Review for Voltron Force’s new episode: “I, Voltron”

Last night when I was about to start watching the new episode “I, Voltron”, I received a phone call so it was kinda difficult for me to make an opinion of what I was seeing cause I hardly paid attention to it.  So I just finished watching the episode again in NickToons website and I’m ready to put my insights of what I’ve just seen.

The episode begins with Coran in front of some galactic court room accusing Wade of all the crimes he had committed against Voltron and the galaxy alliance.  But if we thought that was going to be the end of Wade we were so wrong…he ended up escaping with the help of the now spider robeast Commander Kala.  How did they meet and end up together? I’m trying to recall an explanation for that. But I think that that story still remains to be seen.

Well, but the reason of that most peculiar title for this episode resides with the cadets.  For some reason, Voltron is well assembled in some kind of hangar and Super Vince is making some brain artifact that is still not finished when Super insubordinate Daniel puts it on while it’s connected to Voltron.  The thing is that Daniel’s brain ends up connected with Voltron’s robot body.

The biggest issue in this episode becomes Daniel’s disobedience to every order given to him because he becomes euphoric behaving like the Defender of the Universe while his body is dying and his brain can stay permanently connected to the robot.  That’s why he ends up jeopardizing his own security when Wade/Cmdr. Kala trap him in a web of haggarium almost fusing with Voltron and keeping the Defender of the Universe for good.

What I liked:  the plot of this episode is well paced, entertaining, it makes you wonder what would you do if you had Voltron’s powers. I liked that they brought back Commander Kala from the void she was in. But most of all,  I loved….but absolutely loved seeing “Awesometron” being destroyed.  It was the most thrilling and exciting part I enjoyed in the whole episode.  I loathed that robot soooo much and specially it’s cheesy name.  Geesh!!!  Thumbs up for that part!  I hope that’s the last we ever see from “Garbagetron”…ever again!

What I didn’t like:  Daniel’s insubordinate ass is just too annoying.  He’s a trouble maker. Also, Vince’s super powers doing the worst confrontation against the bad guys while the other more experimented pilots just took a secondary role by helping him free Voltron from the spider’s clutches.  The cadets are taking over the whole plot as the main characters… definitely.  And what makes it worst is that now Vince and Daniel are telepathic….yeah, you read it right…telepathic.  Being a robot-bending freak was not enough so we have to stand him and Daniel’s  mind-bending bond too.  *Facepalm*

Oh and of course….another thing I didn’t like:  I was not in the episode…again.  This is becoming a trend anyway.   >.< *extremely frustrated*

I don’t remember who was the person that suggested this title for the show: “The super cadets show”.   I know now what that person meant when he/she renamed it.   It’s so appropriate…definitely.   So…there you have it.  What I liked and disliked so far.

Here are the comments made on my Facebook page once the episode was aired.  Read and enjoy!

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5 Responses to “Review for Voltron Force’s new episode: “I, Voltron””

  1. Voltron Defender The Universe…

    […] re are the comments made on my Facebook page once the episode was aired.  Read […]…

  2. This episode happens to have the most Voltron out of any episode after the last two episodes saw less and less of him. What Daniel is doing is not much different than what Wade did back in the Clash of the Lions and Wade pointed this out. Daniel’s actions costed the cadets Awesometron, but that robot had to go as it would have the potential to detract from Voltron.

    They explained what happened in the pilot between Wade and Kala and also answered the question of how Wade knew of the Haggarium. I find his first name to be pretty funny for a villain – Herbert Wade. I wonder if there was a Star Trek reference there.

    Since Daniel and Vince are now telepathic, I’m starting to wonder if it’s going to cause friction between the Voltron Force and the cadets. I liked Keith’s reaction to Daniel at the end. However, I will say this was a better episode than last week’s.

  3. I guess I missed the explanation of how Wade and Kala ended up together. That’s how interesting I find the story sometimes… 😛 And I don’t think the telepathic thing will cause any problems between the VF and the cadets. Let’s face it, if the insubordination thing hasn’t done the job, how can a telepathic thing be worst??? Daniel is too disobedient and he seems to get his way too frequently….it’s becoming a disturbing trend in this series.

    • If Daniel gets too disobedient and gets his way too frequently in the series, I’m starting to think he may not survive at the end of the first season if the show gets renewed. I’ve said this before back on the Voltron forums, I don’t want him replacing Keith as we don’t need two reckless guys in the Voltron Force.

  4. Well…let’s see what happens. But I think the cadets are there to stay…unfortunately 😦

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