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Talking about my blog, heh?

Posted in Uncategorized on October 27, 2013 by Prince Lotor Sincline

These days I noticed an increase amount of traffic to one of my posts from last year.  It was specifically to the post about a ranting I made towards the Voltron Forum on May 5, 2012.  It was strange, because the traffic had increased to almost 100 views in just one day!

Today I found out why that was happening.  It actually made me laugh.  That traffic came from  the Official Voltrom Forum itself.  A thread was posted with the title Your forum already has a bad reputation.  The link to that thread is posted below this paragraph. The purpose of this new post on my blog is to answer to some of the commentators there that like to give their opinions like they were some little gods or something.  Read the thread here:

My responses to the “hot potato” thread are the following:

It’s interesting how some people like KiethBlackLion (btw… misspelled: Keith) are so biased about personal blogs and the people who comment on them.  Wow, it seems that the King of Parody has no sense of humor at all..

And just not to loose my accustomed routine; I DO have an answer to misspelled Keith:

Actually, my posts about the Voltron Forum CAN be, in fact,  positive! Positively hilarious, positively witty and positively fun to read.  So, there is NO bias there whatsoever!  BWAHAHAHAHA!!   Oh and FYI misspelled Keith, there IS a collective of people who thinks the same way I do.  They just don’t voice it out on THAT board because of the intolerance of sharing different opinions from most of the members that lurk there.  And also getting upset about not having the ending we want in a cartoon is NOT stupid.  Tell that to all the millions of fans disappointed about all the endings of other cartoons out there.  Not everybody likes the same outcomes and lastly but not least, there ARE stories where the bad guys win AND get the girl.  (Ask any Lion-O/Cheetara shipper about that one, LOL!)

Hey, misspelled Keith! And do you know what’s really NOT gonna happen?  Another Voltron series!!!  So, who’s the crying fanboy now??? HAHAHAHAHA!!

And just to respond to GrantB: no, I do not spend a lot of time thinking about the Voltron forum.  That post was written more than a year ago. 😛

Gankutsuou:  If I was interested in visiting other forums; you bet I would’ve ranted about them here.  But I’m not interested; so there’s no point on your comment.


I read this comment that I copied and pasted, no alterations whatsoever:  “As for the blog that was mentioned, I read it thoroughly. Remember, I sat here quietly watching the boards for a long time, and had seen the entire thread, and was familiar with its contents. The owner of the blog seemed either didn’t understand the meaning of certain phrases, or was just out to be a type of board troll. I skimmed more recent blogs, and it seems they suffer from their own set of issues. I’ll leave it at that. But yeah, the thread was totally misinterpreted in the blog entirely. (And as a fanfic writer who’s story currently involves a very unique Drule voltron pilot, I can see the fascination with wanting a Drule on the force. But we all know cannon currently doesn’t support this.) It was a unique discussion that was twisted by a blogger to look worse than it was.”

Oh wow, accusing me of being a troll (on my own blog???!!!)  BWAHAHAHAHA!!!  I couldn’t be a board troll on a thread on which I never posted on, could I?  All I did was copy, paste and read between the lines here on my own blog.  I never posted on that thread.  As a researcher, I am accustomed to interpreting the hidden meanings of what people say or write.  Believe me, it’s very hard to hide what’s written on paper or posted on the internet for that matter.  Precisely because it IS written; that’s strong evidence against anyone.  So if you don’t want anyone to know what you are thinking, please don’t post it on a forum!!!  As of misinterpretation, there are people who commented on that post and on my FB page who completely agreed with me.  So it was NOT an isolated interpretation.

Of course those who were implicated on the May 5 post will say that they didn’t mean it that way.  It happens… denial is always the easiest explanation. (And the coward way too!!)  So my recommendation is that before you post anything on the internet, anything at all, reread it completely and look for hidden messages that might be misinterpreted. Or else, just be wise….and refrain yourself of sharing your insight.  Because a lot of people will read what you posted, and they will NOT share your opinion unless you are completely clear in what you mean.

And btw, if you think that I had a poor interpretation of what happened on May 5, why don’t you come here and discuss your opinions?  Oh, I know why, you get so cocky when you’re there with your stupid friends, setting me up to get me banned.  But you’re not brave enough to come here and tell it to my page where there is no banning and there is nothing to stand between our posts.  If you’re brave enough, I invite you to discuss everything that I copied and pasted exactly as it was posted.  Your interpretation is not the definite one because where your rights end; mine just get started.  That’s the way the wheels turn….if ya don’t like it, then shut the fuck up!

