Review for “Dradin, Baby, Dradin” Voltron Force’s new episode

Sorry for the delay on the posting of this review.  I had urgent businesses to attend to.  That’s the price of being a king, hehehe.  Well, on to the review of WEP’s new installment which was aired last Wednesday night at 8 PM on NickToons.

The episode started showing a video made by Vince where Voltron the robot is shown in all of it’s glory….I mean, showing all of  it’s heads….no wait,  I wrote it wrong….Voltron was shown showing all the changes and powers that he is now capable of.  (Better… :P)  He shows the video around but it’s received with a cold reception by the other teammates.

Well the thing is that one of the new characters, Manset contacts the Voltron Force and invites them to some Vegas-like planet where they’re gonna have some ‘vacation’.   Of course, the viewers already know that something bad is gonna happen and the so much vacation will turn out to be another mission in disguise.  Supposedly the cadets are to stay in Arus, but the teenage meddlers incur in insubordination (again???) and of course, they aboard what they call “Awesometron” and end up in the same aforementioned Vegas planet.

Very nice of the producers to air a cameo appearance of a little girl who is a Voltron fan.  That was very sensible and nice.  (I wouldn’t have done it; cause I don’t do nice, hehehe) Well, to make a long story short…the cadets get into trouble by letting some guy get the Black Lion, and they get out of trouble when Keith assumes that they left Arus when the Black Lion disappeared.  Damn lucky cadets!!!

There was an appearance of some drule mafia guys with strange earthling (specifically NY and… was that some Godfather shit?) accents; they weren’t associated with me, but that has an explanation.  The Doom Empire is still weak so many drules are still fighting for their own turfs and making a way of living in the crime business.  That is completely understandable, but hey, if the humans can do it, so can they!!  I do like the consistency of the story plot that the writers are following; even if I don’t like much the story.  I acknowledge their effort.

What I didn’t like:  Black Lion didn’t get any respect;  I think it was ridiculed, they wanted to make it funny….but honestly, I didn’t even grin.  The cadets got away with their disobedience.  (A big no-no for children) Of course, too much good guy action…which makes me cringe and yawn in annoyance.  But I can understand why is that imbalance between the good and bad guys.  One reason is too many characters,  other reason is time allotment and another reason is the show’s demographic.  The outcome of these element’s  combination result in a lot of mixed reviews between old and new fans of the show.

Its a shame that most fans of the new series refuse to address the show’s flaws and always tend to be defensive toward honest reviews.  But it’s more shameless how some not-so-fans of the series get disrespectful often getting personal in their attacks to the writers and producers of the show.  I do consider that completely unnecessary.  Damn it!  If you don’t like the show, just don’t watch it…you don’t have to be so nasty and creepy about it!

Leave the nastiness and creepiness to me!! (And even I wouldn’t disrespect WEP cause….as you know….they own me…even if they bash me a lot).

I try to be as honest and open minded as I can toward each episode of the new series.  That’s why I will address what I like and dislike, no pun intended.  I’m grateful to share it here on my blog and not on where if I dare to post what I think, I may end up eating crap inside my own dungeons.  In my blog it is allowed to disagree with me as long as you leave the nastiness to me…hehehe.

Read the comments made on my Facebook page just after the airing of the show.  Enjoy!

See ya next week!


2 Responses to “Review for “Dradin, Baby, Dradin” Voltron Force’s new episode”

  1. Definitely not one of my favorite episodes and there was really no reason for the cadets to be in this one. They were extraneous. Last week was several steps forward in repairing the Black Lion’s nexus, but this is several steps backwards when they mess with it again. This episode was mainly about getting Keith to loosen up while we get to learn more about Manset . This thing with the Drule Empire being scattered as we find out here could open up good storylines where the Voltron Force could continue to take on remnants besides the main ones led by Lotor. Yeah, it was nice to see the Voltron Girl make a cameo as I hope the real Voltron Girl saw it. Overall, this was a tribute to the fans.

    • Thanks for sharing your insight Van! I agree with you about the cadets….but I will go a little bit forward. I think they are not necessary at all….hehehe I understand that they tried to make Keith have fun or loosen up but…come on…did he have to loose the Black Lion again???
      I really hope the writers take advantage of the drule story line possibilities, but I doubt it because the Voltron Force plus the cadets are the main characters and they are getting almost all the airing time. But I’m crossing my fingers that maybe I will enjoy the next episodes. So let’s keep watching ! ^_^

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