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Review for Voltron Force’s season finale “Black”

Posted in Uncategorized on April 27, 2012 by Prince Lotor Sincline

[[Edit of March 9, 2014:  The Voltron Force series WAS canceled since last year.  I’m just leaving the review the way I originally posted it for historical purposes only, and also because….It’s my fucking page.  I can do what I want!!]]

The question still remains…is this the season finale or the series finale???  The answer is yet to be seen.  But here I am, sitting on my throne once again in front of my after life computer (yeah, I’m still dead and I got the privilege of getting my own PC….I was a really bad, bad boy bwahahahaha!!).  Privileges aside, I sat down and watched Voltron Force’s last episode from this series: “Black”.

Last week’s episode was a very, very traumatizing installment for me.  I met the true death with no hopes of coming back.  Some fans had hopes that somehow I would’ve survived…and FYI, I wasn’t one of them!  I knew it was all over.  A huge tentacle squashed me like a bug plus my whole damn planet exploded…how am I supposed to survive that???  Pleaaaseee!!  At least something good came from my demise….I won’t be bashed as the Voltron has-been villain joke  ever again.  King Kenny kicked the bucket for the last time!!  I’m actually glad that I’m out of there! *phew*  No more crap for me please…bwahahahahaha!

Well…last night’s new episode started with the Voltron Force being their always vanilla-self inside the castle.  For the third time since this season began, if I recall well… I got to see arusian commoners when Keith was trying to set up an army with some guys that really needed to shape up.  Was Allura trying to propose again?  Well, Keith didn’t seem interested.  That is the most unromantic display of “blowing off” I’ve ever seen…  Accept it Allura!  Keith is more interested in arusian dudes than in you! BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!

The biggest issue in this installment was the fact that in last episode Keith passed the Black Lion with all it’s leadership duties to Daniel, who was obviously not ready for such a big responsibility and also was awarded that position by means of deceit.  He never confessed that he was infected with haggarium and by the way, that confession never materialized in this episode either.  He never came clean…

An inconsistency that I found in this episode was Lance’s personality.  At the beginning of the series, we see a very proud commander of the Galaxy Alliance who is by all means a very well respected officer that  even with his carefree attitude knew who he was and what he had to do.  In this episode, he was like a puppy dog attached to his red lion seat.  I can understand that he could love his lion….but come on!!!  To lose the opportunity to at last take command of the Voltron Force after so many years, with all of his experience…he’s just gonna humiliate himself by taking commands from a kid just because he loves his red lion????   BULLSHIT!!!!  Not even “cool” Lance would be so stupid as to take orders from a kid who he was ordering to clean toilets just some episodes ago.

And don’t even let me start with Keith being so irresponsible by giving Daniel the Black Lion in the first place.  How could it be possible that Keith would be such an idiot to pass his leadership duties to Daniel??  Just because of one stupid mission??  How about the countless missions that Lance was there fighting the Doom forces?  Didn’t all those infinite missions count for something?  Oh yeah….I’m over analyzing a cartoon…but until last episode I was part of that cartoon…so bite me!!

Continuing with what happened in last night’s episode, Maahox went directly to Earth to attack the Galaxy Alliance.  Theoretically, he had a good plan.  Destroy the Alliance leadership and the rest of the planets get disorientated…logic.  Then the battle begins…Lance feels insecure about Daniel taking the lead in such a dangerous mission and asks Keith to lead for one last time. Keith says no and the arrogant Daniel takes over.  It was a disaster since the beginning.

Even Vince with his telepathic link tried to convince Daniel to come clean by telling the truth but Daniel was so eager to keep the Black Li0n that he said no.  Another inconsistency:  I thought that the Lions chose their pilots.  Like in that episode where Black Lion ran away and Keith had to “tame it”.  What the hell happened there?  How come Black Lion accepted a defective pilot like Daniel???  Why didn’t Black Lion just run away from Daniel???  Another writing flaw? I dare to believe so…

When the battle begins…it’s obvious that Daniel is screwing up big time.  Even Lance wants to take over but Daniel doesn’t let him.  Keith realizes too late the mistake that he made by giving Daniel the leadership of the Voltron Force and when he tries to go to Earth, Allura turns to her father for advice.  The late King Alfor has yet his last gift for Allura: Ta daaaaaa!!  The castle of Lions turns into a huge spaceship.  Surprise, surprise?????  Hellooooo!!!  That happened before in the old series; nothing new there!  Why do they use old ideas like if they were new?  Lame….LAAAMMMEEEEE!!!   Or should I say:  CRAPTASTIC!!!

By the way….they just took like five minutes to arrive at Earth from Arus…talking about warp speed.  We can call it: “cartoon speed”.  They are like Flash Gordon: kings of the impossible!!!  BWAHAHAHAHA!!

