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Rant Day: The “Knockout Game” is stupid and it has to END!!

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , on November 23, 2013 by Prince Lotor Sincline

The “Knockout” Game has to stop!

((Before reading this; watch the link above))

I like violence as much as the next guy: as long as it’s fiction!!  I don’t know who or what caused the arise of a sick “game” called: “Knockout” but since I saw this video, I was immediately outraged.  This has to be the most senseless and stupidest amusement created in the history of mankind.  It defies all logic when a crime is supposed to have a motive.  There is just no motive to kill a stranger who happens to walk peacefully minding their own business.

Is it being a macho to hit a woman from the behind while she is being no threat to anybody?  What’s so funny in hitting a man who’s alone and hasn’t done any harm to anybody?  Is there any point in hitting a man who is homeless and trying to survive the hazards of life?  What kind of monsters are the teenagers turning out to be?  They honestly deserve to be put into Haggar’s lab and just be king-sized because they are already transformed into robeasts.

Where are their parents?  What are they teaching them?  Where are YOUR kids?  Who are they hanging with?  Where do they go and what are they doing?

There is something called RESPECT; and it’s something that has to be given so it can be earned.  So, this is my rant about the “knockout” game.  I completely despised it and I hope that karma follows every little SON OF A BITCH that dares to “play” it!!

Be sure to give thanks for your life, your loved ones and live each moment to the fullest. Have a safe and joyful Thanksgiving with family and friends!


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