Well, it was interesting reading what was going on there.  I even added a little extra comment at the ending of the thread.  Hey, I may be an evil guy but that doesn’t mean that I’m bad mannered. *winks*

Until next mischief!  Enjoy a safe Halloween.  LONG LIVE DOOM!!!


I don’t know what to think about this…

Posted in Uncategorized on October 22, 2013 by Prince Lotor Sincline

So now the Voltron Universe is mashed up with the Robotech world. But before I write my opinion about that,  I guess everybody knows by now that “Voltron Force” was officially canceled.  I always remember an idiot (yeah, one of those) in the forum that got mad at me because I liked better “Thundercats” new reboot than “Voltron Force”.  He lashed out at me that Cartoon Network would soon cancel “Thundercats” but that wouldn’t happen with “Voltron Force” because NickToons didn’t work that way.  Well, he was right about the cancelling of “Thundercats” but he was wrong about NickToons’ way of working.

And anyway, “Thundercats 2011”  was still a much better cartoon than “Voltron Force”.  The more of 2 millions of fans on the Thundercats’ FB page are still begging for more, while Voltron’s fan page is still struggling to make it to 200,000 fans.

So Voltron Force didn’t go as planned. Strike One! I knew it wouldn’t.  Making it a K/A fan fiction for kids while introducing Super Vince, obnoxious Daniel and bitchy Larmina was simply too vanilla.  Bring back the bad ass drules like the old days where we ruled the universe with terror and might.  Nooooo, but they had to make the good guys win and have all the technological advantages.  Screw up the medieval environment and make it more 26th century based. They had to change Voltron and make it all goody-goody.  Now they are sowing the fruits of their labor.  No series, no growth on the fan-base, lots of critics and the motive I’m writing this blog: a crossover comic book with the Robotech universe.

Ok, ok, ok….at first they had another comic book based on the now cancelled series but it seems that didn’t work either.  Strike Two!  So revive King Kenny AKA Prince Lotor and let’s continue the adventure.  Another patch over patches and patches of stories.  I don’t even understand where does everything start and where does it end….  Why couldn’t they just do a fucking reboot???!!!!  WHY?!  WHY?!

Start from scratch, dammit!!!

Well, I wish WEP the best with whatever mash up they’re concocting now….(in my royal opinion, they really need Haggar, badly).  Because if this doesn’t work, it would be Strike Three – you’re OUT!!

I’m posting this link to the New York Comic Con article about the Robotech/Voltron comic.  It was written by An Nicholson, I agree with her about the love/hate relationship stuff.  (I remember the time when it was just love for the Voltron franchise)  I guess time passes and we change. *sigh*  Anyway, enjoy reading the link and share your comments:

Until next post!  LONG LIVE DOOM!!!

October is here and I won’t show you my pumpkin

Posted in Uncategorized on October 4, 2013 by Prince Lotor Sincline

And with the arrival of this month, a certain royal character is having another birthday. (That’s me of course!) Have I grown wise during my years?  I would like to think so, but I guess that making mistakes is what helps me grow.  I do like Autumn; I like the cooler seasons…the falling leaves…..the candy corn….the turkey…and the whole celebrations that remind us that the year is almost ending.  I can say that I’ve achieved some goals that I established at the beginning of this year; but I’m not there yet.  Hopefully this year will end up with a blast.

So enjoy this season with your loved and not-so-loved ones.  I miss my dear cat who passed on Sept. 13.  She was my inspiration for the story “Feline Strut”.  If you haven’t read it; I invite you to do so.  My dear cat was 18 years old at the time of her demise, she was old and sick and I am missing her terribly.  Still can’t get used to not hear her or see her walking around my chambers.  But that’s ok; death is part of life.  It’s a matter of getting used to it.

Lately I was feeling inspired to continue one of my stories; but I found out that I can’t write the same way.  Got to figure out why is that happening to me.  I guess when you don’t do something for a long time; you forget how to do it well…

So, if you want to leave a message, feel free to do so.  Enjoy Autumn!

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