When Keith takes over Black Lion; he gets in charge and the tide turns against Maahox.  Then TA DAAAAA!  Surprise, surprise??? The lion heads fly away from Voltron and attack the robeast!!  Another old idea made new…LAAAMMEEEEEE!!!

Well the outcome of this episode was logical:  Keith defeats Maahox and takes back the leadership of the Voltron Force. Daniel is demoted back to cadethood and it seems to me that he turns bad in the end.  This leaves a big question mark about who will be the next main villain in Voltron Force… now that Wade, Kala, Maahox and myself have  all bit the dust and came over to join Haggar inside her heavenly quazar…

What I liked about this episode: Hmmmmmm…easy question so I have an easy answer for it.  And I’ll make it straight and short: nothing. I can understand if you disagree with me, specially for those of you who really enjoy watching your heroes being vanilla all the time.  I am a Doomite, proud to be one until the end.  I can’t conceive Voltron Force without Doom being a part of it.  With that said….

What I disliked about this episode:  Everything!!! I would add a little of my opinion about the whole series.  It all starts with the horrible, horrible theme song.  Whenever the music starts it feels like a hammer is hitting my head as if it were a nail that won’t just get into that wall and you have to repeatedly hit it and hit until it nails the wall….  That’s how much I hate that theme song. (Coming from someone who is a professional musician, I think the opinion should count for something). I have to admit that there were some parts of episodes that I enjoyed of this series, like whenever me or Cossack were featured…but those moments were so few and so bashing that I would found myself gagging most of the time.

The whole Larmina thing was never addressed properly.  Who the hell were her parents???  What’s her backstory?  It all felt like someone had an light bulb idea and just put it there so we could believe it by faith!!  Praise to the gods!!!

There were never guards in the Castle of Lions; the cadets could take joyrides with the Lions whenever they wanted.

The haggarium concept was just pitiful.  They should’ve brought back Haggar with her cat Coba.  Damn!!! Even Zarkon’s demise was never mentioned and characters there would just appear and disappear by the art of magic.

I still think that a complete reboot like the one that was tastefully done with Thundercats would’ve been the best choice for bringing Voltron Force back to life.  If they wanted a new generation of pilots; why did they do it when the Voltron pilots were still young and capable of fighting?  They just wanted to keep the old fans happy by bringing back the old characters; but all they did was change the plot into a bad K/A fanfiction made canon.  Bad choice! With a reboot they could’ve change the story a bit, fill in the plot holes…use the same characters, rediscover Voltron again.  But putting a story patch over another story patch makes no sense; and for just making a point the whole Voltron franchise has been seriously compromised.  The different continuity idea was a very bad idea…it sucked balls!

I may be a bad guy; but I’m being as honest as I can be.  The whole Voltron Universe was just fascinating…the unique blend of medieval themes  with science fiction is a rare gem that other TV shows and movies are now adopting. Voltron was one of the first franchises to use this idea succesfully!  Why did WEP toss this treasure out the window??  (Thanks to FB Zarkon Voltron for sharing this insight, I completely agree).

It feels like Voltron 3D all over again.  Even if I wasn’t made into a cyborg this time, it sure felt like it.  That’s how bad portrayed I was.  I was even nicknamed “King Kenny” for crying out loud! This whole idea of the cadets and the haggarium….should be tossed outside with the garbage also.  It sucks!  Bring me back GoLion!  Bring back Voltron: Defender of the Universe!  Nothing like the original even with the plot holes and all.  With that said, here are the comments made on my FB page:

Enjoy reading and comment if you like.  Feel free to disagree with me.  If you really enjoyed the series, I’m glad for you.  My opinion is coming from a true doomite that doesn’t conceive the Voltron Universe without our distinguished presence.  To those who still appreciate me, just know that in Facebook I’m still alive and well and keeping the evilness looking good.  LONG LIVE DOOM FOREVER!!!


Review for Voltron Force’s new episode: “Deceive and Conquer”

Posted in Uncategorized on April 19, 2012 by Prince Lotor Sincline

One word resumes this episode for me:  CRAPTASTIC!!! Ironically I learned that word from a very much obvious disappointed Voltron fan at the Official Voltron page in Facebook.  I think he was even reported as a spammer because of that.  But you know what?  On the long run, he was right!

The sad story begins like this:  I’m fighting with Maahox and I dismiss him because I obviously don’t need him anymore:  my castle is completely restored, I fully control the haggarium, I could move the earth at my will; well, if Super Vince is a robotbender, why not make ME an earthbender???  Sounds fair…

Anyway, while I’m dismissing that asshole, spider Kala-Wade appears to get revenge on Maahox for transforming her into a spider.  I get involved in the fight because the spider is damaging the castle, things were going pretty well for me but then, the spider traps and devours me.  While all of this is going on, Daniel can see it through his haggarium infected condition, which he doesn’t confess to the Voltron Force only to Larmina and Vince.  The thing is that I end up merging with the spider while Maahox is thrilled watching everything go down.

