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See ya later…

Posted in Uncategorized on May 7, 2012 by Prince Lotor Sincline

For reasons of health nature, I may be offline for a while.  So if I don’t reply to any comments for a couple of days, you already know the reason.  You can still comment if you want because as soon as I can, I will be back and reply.  Keep the evilness alive against each other.  LONG LIVE DOOM!!!  Bwahahahahaha


Rant Day: Burning the Official Voltron Forum again! Bwahahahaaa!!

Posted in Uncategorized on May 5, 2012 by Prince Lotor Sincline

Whenever I feel like wanting to hate someone and pick up a fight just for the fuel of it making me feel feisty and alive….I read the Official Voltron forum in  I get soo mad at reading the posts there that I get on character everytime.  It helps me keep Doom alive whenever I go, hehehe.

Well, today was one of those days…I visited the forum not as a member.  I just browsed it as a visitor.  I don’t think I will ever reopen my account on that forum after the last time when I gave my honest opinion and some regular members almost crucified me for committing the sin of not agreeing with them.

Some members, (fortunately, not all of them) have the custom of ridiculizing other posts of people.  And by this, I do not include those that defend themselves by making fun of their tormentors the way Coldwin masterfully does…no, I mean there are some members there that after one person posts a comment, they don’t insult the person in words, but the way they ridicule the comment, they might as well call the person: stupid or idiot.  And the worst part is that if you try to defend yourself, you might get banned for it!

This is the perfect example of one of the situations that normally happens in the Official Voltron Forum:

A member who calls himself The Matt started a thread called: Should black lion reject Daniel?

After many comments were posted another member named DynamoSP posted:

If the lions didn’t reject the hagarium infected Sven when he stole it for Maahox, then there’d be no reason they’d reject the hagarium infected Daniel. In fact, even when his infection didn’t flare up and he was simply being a horrible leader, the black lion still didn’t spit him out.

Headcanon starting now:

Unfortunately, while black would rightfully recognize Daniel as a lion pilot, he’s still in the wrong lion. Yellow’s for tough guys like Daigo (being a lion rider and all), green’s for smart guys like Vince, blue is a legacy lion for “nobility” passed from a princess’s lover (Sven) to a princess to Sven’s daughter Larmina, black is for those fit for leadership like Lotor’s half-human daughter and red is the lion best suited for hotblooded loose cannons like Lance and Daniel. I’m hoping season two will rectify this, instead of once again trying to force a hotheaded youth into the role of a level headed commander. If you try too hard to force a triangular block into a circular hole, you’ll only just wind up breaking the game and ruining the fun.

DISCLAIMER: You see this part of my post? It’s my SIGNATURE. It’s not something I typed in. Please stop asking why I’m spamming it. I’m not. A signature is something that’s automatically added to every post while not actually being a part of said posts. If the concept of a signature rustles your jimmies, then please, by all means, ignore this. Now without further ado, my actual signature:

Voltron Force won’t get good until Lotor’s haughty half-human daughter and Daigo become the new black and yellow pilots. Make it happen, WEP!

And yes, my jimmies are rustled. I shouldn’t have to explain what a signature is. The fact that I do says something about this community. ”


After a couple of members ignored the aforementioned post by DynamoSP another member called IceWyche decided to answer to DynamoSP:

Tough guy? Daigo? He’s an Ariellan, yes, but we’ve never actually seen him ride a lion. The Lion Riders seem to be more like a military unit than an ethnic group; saying Daigo is a “Lion Rider” is like saying you or I are Marines just because we live in America.

Sven hadn’t even met Romelle when he piloted Blue, and the idea of Larmina being his daughter is canonically and chronologically ridiculous.

(About Dynamo’s comment of Lotor’s half-human daughter, she said) You mean the one who doesn’t exist in the series?

I think you need to have your headcanon calibrated; you’re so far off the target it’s not even funny.”


Notice that the last comment made by Icewyche tries to make fun of the headcomment that DynamoSP shows under the name he uses as a member of the OVF.  Another notorious member of the Voltron Forum who is named Aqua Lion, and is one of the nastiest members I’ve comfronted in that forum had to agree with Icewyche’s infamous answer:

I think it’s funny!
Funny in a sort of “oh, you just gave Icewyche an opening to eviscerate you, bwaha” kind of way.”


