Review for new ‘Voltron Force’ episode “Five Forged”

I’m gonna be completely honest here in this review.  Well, I’m always honest in my reviews…what I meant is that I’m gonna be just straight flat blunt about what I’m gonna criticize now.  After last week’s funny episode, I was looking forward to this week’s new installment.  The title didn’t promise much from my point of view…”Five Forged”, I imagined it would have something to do with the five lions.

The episode deepens a little bit more inside of Voltron’s origins.  Most of the action takes place in planet Ariel. The Voltron Force plus their cadets have to travel there after Black Lion gets infected with haggarium and leads the other lions to that planet. They go to this temple where some ghostly lions appear and make them go through some trials that seemed taken out of the “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom” movie.  Well, all except for the “Tron” part where they get electric shocks from some running lights.  All these trials end up leading them to what seem to be the origin of Voltron’s creation in the above mentioned planet Ariel.

Well, that’s a huge difference from the last story arc where Voltron was an exclusive creation of Arus’ own King Alfor.  I did notice that Allura and Pidge mentioned something about the “first Voltron” so it seems to me there is another story untold here.  Why would Dudley have an old version of Voltron if there wasn’t another story arc?  This new episode raised a lot more questions than it actually answered.

So the new Voltron is a joint creation of five planets including Earth (which is supposed to add the humanity element).  Hmmmm….doesn’t Arus have enough humanity???  Or do arusians have their origins on Earth too??

There were more boring than amusing moments in this episode.  I guess everything that has to do with history gets a little tedious.  Even this review is turning into a yawning moment!! >.<

BTW, why the hell does Keith keep losing his lion??  It’s becoming a trend like my dying and reviving thing.  Beware!  That can get real old fast!

I found silly that Allura didn’t know how to read some ancient scriptures on a wall and had to recur to Larmina to help her interpret them.  The same way that I found silly that Pidge had resolved a way to get out of the electric shocks trial just to faint making Lance ask Daniel (the most incompetent one) to get them out of that situation.  That’s one of those ‘WTF’ moments that justify the damned presence of those cadets.

But of course, I left the worst ‘WTF’ cadet moment for last.  And the honor belongs to….Voltron’s own super Robot-bender Vince!!!  Tadaaaaa!

Vince was left outside of the temple from the trials by one of the ghostly lions who growled that he was not ready.  When the Voltron Force along with the other two cadets were the damsels in distress suddenly Super Vince sees them with his ultra spectacular visions and runs through all the dangerous tasks that were previously surpassed by the other team-members.  Like a bat out of hell, Super Vince arrives to the place where the others are trapped and saves the day!  *hearing the Superman theme while I roll my eyes*

Sorry!  Nothing… but nothing will make me like those cadets… Are the original Voltron Force pilots so inept and insecure that need rescuing from inexperienced kids????  I’m not buying it!

Something I didn’t like about this episode…( and yet another thing? LOL)  I was NOT in it!!! Give me more air time and I might enjoy this better! Hahahahaha!!


Read the comments that were made by other Facebook fans on my page just after the episode aired last night.  Click on the next link and enjoy!!

See ya next week!


4 Responses to “Review for new ‘Voltron Force’ episode “Five Forged””

  1. This episode seems to sum up the problem concerning Vince and when he goes through these trials by himself without any flaws compared to the rest of the Voltron Force, you can see why he wasn’t with them. I’m also starting to wonder if he’s going to be the one to bring disaster to the team down the line towards the end of the season.

    I thought Five Forged would be based on the comic storyline, A Legend Forged. It looks to me like the old Voltron may be exclusive to Arus while the new Voltron may be forged by 5 planets. I wonder if Planet Doom is that 5th planet or if it’s the planet where Vince’s power originate from.

    I was glad they were able to address the problem of the Black Lion getting tampered too much and that they finally fixed the Nexus since Wade cracked it open back in Clash of the Lions. I liked this episode better than last week’s.

    • Well, I’m glad you liked it. I have to admit that my tastes are a little different from yours. I liked “Gary” better but it was because of the humor element. I always like a good laugh. And because I always like episodes where the doomites are present. I have to be honest, I don’t care much about Voltron the robot. I care more about the character’s interactions, good guys and the bad guys; not just the good guys. Too me, the series is still lacking because there is no balance between both sides of the fence. That’s why I liked better the old series, because the bad guys were funny, challenging, they were always plotting against each other…I really miss that. But I do respect your opinion. Thanks for sharing your insights! I appreciate it ^^

  2. I hated that the cadets had to save the day AGAIN. So irritating that Pidge is able to identify what that puzzle was, yet was not able to jump out of the way before being zapped unconscious (although, if the zap was powerful enough it would have stopped his heart… but even so HE SAW IT COMING!!!) *takes a deep breath* What I DID enjoy about this ep was when keith identifies that they had to fight those robots in a fist fight and Lance says “You always say the most beautiful things to me.”

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