In Arus, Allura tells Keith that because he is arusian he can be king at last.  (???) Was that supposed to be a proposal?  If it was…that was the most unromantic blurt I’ve ever heard in my life.  But I still think that the K/A shippers are having orgasms over this crap….

Well, the Voltron Force decides to go to Doom because Daniel told them what was going on and Vince covered up the haggarium infected part.  So Daniel never tells he is infected with haggarium.  The thing is that he uses his infection to actually fight against the Lotor-Wade-Kala spider and Keith lets him lead on the fight.   Voltron ends up winning; destroying the spider with the fucking blazing sword.  I appear again in the haggarium chamber just to watch as  the suddenly transformed into an octopus-Maahox  merges with Castle Doom transforming it into a Robeast.  After that happens he squashes me like a bug with one of his tentacles and destroys Planet Doom when he leaves with the Castle.

In planet Arus, Keith steps down from Black Lion and passes the baton to Daniel.  (???)  What about Lance and Hunk?  Don’t they have much more experience and seniority to lead the Voltron Force?  This was crap!!!  That could never happen!

What I did like: Did I actually like something about this episode?  I did like the fight I was having with the spider where I was earthbending.  It looked good until the spider trapped me and merged with me.  But all good things have an end.  And this episode ended everything for me…

What I didn’t like:  Dying for the definite last time.  I don’t think I’m coming back this time.  Maahox has what he wants.  He wants to be the main villain all along.  Why the hell was I even brought back anyway?  Couldn’t Maahox be enough to reconstruct the castle and control the haggarium?  He was the one who found the haggarium in that quazar and forged it into whatever dark energy it was….there was no need to bring me back.  It makes no sense to me.

The stupid proposal of Allura to Keith was laughable, it lacked emotion sort of like pushed into something logical like a math equation: 1 + 1 = King of Arus.  It was stupid!

Daniel gets Black Lion without confessing his haggarium infection, he bumps over Lance and Hunk who are obviously more qualified than him to lead the Voltron Force.

The whole story plot felt rushed, illogical and it lacked a whole amount of credibility.  As I said in the beginning, just one word resumes this episode to me:  CRAPTASTIC!!!

Below is the link where my friends in Facebook posted their impressions after the airing of the episode.  There’s a lot of cursing and disappointment among us.  Enjoy the reading.  Feel free to disagree with me, if you like.  I won’t take it against you, dammit I was just killed…I don’t care anymore.  HAHAHAHA!!!

Review for new Voltron Episode “An army of one”

Posted in Uncategorized on April 13, 2012 by Prince Lotor Sincline

I was looking forward for this new episode because, at last, I would feature in an episode for more than 5 minutes.  I believe this has been the episode where I have had more airing time so far since the series began.  It was about fucking time!  I was frustrated that I would always see myself in the beginning credits just to watch a whole parade of less known and inexperienced villains stealing my spotlight.

This new episode turned out to be another turning point in the Voltron Universe just like the previous episode where Allura stepped down from Blue Lion to start ruling as Queen and leave Larmina as her successor.  This time it was Pidge’s turn to pass the baton to Super Vince who like in innumerable occasions  saved the day again.

Maahox created a clone army of myself.  This idea was previously used by Haggar but in a lesser scale because she just created one clone.  This army was huge; the same size of it’s ego.  Then how come they got together to fight in the first place?  An army is supposed to work as a team; huge egos don’t do that.  (Just a thought!)

Also, I have to add that this idea was also used in Dragonball Z when Cooler cloned himself to make an army. It seems to me that old ideas die hard…

The Voltron Force was preparing for the coronation of Allura while she was traveling with Coran in a ship.  Daniel was feeling jealous of Larmina’s annointment as new pilot; while Vince mas meddling in Daniel’s mind with that darned telepathy.

Suddenly the battle begins when many Lotors appear attacking the lions and then we see as Larmina gets excited to be part of this first mission as a Voltron pilot.  Voltron wins this battle because the Lotor army begins to fight between themselves for who would be the one to destroy Voltron.  I still can’t believe that Maahox couldn’t foresee this when it was obvious that there would be a problem when the Predator Robeast was called back in a previous episode because of my “huge ego”.

And talking about the Predator Robeast, it came back just to have a disastrous ending all thanks to Super Vince, who after saving the day (again?) was annointed pilot of Green Lion, leaving Pidge out of the team.  The episode ends when Keith, Lance and Hunk wonder who will be the next to step down as member of the Voltron Force.