Damn it!! Is it me or did Aqua Lion just agree that one member should eviscerate another member just for commenting???  Do you think the Voltron Force would agree with Aqua Lion’s reaction?  I’m starting to believe that I could find excellent citizens for Doom residing in the Voltron Forum… 😛

But the next response from another member called SnyperLady gives kudos to Icewyche’s initial comment:

I have to admit, Icewyche…this is THE BEST response I have ever had the pleasure of reading! *giggle*

And, you are SOOOOO right, on all of it! They haven’t said WHO Larmina’s parents are. In DotU, Allura is an only child…so, where she came from still puzzles me, but Larmina being Sven and Romelle’s kid??? HIGHLY UNLIKELY!

Lotor’s half-human daughter? Ok…while I see Lotor pursuing Allura all his life…he has YET to settle down with ANYONE. And, I don’t see THAT changing ANYTIME soon…

Yes… Hunk, we need a headcannon re-calibrated over here. Double time, please? Thanks!”


If SnyperLady thought that the comment made by Icewyche was the best one she’s ever read….damn! sarcasm just stopped being funny anymore!!

Then another member called Aurora of Aragon joined in the Voltron Inquisition regarding DynamoSP’s comment:


Is there something that I am missing? *confused*


For the sake of torture, this Aurora of Aragon just had a blond moment!! Then Lance’s own #1 fan Rachel tries to comfy her:

You aren’t missing anything!”


But the blond moment isn’t over yet!  Guess what?  Aurora of Aragon still has more where that came from:

I haven’t picked up the comic books or the short graphic story. Is this where Lotor’s daughter is introduced? I guess I missed something.

So I guess I should have went with my first instinct and just concluded that someone in this thread isn’t wrapped very tightly.”


OMFG!!!!  Does Aurora of Aragon think that DynamoSP is some kind of burrito???  This girl really needs some serious guacamole mixed with her hot salsa… Aaaayayyayyy!!!!  *Listening to Mexican rancheras*

Then one of the mods SGB decides to add his two cents because it was the only cash he could afford at the moment:


What the h-e-double hockey sticks makes you say Larmina is Sven’s daughter???

And Lotor does NOT have a half-human daughter.”


OK, OK, OK!!!  Is it me or are they repeating themselves again and again???  I just repeated OK many times just to make the point of how annoying it gets when people repeat themselves again and again and again and again!  FUCK!

Then AlluraP decides to personify Sherlock Holmes just to point out Aurora of Aragon’s blond stupidity by repeating what was already highlighted:

Precisely, Watson.

No . . . Lotor does not have a half-human daughter.

No, Sven was not Allura’s lover at any point in either DoTU or VF. And certainly, Larmina has not been established as Sven’s “daughter”.

Also, Daigo is not a lion rider. He is a citizen of Planet Ariel, and however he is or is not related to Chief Kalon has yet to be confirmed.

Just a little unidentified “fanon”.


Please Allura P…  Aurora of Aragon is NO Watson at all!!! As much… she could barely be as smart as Shaggy from Scooby Doo…

And adding a little fuel to the DynamoSP bonfire was Icewyche with another one of her goading comments:

“Lotor’s daughter was never introduced; she doesn’t exist anywhere except in DynamoSP’s head as some kind of freaky fetish fuel.”


With that comment, she just called DynamoSP a freak!!! Was she banned for it?  Hell no!  Did she even get a warning for not cussing or trolling?  Of course not!  That is completely acceptable in this forum!  OR IS IT???

Now I want you to read Ladyrissa001’s comment of the matter:

I’ve never seen or heard of a half human daughter of Lotor (except in fanfic) Really if he did have a half-human daughter, she would be most likely illegitimate – likely a side product of the many planets he conquered for his father, King Zarkon.

Changing the subject, I’ve always ‘toyed’ with the idea that Lamina was a ‘love child’ of Allura’s Aunt Orla. Of course even if that was a possibility, if I remember somewhere in DOTU, Orla was Allura’s mother’s sister, not Alfor’s, so no actual royal linage there unless Alfor was naughty and had a fling with her – fanfic fodder! But then Voltron Force is working with a new generation of Voltron, anything is possible…

Just my two cents in…


Wait!! Let’s analyze this answer for a moment.  Did Ladyrissa001 ridicule DynamoSP in any moment?  No.  Did she use sarcasm in her answer?  No.  Did she insinuate that DynamoSP is wrapped up too tight or that he’s a freak with a fettish fuel?  No.  On the contrary, she just pointed that she heard of Lotor’s daughter in fanfics with no disrespects and no insinuations…plus,  she wisely changed the subject.  Kudos for Ladyrissa001!!

But after succeding for awhile in the subject changing, another member had to fuel up the bonfire again.  His name was Redwolf…

“whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa.

hold up a second back up rewind say that again?

prince lotor hasa half human daughter ?

dude when the hell did this happen ?

i must have been living under a rock at the time or ins osme man cave but im totally cluelless on lotor having a half human daughter

could you please explain that part and clue me in?


