Review for new Voltron Force episode “Crossed Signals”

I don’t think I’m gonna take too long with this review.  Something that I did different was to watch the episode while I was connected to Twitter.  I knew I was going to make an appearance and I wanted it to be special.  Well, many Voltron fans thought it was a special episode.

This installment brings us to a ship graveyard where the Voltron Force sets an investigation inside an old ship. The ones that enter the ship are Allura and Keith. The ship holds some vital information about Keith’s past.  During the episode it is revealed that Keith’s ancestors come from Arus not from Earth as we always believed.  There were other things that were revealed, but I honestly didn’t pay much attention…really.  I wasn’t that interested.  As you all know…Keith is not my favorite person right now (who am I kidding, he’s never been my favorite person EVER!).

What I liked about this episode:  My super-armor!!!  It was BAAADAAAAASSSSSS!!! The very, very, very brief moments where I make an appearance are worth tolerating the presence of those hated goody-two-shoes Voltron Force.  It was nice seeing Cossack again….even if he doesn’t resemble remotely the way he did in the older days.  Oh…and please….could you please take off that damned choir music????  Put me some AC/DC or Black Sabbath as background music for crying out loud!!!  Don’t you guys see that I resemble a rock star????  Fuck!!!

What I didn’t like:  Losing again.  It’s not a good thing being me in this series, honest. WEP  is on to me!!!  If they wouldn’t portray me well, they should have left me dead or made me a cosmic essence like Haggar.  The “lotorium” doesn’t sound so bad… (Really!!)  The telepathic shit between Vince and Daniel annoys me.  I knew since the previous episode that I would hate that.

Ok, I know that Voltron fans (most K/A’ers) are squeaking in what they consider a Keith/Allura moment….HA!  A romantic moment is what I saw in TCats when Cheetara confessed her love to Tygra and they ended up smooching in the moonlight.  Now that’s a romantic moment!!  Allura just held Keith’s hand.  WTF was that to squeak about???  NOTHING HAPPENED!!!  No smooch, no love confessions…nothing.  It’s pathetic how people can conform themselves by receiving crumbs and then celebrate about it… By the gods! Just pa-the-tic! *facepalm*

Well, there weren’t much comments on my Facebook page about the episode.  I guess I have too many Lotor/Allura fans and they weren’t too thrilled about his episode either.

My dear friend Ron Riding had a comment about it that I will reproduce here:   “I think Vince is a closet masturbator. xD
Fuck the Voltron Force with a gay dildo. ^_~”

This comment made my day early in the morning!!  HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

These are the most comments that were made on my page.  Enjoy:

Until next episode!


8 Responses to “Review for new Voltron Force episode “Crossed Signals””

  1. Last week, Daniel became Voltron through a brain experiment made by Vince. This week, he was able to form Voltron without Keith. His prominence is featured. I think this and last week’s episode was about Daniel. This does have me concerned that if they replace Keith, I’m not sure I want to stick around. Yes, I do like the Keith/ Allura moments, but Keith was not written well in this episode.

    When they first brought up Knight of Arus, I immediately thought of the Voltron Knights from the comic A Legend Forged. Basically, not only is Keith the Captain of the Voltron Force, he’s also a Knight of Arus as well. I smell a Keith/ Allura wedding.

    Last week saw Wade and Kala become one and acquiring the late Awesometron to rebuild itself, Lotor got a new armor and did have Voltron on the ropes with Haggarium.

    This telepathic thing between Daniel and Vince is causing friction, which I predicted with between them and Larmina. Yeah, they may have told Larmina this in the end, but we didn’t see her reaction to it and it was similar to Hunk back in Hunkyard.

    I’ve also written a review of this episode with the similar thoughts. Not a bad episode, but definitely not one of my favorites. Predator Robeast is still the best episode of this season.

    • You know…I really want to see the Predator Robeast back. Even tho I know they will do something to make Voltron win. I still have mixed feelings about pulling out of the fight when the predator robeast was about to win. In the old days…I wouldn’t have done that.

      And I really hope there’s no Allura/Keith wedding. That would suck balls 😛

    • Mwaka' Says:

      I know what you are talking about(keith’s and allura’s story it suck) their love story should have been more than friendship!!

  2. I haven’t seen it but I know it was posted ^^

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