There are many things that I have to say about this episode.  Of course from my most peculiar point of view.  Even if Daniel gets to be the new pilot of Black Lion, which would be my most proper guess, that would create a friction between him and the more senior pilots like Lance and Hunk, who are more fit to fill in that seat any day of the year.  So if Daniel gets Black Lion, besides being total bullshit because he definitely doesn’t deserve it,  something has to be done with Lance and Hunk.  They would definitely need other cadets to take those positions.  In real life, Daniel would be sitting behind a desk in a mailing room because he definitely doesn’t deserve to be part of the Voltron Force.

What I liked about this episode: Me, me and a thousand of me’s!!!  So many Lotors can’t be enough, HAHAHAHA!! Ego doesn’t matter when I’m around, my presence is enough.

What I didn’t like: Vince saving the day, again and not only that, he got Green Lion for being a meddler and a total prick! I definitely and totally hate him.  Darn Gary Stu!! Daniel and Vince being able to defeat me.  WTF???  Kids???  You gotta be fucking kidding me!!!  Less Allura and more Larmina, just as I predicted that would happen.  Now it will be more Vince and less Pidge and that really sucks big time!  Last but not least was the defeat of the Predator Robeast.  I knew that would happen eventually but it’s still hard to digest.

Watching the previews of next episode, it was mentioned that someone wouldn’t survive.  If it’s me again (for the fourth time!!!)  I will stop watching Voltron Force then and there.  But I sincerely hope it’s one of those stupid ex-cadets or Daniel…

Here are the comments made to my Facebook page after the airing of the episode last night.  Read and comment if you like.

See you next week!


Review for Voltron Force new episode “Roots of Evil”

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Well, never thought that an episode like this would ever air.  This new installment was definitely a turning point in the Voltron universe.  Just like the episode in the old series where Allura takes Sven’s place as the Blue Lion pilot; now she passed the baton to cadet Princess Larmina.

The episode shows a brief discussion between  Maahox and myself.  It is clear that Maahox has his own agenda with the last comment he made saying that he is always two steps ahead of me….suspicious, right?  I guess it is just another way of WEP saying that not only Allura is going but even I will soon be replaced.

The menace in this episode were some plants filled with haggarium that had roots which were threatening to reach Arus’ core and destroy the planet but in the process the plant would also produce more haggarium.  The other threat for Allura was her issue of how being a Blue Lion pilot was interfering in her duties as Princess of Arus.  So she has to make a decision.  Helping a farmer was the way for her to finally decide that it was time for her to stop being a Voltron pilot and start ruling her people.  That means that all those many reasons before this one were not as imp0rtant for her to quit piloting Blue and start ruling her people.

Now it’s very clear that Coran is not helping her anymore like in the old series.  That was one of  the reasons she was pilot of the Blue Lion; Coran was a helping hand in the ruling process.  But things have changed; Coran has no purpose in Arus and he’s always on Galaxy Garrison working in his new job as a lawyer….

Another detail was the discovery of Daniel’s infection with haggarium and how the other cadets are keeping it a secret.  I predict this is something that will soon be considered another mischief equally ignored and rewarded from the older pilots.  Those damned cadets always get away with mischief.  I actually don’t care about this much, I just wish this is the cause Daniel finally gets kicked out of the Voltron Force for good. (crossing my fingers)

What I liked: The less than 5 minutes that I was featured in this episode of course. Hmmmmmm….what else?  Well, the haggarium plant was pretty cool but it was a reminder of another old Voltron episode “Zarkon is dying”.   So nothing new there, just the haggarium and that there were no flowers, no Witch Sondra, or Haggar and no Zarkon (tho I think Zarkon was mentioned).

My dislikes:  As I always predicted, the cadets are there to stay.  Now we will see less Allura and more Larmina and her squeaky annoying voice.  They should’ve brought back Sven, but they made him sick with haggarium  so that he would have no possibility of coming back.    Who’s next?  Keith or Lance?  Pidge or Hunk?  Make your bets people!!!  I theorize that at least Keith will be one of them cause Daniel really wants Black Lion.  But I still don’t know if Lance will be the one substituted by Super Vince.

All in all…I still stand tall in the same opinion I had on June 2011 when this series aired for the first time.  This new series should have been a reboot.  Why bring new characters when the old ones were soo cool and they didn’t need replacing?  They wanted a new generation to watch? Fine!  Keep the old and make it all new. They could have kept the old fans and make whole new fans too.

Next episode will feature a clone army of myself…..  Can so much perfection become actually reality??  Hahahahaha!!!  Let’s see….

Here are the comments made on my FB page after the episode was aired:

Enjoy and see you next week!

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