everybody has different tastes; respect that.
  • Don’t sex chat with anyone and never send naked pictures of yourself through inbox.  You never know if your friend is a minor.  Avoid getting arrested!!
  • Avoid gossip.  Believe me, this happens a lot.  Roleplayers use the inbox to talk behind other people’s back.  But that can be risky, you never know if you are talking with the same person you hate, who happens to roleplay with different accounts.  That would make you look like a stupid hypocrite.
  • There are different timezones for many roleplayers.  Let the others know your timezone so that they can know when you have to go to sleep or whatever you have to do.  It’s good manners.
  • It’s very difficult to trust people in Facebook; so I would honestly recommend you to trust NO ONE.  You never know who is behind that computer unless you physically know that person.
  • Never share personal information.  It may be used against you in the future.  BE CAREFUL!!!
  • If you decide to stop roleplaying; be very clear in your intentions.  That will be considered as courtesy for the other roleplayers.

This post is in regards of a friend of mine who decided to stop roleplaying in Facebook; he’s hurt in many ways.  And I feel it.  Nobody wants to get hurt. So let’s be courteous and respectful.  Let’s agree to disagree and move on.  Block, block, block and let’s stop the drama.  Let’s not get too serious and just play.


A “Jem & the Holograms” movie??? Seriously…

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Another 80’s cartoon will be made into a live action movie.  I know a “Voltron” script is on a desk somewhere.  But anyway…  It’s not that I don’t want “Jem & the Holograms” to be revived; it’s that I want it to be like it was intended to be: Christy Marx’s story.  I know that the story could be improved….but why change it so much??  DON’T FUCK WITH THE ORIGINAL CONCEPT!!!

Read this link:

Please, for the love of the gods!!  Why do writers insist on changing the original story as it was written in the cartoon?  They screwed up with “Josie & the Pussycats”; they changed too much “Transformers”; they did the same thing with “G.I. Joe”….now it’s Jem’s turn.  I don’t even know what to think.  I’m afraid that when the “Voltron” movie comes; if it ever comes, I won’t even recognize the whole story. 

So, do you guys think they will screw up with “Jem & the Holograms” too?

Voltron as it should be…

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To me, this blog was a great idea.  You see, there are lots of Doom bashers everywhere.  The Voltron Force lovers think their opinion is the only one that matters.  But even if us Doom lovers or doomites are less in numbers, (not that we have been part of a census or anything) we are still here.  We are still strong.  In our silence, we let everybody know that we are not happy.

Every performer needs an audience.  If there is no audience or no applause….there’s no use in having a show.  Voltron is for the older fans; new fans have more options.  That’s why we have to rediscover it.  Go back to basics; the formula of a winner is the combination of medieval times with science fiction.  The story of forbidden love, obsession, cruelty, young guys trying to be heroes in an uncharted galaxy will always attract an audience.

But, why do the good guys always have to win?  Is that reality?  Actually, in real life…the bad guys ARE the good guys.  Every coin has two faces.  What’s interesting about Japanese manga and anime is how the writers like to give an in-depth story for each character; no matter if it’s the villain or the hero.  That formula will never fail specially if the story is good.

Voltron or GoLion has a good story, it just needs to be retold.  The story needs more depth for ALL the characters including Voltron, that would make Voltron as epic as Star Trek or Star Wars.  Don’t treat Voltron like a kiddie toy; make it memorable, gigantic, big like the mecha story it was intended to be.

If it can’t be done like that…give it back to Japan. I really, really mean it!

Why am I still here?

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I like how this page is still active; even though the Voltron Force series is cancelled.  Yeah, it IS cancelled.  But, this year is the 30th Anniversary of Voltron.  And also, Voltron is on Netflix.  I am a Netflix fan myself, I hardly watch TV anymore thanks to it.  So I guess that people will still search and comment on this page because those people who watch the series and give it a Search for Reviews find this page.  I have to say that all my opinions are from the Doom side point of view.  So if you plan to make your opinion known in this page; you should know that before the comment is posted, I will moderate it.  If I like it, it goes; if I don’t like it, it goes too….but doomized.  And when I say doomized I mean with a slight change that will fit my royal liking.  Don’t blame me!  THIS IS MY FUCKING PAGE AND I WILL FUCKING POST WHAT THE FUCK I WANT! Get it?  Thank you!


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