Dammit…for being a red wolf he’s reacting like a fucking blond wolf!!!  Wasn’t this theme over with???  Didn’t he read the previous posts?  But guess what?  Icewyche’s whip isn’t over hitting DynamoSP’s back.  She started the sarcasm and the insults so she feels the obligation of continuing the jest by dramatizing her nuisance :

*sigh* Lotor doesn’t HAVE a half-human daughter. She doesn’t exist anywhere but in DynamoSP’s head; same with the idea of Larmina as Sven’s daughter and hero-worshipping gamer geek Daigo as a “tough guy” (seriously, we’ve never seen him fight, not once, and Larmina and Daniel have both saved his ass from krelshi). Dynamo just has a hard time distinguishing his fantasy from actual canon.”


Now…not comforming herself by calling him a freak with a fettish; she just insinuated in fine words that DynamoSP is dellusional…  Why THE FUCK does she have to be so rude?  Does she need to feel superior in some way by jesting other people?  Probably.  But that’s how she demostrates what a FUCKING BITCH she is…. 🙂

Well, at last DynamoSP decides to reappear on the thread and post a response to Redwolf.  Strangely, he ignores Icewyche’s previous remarks and insinuations and he focuses on answering Redwolf’s post:

(First two questions from Redwolf about Lotor’s half daugher): ” No, he doesn’t. Yet.”

(Third question about when did it happen): “It hasn’t.”

(Fourth comment about what he must’ve been living…🙂  “Not clueless, just stupid.”

(Fifth question about explaining…:)  ” Go read my post again. You see that thing that says “headcanon” above what you’re referring to? You know, the thing denoting all of that as my fictional head canon? Well that was clearly stating that the following was all my fictional headcanon. If you just skimmed my post and/or don’t know the meaning of the word “canon,” that’s not my fault. Go get yourself a Sweetie Belle. She’s the best dictonary evar.”

To Icewyche:
“>makes a note in post that all of that is head canon
>gets blames for not knowing it’s just head canon

All of my facepalm. Again.”


I have to admit that DynamoSP has his peculiar point of view, but that doesn’t make him a dellusional freak wrapped up like a burrito… he’s still a fan with an oppinion and he deserves respect!!!

What really, really pissed me off about all of this was the next comment that SGB posted to DynamoSP:

Watch yourself. My finger’s hovering over the ban button with your name on it.


He threatened to ban DynamoSP because he mentioned the word stupid to Redwolf.  What about the freak fettish, wrapped up, dellusional insults and insinuations besides the trolling to DynamoSP’s initial post from other members of the forum????  So does that mean that as long as you disguise an insult insinuated “with class” you don’t even get a warning??

After that the other mod AlluraP had her say nudging SGB:

*Agrees with the other board mod**
Respect is give as respect is wanted. For you, Dynamo, to cry “foul” all over the board and in your sig, yet turn around and call someone “stupid” is just ridiculous.

Let’s get a few things straight.

Headcanon: (definition) (also written as “head canon” but it’s really one word.)

“An idea, belief, or aspect of a story that is not mentioned in the media itself, but is accepted by either the reader themselves or the fandom in general.

Dynamo, I seriously think that the problem you’re having here with the “headcanon” idea is that neither the readers of your post nor the fandom in general accepts this idea – which again, another example of the confusion it has generated around the board. This is purely your idea, your thought process, your fandon. And the fact that you state “Yet” really is the driving factor behind the confusion.

So, am I to assume you have a direct connection with the powers that be at WEP that you can state with such certainty that “yet” means “soon and coming”? I seriously doubt that, because that’s what people are taking this as. Your use of “headcanon” is confusing, given the general definition of the word and the post of which you defend.

Again – if you’re going to post it, people are going to comment. That’s the way it is on any forum (and if you think this forum is so god-awful, try going to the Star Trek forums, where even the Mods eat posters for lunch like Klingon Skull Stew.)


AlluraP  talks about respect…but what about DynamoSP’s respect?  When did  Icewyche, AquaLion, SnyperLady, and Aurora of Aragon show respect to DynamoSP’s initial post?  They just ridiculed him since the beginning; insulting his intelligence and reasonings by jesting him and ridiculizing his oppinion.  Sorry guys, but DynamoSP is only guilty of sharing his point of view with a bunch of rude bitches. It’s sad to admit but many of those members are just hypocritical snobs who apply the rules by convenience.

But thanks for being such rude pricks….at least you gave me a reason to write another post on my blog.  Of course, I’m just being my old evil self, as always…  BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

PS.  If you are offended by this post…remember that it’s not personal, it’s just business…

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